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Echoes of Emmet ~ Inexhaustible Supply

As far as God is concerned, there is no check of any kind upon the amount of divine energy that we can appropriate, or, therefore, upon the things that we can do or

be. Yet, for practical purposes, you can draw from the inexhaustible Source only in accordance with the measure of your understanding, just as you can draw water

from the Atlantic only in accordance with the size of the vessel that you use. Almost everyone is foolishly content to fill his pitcher, small as it may be, to

somewhere very short of the top. The true manner of God's working is illustrated by a simple anecdote. A certain man was working in his garden, assisted by his little girl

who had undertaken the task of watering the lawn by means of the usual rubber hose. Suddenly she cried out: "Daddy, the water has stopped." The father looked over, and, taking in the

situation quietly, said, "Well, take your foot off the hose." The ultimate cause of all our troubles is just this. Behind all secondary and proximate

causes lies the same primary mistake. We have been pressing our feet and the whole weight of our mentality upon the pipe line of life, and then complaining because

the water does not flow. And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought .. and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water,

whose waters fail not (Isaiah 58:11).

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Miracles ...

can happen every day. We watch them happening as we think and act in the light

of Truth, and we rejoice in the marvelous ways in which God works.

Love takes away all the harshness and "rough edges. I let love into my life with

all its wondrous facets. I stand amazed at what God-activity can do. Because

I am in Truth, I can see the works of God coming into my days. By:. Carley Dawson, a

 composer, actress, author of three historical novels, French translator, and Divine Science minister.


Joseph Murphy ~ Treatment

I know that God is prospering me in all ways. I am now leading the abundant life,

because I believe in a God of abundance. I am daily experiencing

the fruits of the spirit of God within me; I accept my good now; I walk in the light that all good is mind.

All my needs are met at every moment of time and every point of space. The goodness of God is made manifest in all departments of my life."

All that the Father hath is mine."

"Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing." Joshua Kai,



From The Writings of Nona Brooks

Let us bring God (our Father) as near as we can get Him. When we do this we shall see reality instead of appearances. When there is something unsightly in that which

we see before us, what should be our reaction? So often the seeming difficulty is all that we see. Our first impulse is to think that God is not there. Why not

look through the unsightliness? It is only our concept of the experience - our misconception. True insight proves to us that what we are seeing imperfectly,

God is seeing perfectly. The one Creator is bringing forth perfectly. We are worshiping today a perfect God. Let us keep true to the ideal of perfection in

every experience as well as in every thought. Always ask yourself this question, "is the difficulty in the condition, or is it in my seeing?" The answer will come

immediately, if you have kept your attitude true, "I am looking upon that which  is by nature perfect."


The Silence ~ Oswald Jefferson

"Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together, that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the daylight of Life,

which they are henceforth to rule," wrote Carlyle. Maeterlinck said, "The reservoirs of silence lie far above the reservoirs of thought."

The Quakers had a directive for their corporate silent worship which said, "We do something significant when we meet together in worship, no less than to create an

atmosphere in which our souls can be touched into fuller life." Gregory Vlastos, the Canadian theologian, says that "Prayer is the disciplined opening

of the self to God," and he goes on to say, "this 'opening' I made possible through the discipline of Silence." The same idea is given by Jesus when he talks about

going to your room and praying in secret. Prayer is never a holy hubbub of words or incantations.

A period of silence, mental and spiritual resting, should be part of a daily diet in which one can realign oneself and allow the silent Power of God to refurnish

all one's creative and healing energies. Professor Boodin wrote, "God's Presence comes to us in a calm and patient performance of everyday tasks and brings satisfaction

of work well done. It keeps us sane in days of plenty; it sustains us in days of tribulation. It comes to us in the sublime moments of life." The silent Power is

received by us and within us as we are silent. I will have many silent sanctuaries during today when I can feel and know the silent

Power of God behind all things to be vital with my mind, feeling, and right action.


Water, Women, and the Moon - Emmet Fox
Diagrams for Living

One of the most important symbols, which runs all through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, is the symbol represented by Woman. The Bible is full of women, good women and the other kind; pleasant women and rather unpleasant ones; wise women and foolish women; rich women and poor women; simple women and learned women; all kinds of women.

Woman is a continuing symbol throughout the Bible for this reason: Woman stands for the human soul. From a metaphysical point of view the Woman is not just Eve, or Mary, or Jezebel, or any particular person. Woman signifies the human soul-your soul-or as psychology expresses it, the psyche or mind. That is represented by Woman, and the history of Woman in the Bible is the history of your soul, and one of the keys to your destiny.

The soul is not the divine part of you. This divine part is the "I AM," "pneuma." Your soul expresses itself as your personality, and that includes everything in the conscious and subconscious mind. So it is the changing personality, the psyche, which is represented by Woman in the Bible.

The whole of history is really the story of the human soul, always changing, either getting better or getting worse. It is a receptive thing-this constant change in your thought-as you either allow the spiritual power, the "I AM," to govern, or you let the lower self have sway. So, WOMAN IS THE SOUL.

Another important symbol for the human soul is Water, and Water and Woman are closely connected. Water in the Bible, from beginning to end, means the human soul-another facet of the human mind-representing mental movement. For instance, the Israelites had to cross water-first the Red Sea and later the Jordan - to get into the Promised Land. In other words, there had to be mental movement, a change in consciousness, before they could make their demonstration.

A third symbol for the soul is the Moon. The Moon represents the human personality with emphasis on the subconscious mentality which is the power behind the mental "throne." In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet says to Romeo: "0, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon." But they do. And of course the Bible says, "swear not at alL" Woman, Water, and the Moon are all interrelated. The moon governs the water. Every drop of liquid on this planet answers to the moon twice a day. The ocean, the lakes, the coffee in your cup, and even every drop of blood in your body responds to the moon twice a day. If you should let a cup of tea or coffee stand for twenty-four hours, there would be a tide in it just as there is a tide in the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, it is too small to be observed or measured, but it is there nevertheless.

So this gives us an inkling of the nature of the relationship which exists between the cosmos and man. These three things, Woman, Water, and the Moon, mean the soul.


Stake Your Claim

 You can have true success and happiness in life if you consistently put these truths into practice in your daily living. It is your God - given duty to Stake Your Claim to peace, poise,

 power, prosperity and health - and God expects you to be satisfied with nothing less. (Herman Wolhorn)

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