Emmet Fox Global Prayer


(Your request will be taken into prayer daily for 30 days)


"Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear" Isaiah 65: 24

Please pray for the special intentions or challenges for those listed below





 Affirmative Prayer Support

Write a brief request to:  ccors111@yahoo.com 


Light a virtual votive candle  

(Normal donation for a virtual votive candle is $2.00 to $4.00 per candle)
ONE candle is lit with each donation

Light a virtual alter candle
(Normal donation for a virtual alter candle is $5.00 minimum per candle)
ONE candle is lit with each donation

The flame symbolizes the ongoing prayer intention of the one who lit it.
When we light a candle to accompany our prayer, we remember the words of Christ 
"I am the Light of the World.  (John 8:12)
Light a virtual candle for yourself , your family or someone special

Candles may take up to 24 hrs for posting

Donation link below is for candles only



(July 2024)

Isabell V  

Hyacinth D, FL Bochi (cat)  
Pam, FL
Ruth, NY Stephen, FL  
Tom, CA
Dr. T, UK Chelsea, TN  
James F, CA
Elie. NC Heidi S  
Sherry, L
Ken R Sandra R  
Paula, FL
Richard H Cheryl R  
 Fr. Clovis, AU
Norma, AU Ann-Marie, AU  
Pierre, AU


(June 2024)

Hyacinth D, FL Paul, NY  

Peter G Chelsea, TN  
Susan, CA
Enda. Ireland Jo D, FL  
Bernadette S
Hyacinth D, FL Dana G, CA  
Vida K
Marie F, NY James, NY  
Ronnie, NY
Olivia, UK Chelsea, TN  
Jeana, FL
Smith Family, CA James F, CA  
Nicole D
Kneadme Mobile Sherry L, FL  
Richard R, NY
Ken R Cheryl R  
Sandra R
Hyacinth D, FL Fr. Clovis, AU  
Monica, Canada
Norma, Sydney AU Ann-Marie, AU  
Pierre, AU
Joel, IN Paula R, NY  
Emma, Finland



(May 2024)

Dana G, CA Chelsea, TN  
Roland, AU
Smith Family & Graduation Greg, NY  
MaryLouise, IL
Dana G, CA Mr. & Mrs. S, NC  
Justina, CO
Vida K Rosanne, CT  
June, AU
Dario, ITLY Joe C  
Alan Z, NY
Chelsea, TN Sabastian, UK  
Emilia, Finland
Sid R