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 August - September 2023


July 1886 -August 1951

People all across the world still regard the writings of Emmet Fox as a tangible
source of help. It is sixty two years since his journey to the other side, and
his teachings are as powerful today as they were when he served wholeheartedly as
the minister of the Church of the Healing Christ in New York City. His message -sooner
or later you will have to put God first in your life, and your own true spiritual
development must become the only thing that really matters.

Herman Wolhorn, Emmet's dearest friend and associate once described Emmet as "a
man always gathering wisdom from every area of life." Fox told his friend that there
is a lesson in everyone we meet and in everything we do. Emmet Fox drew wisdom from
all areas of life, from people, experiences and great writings. In celebration of
Emmet Fox we share some of the early writers words of wisdom.

Echoes of Emmet


Practice makes perfect. This familiar proverb embodies one of the great laws of
human nature. To become proficient in any field you must practice. There is simply
no achievement without practice, and the more practice, provided it is done intelligently,
the greater will be the proficiency and the sooner will it be attained. This is
true in the study of music, in the study of a foreign language, in learning to swim
or skate or ski or fly. It is true in every conceivable branch of human endeavor.
Practice is the price of proficiency.
In business life and in any kind of management or administration, experience is
the form that practice takes, and here again it is practice that makes perfect.
That is why, other things being equal, an older person is usually to be selected
for responsible positions rather than a younger.
In metaphysics the effects of this law are particularly striking. Thought control
is entirely a matter of intelligent practice. And true religion may well be summed
up as the Practice of the Presence of God. But note that I said intelligent practice. Violent
forcing is not intelligent practice, nor is monotonous plodding. Practice is the
secret of attainment.

"Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only" (Jas. 1 :22).

One of Emmet Fox's early mentors was J. Porter Mills a Chicago physician and metaphysician.
Dr. Fox admired his teachers, and loved them for the Truth they shared, but he never
considered them infallible. As long as he could learn from them, he remained their
student, but when he reached the level of their knowledge he went on to study deeper.
He was not a follower. He belonged to no organization, and was bound by no creed.
Often he saw himself in imagination, standing on a platform, filled with vitality
and magnetism, encouraging and inspiring others by both his teachings and his own
examples of demonstration. As his vision clarified they became realities. He brought
to hundreds of thousands of people an understanding and technique for prayer and
the conviction that God was Life, Love and Truth.
GOD is Health - Dr. J. Porter Mills

Quotation ~ Florence Shinn

You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you
are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which 'clicks.'


In God We Trust - Nona Brooks (Divine Science Weekly 1919)
(Emmet Fox was ordained by Dr. Nona Brooks of Divine Science)

There is but one law of progress along any line-study and practice. We know this
to be true in science and art and in every external accomplishment. We are slower
to recognize its applicability to spiritual development.

Truth students are eager to claim the multiplicity of good gifts that the New Teaching
assures us are ours. However, at times we fail to realize our good because we have
not paid the price in study and practice.

Jesus said, "All power is given to me in earth." He demonstrated by his works the
truth of his affirmation. Many think that Jesus sprang from the Infinite full grown
in his consciousness of power. If so, his life would mean but little to us since
we must then come to power through other processes. The great stimulus of his touch
upon us is the fact that he was "tempted in all points like as we are," and yet
he attained. And John, with his keen spiritual insight, assures us that" as he is,
so are we in this world." If this be true-and we believe it to be so-then we too
can gain similar heights of realization and, through this conscious power, can
demonstrate over sin, sickness, and death.

We have accepted the Omnipresence of God as our basic teaching in Divine Science.
By this we mean the full presence of God everywhere at all times. Hence, what God
is must be present everywhere, at all times: Spirit, the living substance, is everywhere
always; Mind, the wisdom and intelligence of God, is everywhere always; and so is
Love, the Divine Nature, and Life, the Divine Activity.

Omnipresence is taught by the Bible. Natural science affirms one substance, life
and intelligence. Reason dictates it and demonstration proves it. If one lives
as if God were the Supreme Reality of all the universe, the immediate presence of
light and life, he finds good revealed to him in his environment, in his family
and friends, and, moreover, he himself will rise to heights undreamed of by him.

To gain such realization of the Presence, however, one must be faithful in observing
his daily study and silence; and he must go from this time of meditation with full
determination to apply the Truth perceived to the experiences of the day.

There is much in the outer that contradicts the Omnipresence, for man has not known
Truth and has not learned to live by it. It is marvelous how perplexities and peculiar
circumstances right themselves when one goes to them with the peace of the Eternal
in his heart.

The Power that is given unto each of us is realized only as we practice the Presence
until it becomes to us the living Reality of the Universe.


Affirmation - Florence Shinn

"Be undisturbed by a situation, and it will fall away of its own weight."

Life Is Like A Cloth ~ James Allen

If one looks superficially at a piece of cloth, he sees it as a piece of cloth,
but if he goes further and inquires into its manufacture, and examines it closely
and attentively, he sees that it is composed of a combination of individual threads,
and that, while all the threads are interdependent, each thread pursues its own
way throughout, never becoming confused with its sister thread. It is this entire
absence of confusion between the particular threads which constitutes the finished
work a piece of cloth; any inharmonious commingling of the thread would result in
a bundle of waste or a useless rag.

Life is like a piece of cloth, and the threads of which it is composed are individual
lives. The threads, while being interdependent, are not confounded one with the
other. Each follows its own course. Each individual suffers and enjoys the consequences
of his own deeds, and not of the deeds of another. The course of each is simple
and definite; the whole forming a complicated, yet harmonious, combination of sequences.
There are action and reaction, deed and consequence, cause and effect, and the counterbalancing
reaction, consequence, and effect is always in exact ratio with the initiatory impulse.
A durable and satisfactory piece of cloth cannot be made from shoddy material, and
the threads of selfish thoughts and bad deeds will not produce a useful and beautiful
life, a life that will wear well, and bear close inspection. Each man makes or mars
his own life; it is not made or marred by his neighbor, or by anything external
to himself. Each thought he thinks, each deed he does, is another thread shoddy
or genuine woven into the garment of his life; and as he makes the garment so must
he wear it. He is not responsible for his neighbor's deeds; he is not the custodian
of his neighbor's actions; he is responsible only for his own deeds; he is the custodian
of his own actions.

Excerpt from a note to Dr. Fox from Mildred Mann:

(Mildred Mann was the only formal student of Emmet Fox)

Attending the class lectures each week is indeed a blessing. Thank you for your
teachings about the Law. Through your words I have found new insights and have come
to know that there is a glorious Presence ever sending a divine radiance into life
every moment of everyday. Thank you also for the opportunity of reflection and transformation.


Present Truth - Thomas Troward

Both philosophy and religion lead us to the truth that "in the beginning" there
was no other creative power than Spirit, and the only mode of activity we can possibly
attribute to Spirit is Thought, and so we find Thought as the root of all things.
And if this was the case "in the beginning" it must be so still; for if all things
originate in Thought, all things must be modes of Thought, and so it is impossible
for Spirit ever to hand over its creations to some power which is not itself--that
is to say, which is not Thought-power; and consequently all the forms and circumstances
that surround us are manifestations of the creative power of Thought.

The Master summed up his teaching in the aphorism that knowledge of the Truth would
make us free. Here is no announcement of anything we have to do, or of anything
that has to be done for us, in order to gain our liberty, neither is it a statement
of anything future. Truth is what is. He did not say, you must wait till something
becomes true which is not true now. He said: "Know what is Truth now, and you will
find that the Truth concerning yourself is Liberty." If the knowledge of Truth makes
us free it can only be because in Truth we are free already, only we do not know

Our liberty consists in our reproducing on the scale of the individual the same
creative power of Thought which first brought the world into existence, "so that
the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear." Let us, then,
confidently claim our birthright as "sons and daughters of the Almighty," and by
habitually thinking the good, the beautiful, and the true, surround ourselves with
conditions corresponding to our thoughts, and by our teaching and example help others
to do the same.


Each One Has His Own Place To Fill - Frank B Whitney

EACH ONE of us must come to the realization that his place in the great universal plan is most definite and necessary. He must realize that he is in the position of trying to work against this great plan if he does not fill the niche in life that is rightfully his. He must come to the realization that God has a position for him in which he alone can do the best work.

Never think of yourself as one who finds himself alive and is compelled to see life through, come what may! This' is not living in the true sense of the word. You must take an active part in life. You must help enrich your own life and the lives of those about you. You must see yourself as a most necessary part of the great plan of life.

If you find yourself in what you consider an inconsequential position, what should you do? Your first step is to make your present position one of consequence. With your ever-expanding consciousness you must outgrow your present position before you can feel ready for the one you idealize. You must definitely know that you have an important place to fill and be ready to fill it.

The person who is always without a position is one who fails to realize that he has a place in the great universal scheme of things. The individual who approaches life from a standpoint of indifference neglects to see the purpose of life.

Each one has his own place to fill. He produces a certain lack or confusion in the great universal scheme If he does not fill his place efficiently and well. He fails to co-operate in the great plan and In turn, from his own viewpoint, everything in the great plan appears to work at cross-purposes with him. His failure to comprehend
the great truth of life eventually causes him to appear to fail. Failing to take his place in the great plan, he has the strange experience of feeling that he is a part of life but in large measure unidentified with its great scheme.

You are in the position where you find yourself today because through certain soul activities you have been drawn to It. Your obligation is to do well the tasks assigned to you. You are to realize that you have a solemn obligation to fulfill. You can take a step forward or upward only when you can idealize and visualize the place ahead of you as your own.

Each morning you are brought to the threshold of a new world. You are to conquer this world by not letting its problems master you. You have a tremendous responsibility: that of being ready and willing to stand aside and let the Lord take full responsibility.
You must give up personal will in order that you may know the will of God-His good

Your place in life is a unique one. No one in all the world knows your soul problems
but He who supervises the great plan. No one can appreciate your trials and difficulties
as He can appreciate them.
Many times your work is almost a secret pact between you and this great supervisor.
Sometimes you are appointed to do that which no one in all the world must know about,
to perform that task which is to be considered most confidential.

Think of your position as a most important one. Think of yourself as having a special
task to perform in the household of the Lord, regardless of how insignificant it
may appear to be. Realize that all work is sacred when performed in the, higher
consciousness. Do you see that you must have a higher view of your relation to the great plan?
Do you see that you must take the attitude that you have a great work to do? Do
you grasp the truth that your place, your work is important and that only you can
fill it or accomplish its task?

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your task, realize the truth of this
message today. Begin living a new life through feeling that you owe something to
life. You must make it richer. You must enrich your own life and the lives of those
about you. You must reach higher and higher in spiritual understanding and then
apply that which is taught you to the tasks at hand. You will work without a sense
of labor when you approach your work through this new consciousness. His hands will
work through your hands and your task will be easily but efficiently performed

Stake Your Claim

You can have true success and happiness in life if you consistently put these truths into practice in your daily living. It is your God - given duty to Stake Your Claim to peace, poise, power, prosperity and health - and God expects you to be satisfied with nothing less. (Herman Wolhorn)
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Rob from Texas writes: When I say the words "Divine Order, I am sending a message of hope to myself. I am declaring that God is in chrge
Affirming divine order alerts me  to the blessings that God always has waiting for me, even when there seems to be lack. . When there appears
to be no way out of a troubling situation, just saying the words "divine order" reminds me  to look for the door of opportunity that God will always provide. Thank you for your ministry!

Callie from Australia writes: I have been working with the Golden Key treatment with great results. Dr. Fox's little magical formula
has taken me out of many tight spots. Simple yet very profound, it does work.


They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain.-Isaiah 1I: 9

God has promised _ that anyone of us who really desires it, and means business,

can have peace of mind, poise, and security, and with these things go naturally

freedom, all round harmony, and a joyous and interesting life.

God has promised us that, if we really desire it, and mean business, we can live

in perfect safety no matter what may be happening around us; and that we shall

not only be safe but that we shall realize it and thus be free from even groundless

fear. And because God is Divine Love He has ordained that we can produce these conditions,

at least to a large extent, for those we love and wish to help. So this is not just

a selfish arrangement for taking care of ourselves exclusively.

God makes this glorious promise in the pages of the Bible, in many different texts

throughout the whole book; each worded differently and approaching the subject from

a different angle, but teaching the same lesson.

The gist of the matter is that to bring these things about we have to pray frequently,

to try to get as good a realization of the Presence of God with us, as we can, and

to train ourselves to give all power to Him-which, of course, means giving no power

to anything unlike Him.

It is needless to say that this condition is not completely attained overnight.

It takes time. But it is surprising how much can be attained, and how one's conditions

can be radically improved for the better even in a few weeks-if he means business.

This, of course, is really what some of the old mystics called the Practice of the

Presence of God.

The important thing is to know that it is not something mystical, abstract, intricate;

but something plain simple, and practical, if not exactly easy.

Remind yourself frequently throughout the day that God is with you, caring for you,

and guiding you; and that whatever you are saying or doing is really being done

through you by Him. Not very subtle or abstruse is it?

You know that, in the Bible, the mountain always: means uplifted thought, awareness

of the Presence of God, and is therefore holy-which means not pious or sanctimonious,

but peaceful, healthful, harmonious, and joyous.

The promise is clear and unmistakable. We cannot be hurt in any way if we dwell,

much of our time, on the holy mountain.

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