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YOU can have anything in life that you are entitled to-if you will pay the price by building the mental
equivalent for it. That is to say, you can get anything you are entitled to, provided that you make yourself
mentally ready. You have a right to anything that would be good for you-anything that would make you healthier, happier,
more free, and more useful. This is God's Bill of Rights. When you think, "I would like to do that, or be that,
or have that," it is the voice of God in your soul which is telling you that the time has come to take a step for-
ward. Note particularly that you have a right only to the things which would be good for you and make you
happy. Obviously you have no right to something that belongs to someone else, or to something which would
infringe upon the rights of others, by making them do something which they would not want to do, for instance.
when you find yourself wanting something to which, in your heart, you know you are not entitled, it simply
means that you are misinterpreting the channel. What you really want is the happiness and freedom that you
think you would get by obtaining that particular thing-not really the thing itself which is only the channel.
In such a case, you should think, "That cannot be the way because I have no right to that, but there is some
other way in which God can give me all that happiness and opportunity without infringing upon anyone else's
rights." Treat yourself by thinking, "I am in touch with the source of that good, and Divine Power is bringing it to
me through another and legitimate avenue." God's Bill of Rights says you have a right to health,
happiness, and true success; and there is always a legitimate way to obtain these things. He will show you the
path, and open it up if you trust in Him.

"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct
thy paths."* Proverbs 3:6.



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WE are all engaged in building our consciousness during every waking hour. This work is invisible,
silent, and consequently overlooked by the bulk of mankind. Nevertheless, it is the most fundamental and the
most far-reaching activity in life. Everyone is building his consciousness all the time,
little as he may suspect it. Hour by hour, and moment by moment, he is building good or evil, failure or suc-
cess, happiness or suffering into his life by the thoughts that he thinks-the ideas that he harbors, the beliefs that
he accepts, the scenes and events that he rehearses--in the hidden studio of the mind.
This fateful edifice, upon the construction of which you are perpetually engaged, is nothing less than your
self--your personality, your identity on this earth, your very life-story as a human being.
If you are wise, if you are intelligent, if you exercise mere common sense, you will, in the light of what you
know, build positively, constructively, which is to say spiritually. That wondrous building, the spiritual consciousness,
is called in the Bible, the Temple of Solomon, and we are told two wonderful things about that building. It
was built in silence-without any noise, and we know that thought is soundless; and it was built upon a
rock--and the Rock is the Christ truth of the Omnipresence and All-Power of God.


The Metaphysics of Order - Charles Fillmore

Order is heaven's first law. When we receive more spiritual life it is necessary that it be put in right relation. If it is not, mental discord will be increased. This ap-

plies to all we do. Everything must be in order. If you affirm prosperity, that, too, must be brought into orderly conditions. You may be declaring life and prosperity,

and at the same time be holding with your true thoughts some disorganizing thought. This will produce inharmony and discord in your affairs, Lack of orderly arrangement

of thought is responsible for many delayed demonstrations. We find in the Scriptures constant reference in symbols, and also direct commands,

If you' were told that the salvation of the race depended upon you, you would be very diligent in working for it. The truth is, it does depend upon you. Every individual's

thought goes to help make up the great race thought, and the race will not be perfect until every member is perfect; therefore, think to a purpose; think scientifically. Jesus

Christ understood and demonstrated the underlying laws of thought, and established a kingdom of righteousness and peace. Follow him; and if another oppose and slander

you, do not retaliate. "A soft answer turneth away wrath." Give no place to revenge. Don't try to break down your enemy or kill him, but do away with all antagonism.

You get the victory and the glory by being positive in the good; by knowing that good is the one and only reality. "God is good, and my good is my God." If we

take that and stand by it, it will demonstrate in us and in all that concerns us. Some think if they give up the self they will lose their identity. But we reach a

higher place by letting go of transitory things, and find that instead of losing anything we have gained. What you attain in Spirit will endure and become part of your life and body.

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Speaking to the woman who had touched the hem of Jesus garment in the full belief that if she did so she would be healed, He said, "Thy faith hath made thee whole." This saying implies that her restoration was due to an idea, or mental picture, carried to its ultimate conclusion; for this is precisely what faith is,--an idea conceived in the womb of the mind, carried through a period of gestation or expectation, until its birth in manifestation is the natural consequence. The trouble with the faith of most of us is that, while we can conceive what we want, we cannot carry the idea, or mental image, sufficiently long in thought to have it make its impression on the subconscious mind; and unless it does register there it quickly loses its power to reproduce itself. The woman who touched His garment could not be dissuaded from her belief that if she did one thing, another thing would follow. The "press" or crowd could not prevent her, invalid as she was, from obtaining her desire. Unlike her, we are discouraged at the first sign of delay. Do we desire, as this woman desired? If so we shall be as insistent as she was insistent. Desire which is not continued is desire which is not gratified. One does not row across stream with one stroke of the oars; it requires a "long pull and a strong pull," if we would cross the stream which separates us from the things we desire, but which we often fail to receive, not because they cannot be received but because our demand is not sufficiently concentrated to attract supply. It is the matter of concentration to which we must pay attention, if we would draw from the Inexhaustible Reservoir those things which God has prepared for them that love Him.

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Stake Your Claim
You can have true success and happiness in life if you consistently put these truths into practice in your daily living. It is your God - given duty to Stake Your Claim to peace, poise,
 power, prosperity and health - and God expects you to be satisfied with nothing less. (Herman Wolhorn)
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Steve writes: The teachings of Emmet Fox and new thought came into my life exactly when I needed them.
 A few years ago I would probably not have been receptive to these teachings.  My introduction was the
Golden Key, and then I decided to take a hard look at Fox's works.  I am so glad I did. His writings along with Ralph Waldo Emerson's
 are making significant changes for good in my life.  I just need to say Thank You!

Louisa May writesI love opening my Facebook each day to an early morning Emmet Fox quote.  These start my day in
a positive direction.  They have become part of my morning devotion.  Please keep this going, I so appreciate them.


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