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They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain.-Isaiah 1I: 9 God has promised _ that anyone of us who really desires it, and means business,

can have peace of mind, poise, and security, and with these things go naturally freedom, all round harmony, and a joyous and interesting life.

God has promised us that, if we really desire it, and mean business, we can live in perfect safety no matter what may be happening around us; and that we shall

not only be safe but that we shall realize it and thus be free from even groundless fear. And because God is Divine Love He has ordained that we can produce these

conditions, at least to a large extent, for those we love and wish to help. So this is not just a selfish arrangement for taking care of ourselves exclusively.

God makes this glorious promise in the pages of the Bible, in many different texts throughout the whole book; each worded differently and approaching the subject

from a different angle, but teaching the same lesson. The gist of the matter is that to bring these things about we have to pray frequently,

to try to get as good a realization of the Presence of God with us, as we can, and to train ourselves to give all power to Him-which, of course, means giving no power

to anything unlike Him. It is needless to say that this condition is not completely attained overnight. It takes time. But it is surprising how much can be attained, and

how one's conditions can be radically improved for the better even in a few weeks-if he means business. This, of course, is really what some of the old mystics

called  the Practice of the Presence of God. The important thing is to know that it is not something mystical, abstract, intricate;

but something plain simple, and practical, if not exactly easy. Remind yourself frequently throughout the day that God is with you, caring for you,

and guiding you; and that whatever you are saying or doing is really being done through you by Him. Not very subtle or abstruse is it?

You know that, in the Bible, the mountain always: means uplifted thought, awareness of the Presence of God, and is therefore holy-which means not pious or

sanctimonious, but peaceful, healthful, harmonious, and joyous. The promise is clear and unmistakable. We cannot be hurt in any way if we dwell,

much of our time, on the holy mountain.


Thinking Along With ~ Ralph Waldo Trine (1907)

The most powerful agent in character-building is this awakening to the true self, to the fact that man is a spiritual being, right here and now, at this very moment,

with the God-powers which can be quickly called forth. With this awakening, life in all its manifold relations becomes wonderfully simplified, and as to the powers,

the full realization of the fact that man is a spiritual being brings mastery, and so this higher spiritualization of life goes on.

For what, let us ask, is a miracle? Nothing more nor less than this: a highly illumined soul, one who has brought his life into thorough harmony with the higher

spiritual laws and forces of his being, and therefore with those of the universe, thus making it possible for the highest things to come to him, and has brought to him a

law a little higher than the ordinary mind knows of as yet. This he touches, he operates. It responds. The people see the result, and cry out, Miracle! miracle! when it

is just as natural, just as fully in accordance with the law on this higher plane, as is the common, the everyday on the ordinary. And let it be remembered that the

miraculous, the supernatural of today becomes, as in the process of evolution- we leave the lower for the higher, the common-place, the natural, the everyday of

tomorrow; and, truly, miracles are being performed in the world today just as much as they ever have been. The Master never claimed for Himself anything that he

did not claim for all mankind; but, quite to the contrary, He said and continually repeated, "Not only shall ye do these things, but greater than these shall ye do; for I

have pointed out to you the way," -- meaning, though strange as it evidently seems to many, it is exactly what He said. If one is willing to trust himself fully to the

Law, the Law will never fail him. It is the half-hearted trusting to it that brings uncertain, and so, unsatisfactory results. Nothing is firmer and surer than Deity. It will

never fail the one who throws himself wholly upon it. The secret of life then, is to live continually in this realization, whatever one may be doing, wherever one may

be, by day and by night, both waking and sleeping.


Alpha & Omega ~ Joseph Murphy

Alpha is our idea, our concept. Omega is the realization or manifestation of that idea. The oak is in the acorn, the apple is in the apple seed. If you dwell on your

idea or meditate upon it, and think about it with genuine interest, you will find that the idea begins to master you and direct your actions according to the nature

of the idea. The seed has its own mathematics and mechanics within it, it has its own inherent vitality and process of unfoldment. The same is true of your idea, it

has its power to manifest itself. In other words, the idea executes itself. The modern scientist working in a laboratory believes in the possibility of the execution of the

idea. Dr. Phineas Quimby, a pioneer in the healing processes of the mind said, "I found that if I really believed a thing the effect would follow whether I was thinking

of it or not." To believe means to accept the idea as true. Drop the seed (idea) in the fertile (receptive) soil of your mind and the Creative Intelligence locked

in your subconscious depths will do the rest. You will then discover that alpha is your thought or idea, and omega is its objectification-that the two are the same,

the beginning was the thought, and the end was its form, shape, and function. (If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies).


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Saying Yes To Silence

Although practically every school of metaphysics speaks of "turning within" for the Silence, there is still some confusion in the interpretation of the phrase. You do not "turn within" in the sense that you are turning to any place inside your body; do not think of the process as a physiological inversion of "inside out" or "outside in." When a mystic talks about the "inner" world, he means the great Cause Realm behind the whole universe, Turning 'within means stilling the clamor of the outer world environment and of the partialness of your own personality, and knowing the complete relaxation and tranquility which comes from the perception of the Self as it is when it is co-conscious with God.

We do not take our problems into the Silence to get them solved. Our problems are nothing but a part of the noisy clamor that we must shut out of our thoughts. We enter the Silence for one thing and for one thing only: a deeper realization of God's presence as the only Reality. By this serene, expectant attitude of mind, we open ourselves to the divine Wisdom which is already a part of our own nature, and through that wisdom the problems, whatever they are, will be dissolved and the Truth made manifest once more.

This quieting of the personal desires, of the intellectual reaching, of the feelings of separateness, is only the outer layer of the Silence. Beyond this outer Silence is the inner Silence--that transcendent mystical experience of union with God which comes to those who persist in their spiritual training and spiritual living. This "illumination," which can only be touched upon in this lesson, is the true goal of your life here, whether you know it or not. Frequent surrender to the "outer" Silence will help open the way to the inner silence which is the Kingdom of God itself. If you can identify yourself with that Silent Presence for only a moment, your entire attitude toward life will be transformed. No one can hold to a belief in himself as a mere son of man after he has once experienced identification with the shining Silence which is the very presence of God. For the Silence within. the Silence is that warm, luminous Silence without which there could be no sound, since it is the ground for all speech and all sound; that soft, tender Silence, intense with imploring love, "ever-waiting yet without urgency, eternally understanding, eternally patient. Entering the outer layer of Silence is waiting upon the Lord; entering the Silence within the Silence is touching His hand and meeting Him face to face.

Divine Science, author unknown



I now turn to the Silence of Pure Being. Into this Silence I come, leaving out everything in the sense world. I quiet my intellect; I quiet my emotions. I am here to be still and wait for the realization of God's Presence. I have no questions; I have no opinions. I am a child, turning to my Omnipotent Father in order that I may perceive His power. Quietly I lift my attention out of my conscious mind, out of my subconscious mind, and into the Higher Mind. The peace and beauty of that Higher Mind flows down from the heights of Spirit, clarifying my conscious mind, purifying my subconscious mind, and bringing; into manifestation on earth that which is in heaven. Author Unknown


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