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July 1886 -August 1951


God Says Now! ~ Emmet Fox

God's time for your demonstration is now. The time God wants you to be healed is now. The time God wants you to be
prosperous is now. The time God wants you to have your home is now. The time God wants you to be in your True place is now.
The Bible says that the day of salvation is now.
God is ready the moment you are.  There is nothing to wait for except the changing of your own consciousness.
People often make the mistake of saying, "I know my demonstration will come at the right time," but the only time to be harmonious
and satisfied is now.  Never postpone your good, or you can go on doing so indefinitely through all eternity.
The time to be haappy is now and the place is here.  Did not Jesus say, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,"
and by this he meant close by.  Do not keep yourself out of the Kingdom of Heaven by making excuses or
inventing postponement, but go to work and change your consciousness now, for it can all happen in a moment.



One of Dr. Fox's frequent expressions was "Every day in every way, we are continually evolving." "As spiritual beings we continue to evolve," he would say that the evolutionary process includes trials, errors, personal roadblocks, opportunities, as well as joyful events. He believed that every experience we encounter, every friendship and relationship we share, every employment position or business connection we come upon, and every insight we receive, offers us the opportunity to grow and unfold. He spoke of man as, "a work in progress;" growing and evolving every minute of every day, to be that person he or she was meant to be. Dr. Fox believed that all seeming setbacks were stepping stones to a deeper awareness of the Divine Presence within.

The History & Destiny of the U.S.  Emmet Fox

The History & Destiny of the United States. The Mystery of the American Money was the title of a lecture delivered by Emmet Fox in New York City and in Denver, Colorado in 1932. The booklet written with much enlightenment was ahead of its time. In the writing Dr. Fox prophesied. And that prophecy was fulfilled when the U. S. Government issued a new dollar bill carrying both sides of the Great Seal.

This writing by Emmet Fox was so profound that it was referred to in the 1930's by William H. Woodin, Secretary of the Treasury and close friend to President Franklin Roosevelt. Also quotes taken from the essay were made by Amadeo Pietro Giannini, the founder of the Bank of America. We recently learned that parts of this lecture also made its way into one of the 4th of July speeches delivered by President Gerald Ford.


Make It Subconscious - Emmet Fox

BEFORE an idea can work in our lives it must be accepted by the subconscious mind. When the idea is accepted by the subconscious it must work in our lives. Knowledge that is only in the conscious (or fore-conscious) mind can have no practical effect. It is when it is accepted in the deeper layers that it becomes dynamic.

Physicians know consciously what perfect anatomy and hygiene would be; but they are not healthier than any other class, because this knowledge is not in the deeper layers of their minds. If it were, they would demonstrate perfect health. We students of metaphysics know that God is Love and Intelligence and we believe it; but it is not until that idea is accepted in-the deeper levels of our subconscious that we shall have perfect peace of mind and the all round harmony that comes with it.

From the scientific point of view then, our problem is to get the ideas we wish to demonstrate accepted by the subconscious. Then the rest will follow.

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Joseph Murphy
"At the center of my being is Peace; this is the peace of God. In this stillness
I feel strength, guidance, and the love of His Holy Presence. I see God in everything
and personified in all men everywhere. I am full of joy and harmony."

The History of New Thought BY Dr. EMMET FOX

Published by the International New Thought Alliance
Vol. 27 No.1 January, 1944

The purely spiritual message of Jesus Christ began to be clouded over as the years passed and those who had known him personally disappeared. Early in the 4th century Christianity was made an established and subsidized church by Constantine, and after that the Spiritual Idea rapidly faded out. As the centuries passed, the Spiritual Idea would emerge from time to time here or there among small groups of people (of which the 17th century Quakers are probably the most notable) but it was not until modern New Thought appeared a hundred years ago in New England that the Spiritual Idea fairily wide spread in the world. This is really the Second Coming of the Christ prophesied by Jesus himself.
Like all significant movements it Came into the race mind through several different channels at about the same time. No one person can be said to have "originated" it. Emerson may be regarded as the prophet of the movement. Phineas Parker Quimby did practical healing in Portland Maine, and taught several students who afterwards went out and spread the teaching in different ways. The New England Transcendentalist Movement was really part of the same current of thought, and included in addition to Emerson himself, Bronson Alcott, Margaret Fuller, Thoreau, Theodore Parker and others.
New Thought as such has always been a pratical movement and in this respect gradually separated itself from those who were primarily concerned with philosophical speculation.
Doubtless, it was, in part, a reaction to the terrible Calvinism which had gripped New England for so long.
What we call New Thought is of course, only the primitive New Testament teaching restated in modern form. It is essentially a Back-to-Jesus movement.
In the 1880's there were several independent leaders teaching New Thought. One of these, Mrs. Emma Curtis Hopkins, had a genius for inspiring teachers. She might be called the teacher's teacher. About 1886 she held a class of 15 or 20 people in Chicago and most of these students went out and started a movement of some kind for spreading the Truth. Several of today's well known organizations spring from that class.
New Thought or Christian metaphysics was taken to England in the late 80's by two or three people who had studied with Mrs. Hopkins, or independently .
The New Thought movement does not seem to have been influenced in any way by the other churches. Its approach to God is radically different. On the other hand, all the orthodox churches have been influenced to a greater or lesser extent by New Thought. New Thought ideas have been appearing more and more in sermons and religious books during the last forty years. Gradually, and almost unconsciously it has helped to wear down the old theology in its various forms, and today we find New Thought ideas (although not so designated) in religious writings of every kind. They also turn up regularly in newspaper editorials and political speeches. New Thought books are actually used in the pulpits of a number of orthodox
churches today with credit being honorably given. This kind of infiltration is the way in which the New Thought movement has chiefly influenced the world. The number of people calling themselves New Thoughters has always been comparatively small, but their indirect influence has been correspondingly large.
New Thought Centers have been most successful when the teaching has been kept strictly on the Christ lines, extraneous subjects being excluded, and where, in consequence, good healing work has been done. One good healing in a Center brings more converts than a hundred sermons.
Dr. Fox is the Pastor of the Church of the Healing Christ, New York City, which holds its Sunday and Wednesday services in the Manhattan Opera. House. Dr. Fox is also a member of the Executive Board of the I.N.T.A.

Resilience  Author unknown

Today there is an acceleration of change, the hourly necessity of decisions, of being faced by unusual and nerve-racking situations.
It is therefore imperative to hold in mind, in times of crisis or confusion, that Resilience is essential for every evolving spirit.
In today's ever-hastening world in which tensions grow and thrive, in moments of panic or despair we must learn to become resilient.
This necessitates our realization of the constant Presence of God: of our oneness with this Power as spiritual beings; and our faith and
trust that--regardless of appearances, all will unfold in strength and harmony because (as Dr. Ballard says) God is in charge.
Resilience is very much a Divine inherency, and it behooves us to become pliable to and in events, knowing that by our non-resistance
to shock-induced negatives, we shall see the crisis move over us without harm, even as a reed bends to the gale.


The Challenge of Change Irwin Gregg

 The great Law of Life is change. There are times when change is most welcome. It often indicates the movement of Life leading us in the right direction. It evidences growth. Today we are living through momentous changes.
So many changes are taking place at once in the collective experience of mankind that we may feel bewildered. Yet, if we believe in the eternal progress of Life, we find these changes are the inevitable outworking of our evolving consciousness.
When major changes are seemingly thrust upon us let us affirm that divine order is quickly established in our minds, bodies, and affairs. Let us say, "I know I shall grow through this experience. I shall know better, do better, and be a better person in every way with God's help. All mankind shall know, do, and be better through these adjustments." Through daily meditation we give ourselves to God in prayer. We feel
the quickening power of God's perfect Life within us, mastering every limitation and making us aware of health and strength, wisdom and joy. One with God's own Consciousness, we realize good for all.

Consciousness. by Elaine Hibbard

Nothing in your life moves until your mind moves! No form, condition, or experience comes into your life until your mind thinks and accepts
it. Seeing, sensing, feeling, and accepting act as catalysts that provide the necessary fuel to project your thoughts into Mind. The Divine
Creative Power rests within you like a priceless jewel, moving according to your direction! It doesn't do any good to stand behind a closed door and expect to go through it. If you want to go somewhere ��� open the door... then you can walk through it. If you would like to make changes in your life but do not feel free enough to take the risk, there is a need to open the doorway of your mind and accept your freedom from within. You can hold yourself a prisoner to past mistakes and errors in judgement which have cost you untold misery and grief. Instead, all mistakes should be released, forgiven, and forgotten. Perhaps these experiences took place in order to get you back on track. The
composer, Brahms, once said: "So often I had to hit the wrong note before I was able to find the right one!" So let it be! Let your
outer world be reshaped by new ideas and new attitudes rather than dwelling on past mistakes, for it is today's thoughts that provide
the framework for tomorrow's demonstrations.

Stake Your Claim

You can have true success and happiness in life if you consistently put these truths into practice in your daily living. It is your God - given duty to Stake Your Claim to peace, poise, power, prosperity and health - and God expects you to be satisfied with nothing less. (Herman Wolhorn)
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Margaret from Australia writes: Over the past few years my life has taken a significant change upward, as I studied and applied
the teachings of Dr. Fox. It was not an overnight event, but a slow by slow realization of Truth. One of my biggest demonstrations was|
the ability to rise above financial struggle.  As I practiced tithing, my money issues began to be less and less of a problem. The
other is my realization of a health issue, which no longer exists.  Your work has meant so much to me, I wanted you to know finding your website has touched my life.  With abundant appreciation.

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