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Give It The Right Thought - Emmet Fox


There are a number of phrases used more or less commonly in metaphysics, sometimes

without really realizing their true import. Such a phrase is give it the right thought.

Now this expression is useful in handling a difficulty if we really understand what

it means. It does not mean that having said, "I will give it the right thought,"

the matter is done with and nothing further is required. This is only "Pollyanna"

or wishful thinking.

But we give a thing the right thought when we can say, "Thy will be done," knowing

that God's Will is always something good and glorious. We give a thing the right

thought when we cast the burden on the Christ within. We give a thing the right

thought when we pray about it, believing that God hears and answers prayer. We

give a thing the right thought when we maintain a positive and affirmative attitude.

When we do these things we are relying on God instead of ourselves.

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

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Treatment For Spiritual Rebirth ~ Joseph Murphy

Today I am reborn spiritually! I completely detach myself from the old ways of thinking

and I bring Divine love, light and truth definitely into my experience. I consciously

feel love from everyone I meet. Mentally I say to everyone I contact, "I see the

God in you and I know you see the God in me." I practice this morning, noon and

night. It is a living part of me. I am reborn spiritually now, because all day

long I practice the Presence of God. No matter what I am doing -whether I am walking,

shopping or about my daily business, whenever my thought wanders away from God or

the good, I bring it back to the contemplation of His Holy Presence. I walk in

a high mood sensing my oneness.

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Pragmatic Mysticism - Mildred Mann

There isn't a thing in the world that has ever been done, there is not a thing in

the world that ever will be done, that first is not a thought or an idea. If an

architect builds a skyscraper, he must first have the idea of the type of building,

then draw the blueprint, before it can be constructed, But he had to have the idea,

and the idea is what comes into effect.

The thing that is so marvelous for all of us, and so simple, is the fact that you

can always choose your ideas.

What kind of life would you have? Tell me your life, and I'll tell you what you

have been thinking. That applies to each and every one of us. You can always choose

your own thought, your blueprint of the life you are building for yourself. Nobody

else can choose it for you.

That very simple fact - that you have free choice of thought - is really dynamite.

It is the answer to your regeneration or degeneration.

Nobody else can make your choice for you. Nobody can change your thinking for you.

You can listen to me, you can listen to every metaphysical teacher in the world,

read every book on the subject, but you have to do it for yourself.

I could invite you to my home for dinner, cook you a wonderful meal, serve it to

you most beautifully - but I couldn't eat or digest it for you!

We come to the realization that thought is the clue to the whole secret. In the

beginning we start by deliberately changing our thoughts to change our lives in

certain degrees and in certain things, and in the end we use our thought as a purely

transcendent possession; not only to change our lives, but to create for ourselves

and others the good that is spiritually our divine heritage.

John tells us, "In the beginning was the Word." John 1: 1

What is the Word? The Word is the idea, the thought. 'In the beginning was the Idea,

and the Idea was with God and the Idea was God.' The Idea, being God's was the Perfect

Thought, and so manifested its perfection. If the idea had been imperfect, it would

have manifested an imperfect projection; like attracts like.

Whatever you think with conviction, whatever you really believe in with conviction,

that you will demonstrate or experience in your life. There is no doubt of that.

For instance, if you want to raise roses in your garden, and you plant carnation

seeds, you are not going to get roses. You will get carnations. If you want carrots

and plant lettuce seeds, you will not get carrots, but lettuce. And so it is on

every plane of life. Like attracts like.

The key to freedom lies in your hands. Could there be a greater gift? I don't know

of any. Yet how seldom we discover it, and even less seldom use it!

One way of examining your own thoughts - forerunners of the conditions you are bringing

into your life - is to realize that you can think only two types of thoughts; positive,

constructive thoughts, or fearful, negative thoughts. Everything else stems from

that. You know, some people are constantly afraid; they are suspicious, jealous,

worried, critical. These are all fear thoughts.

So the thing you will learn to do is to get over to the positive side - the constructive

side of life, and stay there. It requires training. Not any more than it would to

study a new language or to learn to play a musical instrument. But it does need

training and practice.

Always remember the type of thoughts you have been thinking not only manifest in

your life as the sort of thing that happens to you, but they manifest in your personality

and your physical body as well.

(Mildred Mann was a student of Emmet Fox. Many of her works are available in our

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The End Is Secured

The course of our life depends on the decisions and choices we make. Sometimes it

appears that the immediate consequences of a decision are not to our best advantage,

but when we look back later we realize that everything really did work out for our

greatest good. Judge Thomas Troward in The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

explains it this way, "But suppose, when we reach a point where some momentous decision

has to be made, we happen to decide wrongly? On the hypothesis that the end is already

secured you cannot decide wrongly." That is indeed a startling statement, yet if

we examine it closely we can understand his spiritual logic.

There is a Divine Intelligence operating through the mind of every person and that

intelligence is all-knowing. When we establish a goal in mind and believe that it

will come to pass, then this Intelligence takes over and directs us into the right

action necessary to get the job done. Certainly we avoid any rash action which goes

against our better judgment, but we can be certain that the choices we are called

upon to make will be made toward our best interests once our objective is firmly

planted in our mind. We then can release any feelings of anxiety and worry, knowing

that we are guided and directed into right decisions.

All decisions I am called upon to make today are already made in the Mind of God,

and I quietly and confidently receive them as they are needed.

James Munson (Early New Thought writer)

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From Andrew: Happy Spring good people. I am sharing a testimony of how I turned my life right side up by applying the teachings of Emmet Fox. I came to this country with a small suitcase, a little money, and no promise of a job. I focused on accomplishments and success, using the concept of Emmet's constructive thinking. Soon a job offer came, and I worked hard. Even though I hit some snags, I kept going, I keep the faith. Two years ago I developed a unique software product. The right people came into my life with regard to this project. My dream business is off and running. I see the dynamic potential for true success. I am humble and very blessed. My philosophy...dream big, don't give up and keep the faith!


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A Quiet Word
Evantha Caldwell

A quiet word sometimes awakes and sings.
A word we had not thought to fly its length
Sometimes soars far on faith-uplifted wings.
In its own gentleness it finds a strength
To banish doubt and gloom and lift despair
From some heart needing just that word somewhere.

So let us keep our faith in little things:
A quiet word sometimes awakes and sings.



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