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Dear Friends in Truth
With a new season upon us, how exciting at the prospect of newness. The truth is:
your life is only as fresh and stimulating as your thoughts.
Changing or trying to change conditions or appearances doesn't really create a change.
It simply ends up with juggling problems. We write our own ticket in life, and
the total of everything we've thought, felt, believed, and expressed is stored
in our subconscious.
The laws of Mind are always at work waiting to be fulfilled, and when our attention
is focused on problems, lack and limitation, the creative process within us goes
to work to create more problems, lack and limitation.
Any time we try to manipulate the outer (effect) without changing the inner (cause)
real or constructive changes do not occur. When we truly see the cause and effect
relationship between thought and things, we celebrate every day anew.

Make It Subconscious ~ Emmet Fox

BEFORE an idea can work in our lives it must be accepted by the subconscious mind.
When the idea is accepted by the subconscious it must work in our lives. Knowledge
that is only in the conscious (or fore-conscious) mind can have no practical effect.
It is when it is accepted in the deeper layers that it becomes dynamic

Physicians know consciously what perfect anatomy and hygiene would be; but they
are not healthier than any other class, because this knowledge is not in the deeper
layers of their minds. If it were, they would demonstrate perfect health. We students
of metaphysics know that God is Love and Intelligence and we believe it; but it
is not until that idea is accepted in-the deeper levels of our subconscious that
we shall have perfect peace of mind and the all round harmony that comes with it.

From the scientific point of view then, our problem is to get the ideas we wish
to demonstrate accepted by the subconscious. Then the rest will follow.

The Resurrection Of My Desire
A Treatment By Joseph Murphy

The Light of God shines through me and from me into everything about me. The emanating
of God's Love flows from me; It is a healing radiance unto everyone who comes into
my presence. I now assume the feeling of being what I want to be. I know that the
way to resurrect my desire is to remain faithful to my ideal, knowing that an Almighty
Power is working in my behalf. I live in this mood of faith and confidence; I give
thanks that is done; for it is established in God, and all is well.

The Awakening -Wallace D. Wattles

No greater good can come to any man or woman than to become self-active. All the
experiences of life are designed by Providence to force men and women into self-activity;
to compel them to cease being creatures of circumstances and master their environment.
In his lowest stage, man is the child of chance and circumstance and the slave of
fear. His acts are all reactions resulting from the impingement upon him of forces
in his environment. He acts only as he is acted upon; he originates nothing. But
the lowest savage has within him a Principle of Power sufficient to master all
that he fears; and if he learns this and becomes self-active, he becomes as one
of the gods.

The awakening of the Principle of Power in man is the real conversion; the passing
from death to life. It is when the dead hear the voice of the Son of Man and come
forth and live. It is the resurrection and the life. When it is awakened, man becomes
a son of the Highest and all power is given to him in heaven and on earth. Nothing
was ever in any man that is not in you; no man ever had more spiritual or mental
power than you can attain, or did greater things than you can accomplish. You can
become what you want to be.

(Wallace D. Wattles was an early New Thought writer, his focus was the importance
of constructive visualization. He came into New Thought through his study of Emerson.
From the Science of Being Great)

Nuggets of New Thought - William Walker Atkinson

There is in each of us a potential Something, pressing forth for expression and
growth in the direction of ultimate Good --casting off sheath after sheath in its
progressive development and unfoldment --- impelled by the impulse imparted by the
Primal Cause --- attracted upward by the Absolute.

Failing to understand this impulse of the growing Something --- seeking relief from
its steady pressure --- we look upon it as an intruder, and instead of allowing
it to develop and grow naturally, we endeavor to kill it, or to train its growth
after our own petty notions. We fail to see that this Something is like unto the
plant which grows on steadily and surely, from seed to blossom, until its potentialities are
fully expressed. We do not realize that this Plant of Life should be allowed to
grow as does the lily, freely and without restraint, unfolding leaf after leaf,
until the plant stands in its complete beauty, crowned with its divine flower.

We would train the plant into some fantastic shape --- dwarf it as the Chinese do
the oak, that it may become the pretty ornament of the parlor instead of the noble
monarch of the forest. We would have it grow our way, not according to the law of
its being. We fancy that we know what is best for it, losing sight of the fact that
deep down in the subconscious depths of its being reposes that which directs its
every effort toward the Good --- forgetting that its attraction toward the Absolute
is drawing it steadily and irresistibly in the right direction. We forget that the
plant will fulfill these impulses so long as there remains in it one atom of life.
The seed in the ground will express itself in its little shoot, often moving weights
a thousand times heavier than itself in its efforts to reach the rays of the sun.
The sapling may be bent and confined to the ground, but its branches, following
the laws of its being will instinctively shoot upward. Restrict the growth of the
plant, if you can, but, nevertheless, it will move along the lines of least resistance
and (grow toward the sun, in spite of your efforts.

And so it is with the Plant of Life --- the Something within us. We are afraid to
allow it to grow according to the laws of its being, but wish to model it and shape
it in accordance with the theories of ourselves or others (more frequently the latter,
for most of our ideas on the subject are borrowed). We seem to imagine that the
Intelligence that thought the plant into existence did not understand its business,
and we are afraid that without the assistance of our mighty intellect the poor thing
will grow into a misshapen and unsightly thing. We would alter the shape designed
by its Maker, and would twist it into the form approved of by the passing fashion
of the hour. We would substitute for the beauty and symmetry of Nature, our own
fantastic ideas of form.

But, like the plant, this Something of ours will not submit to the confining bonds
--- will not conform to the false standards which we would set up for it. Submitting
as long as it must, it stores up reserve strength day by day and keeps up a continuous
steady pressure in the direction of its desire, and some day, by a supreme effort,
it throws off the interfering obstacles, and, obeying the laws of its being, again
grows toward the Sun.

Life is growth. It moves along, pressing this way and that way, along the lines
of least resistance, drawing to itself that which it needs for its complete expression
and growth, using this thing and that thing today, and discarding them tomorrow,
after they have served their purpose --- after their helpful qualities have been
extracted. It assumes many forms in its growth, discarding sheath after sheath as
outgrown. Any attempt to compel it to retain a sheath, which has become outgrown,
will cause its life nature to revolt, and, in the end, with a mighty effort, it
will burst forth, tearing the confining sheath into fragments. This Something may
be restrained temporarily, but its growth is as sure as the rising of tomorrow's
sun, and its attempted restraint only results, in the end, in a violent assertion
of its right to unfold and develop according to Law.

When we finally come to realize that Life has a meaning --that we are here for a
purpose --- that the process of spiritual evolution is being expressed in us and
through us --- that our growth is in accordance with Law --- that the Absolute understands
its business --- then will we cease to attempt to meddle with the Great Plan.


"In the Divine Design there is no limitation, only health, wealth, love and perfect
self-expression." Florence Scovel Shinn


The Magic of Increase - Mary Katherine MacDugall

The secret of increase is knowing that we do not need to do anything, that we really
can't do anything to bring permanent increase ourself - but God can. It is important
to know this, for we all want increase, and increase is important, for it is only
through increase that we can become the rich sons and daughters of our rich Father.
When we make an investment, we expect it will bring us increased worth; when we
take a job we expect to get raises so that ourpaychecks will increase in size. When
we buy a house, we expect its value to increase. Usually we use man's ways to try
to get increase. We study economic principles, we study market analyses, we watch
trends and cycles, we listen and read what so-called experts have to say. This is
all right if we are able to keep our self free from fear of loss while working with
our manmade information. It is likely to be difficult to keep worldly fears away
from us while we are using worldly methods. It seems that materially-sought good
is materially vulnerable. It is different when God does the increasing, because
the increase is permanent then. What man increases, he can decrease. With man-formed
principles we usually feel we must force issues, work strenuously and cleverly to
bring about an increase in our good. With God, we do not have this feeling of pressure,
for we are not doing the increasing; He is. Even when we think that we are letting
God do the increasing, we should keep check on our self. If we find that we are
pushing or that we have any feeling of tenseness, then we should stop and let God
take over completely. .

Nowhere are we reminded more clearly of the use of this power inbringing about an
increase than in Proverbs 18:20: "From the fruit of his mouth a man is satisfied;
he is satisfied by, the yield of his lips. "It is this "Yield of [the] lips" that
we must cultivate. We must learn to speak always the word of increase about all
that concerns us. If we let our lips express doubt, fear, or discouragement, we
will not be satisfied or happy; the increase will not come, or it will be needlessly
delayed by our words. We must watch our words, our thoughts, and know that God alone
can bring us true and lasting increase.

Whenever we want anything to increase in our life-whether it be more friends, love,
understanding, or more supply-we can say to each need "God is bringing the increase
now." God is bringing more friends, more supply, more of whatever we want and need.
We do not dwell on the need or the seeming lack, but on the increase. We do not
even speak about the need; we speak only of the fulfillment.
When we use the secret of increase, we are accepting the promise of God that He
is the giver of all, that He will do the work of increasing for us. We do not have
to assume any of the responsibility for the increase. We do not have to beg God
to do it. We have only to let Him and expect Him to bring the increase about in
our affairs.

God, I believe your promises. I believe that you will bring the increase. Whatever
my part in this is, tell me and I will do it. l have active faith in Your promises
now. I release my good to you, and it is increased more than I can now imagine.

The Miracle of Abundance ~ Eric Butterworth

The miracle is in the availability of substance, not particularly in the way it
manifests. When Jesus was confronted with the need to pay the Roman tax, He simply
told Peter to go fishing and that he would find a gold coin in the mouth of a fish
(Matt. 17:27). Peter did as he was asked and he found the coin in the fish's mouth
and used it to pay the tax. It is too bad that this story has been related so literally,
since there is an increase in the "credibility gap" for the intellect. Actually,
when we know the idiom, there is nothing unusual about this story at all. What
was more natural than for Peter, who was a fisherman, to go fishing, market the
fish, and pay the tax with the proceeds. This is exactly what the story says idiomatically.
In our West, the cattlemen talk about a steer being worth "forty dollars on the
hoof." In the Orient, they talk about an ox having "twenty gold pieces in his horn."
And in the Middle East, we find this expression among fishermen: "The fish had a
gold coin in his mouth." In every case, these are figures of speech referring to
the ultimate market price to be gained from the sale of the product.
Jesus is teaching the lesson that when you have a need, the answer is right where
you are. The miracle may not be in the way it manifests, but in the ever-availability
of ideas, of guidance, of all things working together for good. You may be guided
to go fishing, or to get a job, or to "break" the loaves and fishes. But there is
abundance for you -- if you accept it.
We may wonder why some people have so much hardship, whereas for others everything
turns to gold. The rationalization from the confused religion about Jesus is that
the poor will be rewarded in some future heaven. Jesus puts it very simply: "For
whosoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have abundance; but Whosoever
hath not, from him shall be taken away even that which he hath" (Matt. 13: 12).
This is not as difficult to understand as at first it might seem. He is saying,
"Hold your cup under the faucet of abundance. The empty cup is filled to running
over. If the cup is held upside down, not only will it not be filled, but anything
it had in it is poured out."
In this wonderfully accommodating Universe, if you have the consciousness of abundance-if
you feel rich-you will claim riches and accept abundance and your cup will be filled.
However, if you feel that yon are discriminated against-that there are no opportunities.
available, that no one wants you, that you are poor and insufficient-your cup is
turned upside down. All the wealth of the Universe cannot help you, and you constantly
lose anything you seem momently to gain. Understanding this Truth-much as we resist
the thought- "the rich do get richer, and the poor do get poorer." We may want to
change this principle, but it is universal law. You may not like all the implications
of gravity, but you can't change it. You can only be mighty careful that you do
not step off high places.
In my experience in spiritual counseling, I see this law at work in some strange
and even pitiful ways. Two men came to me for counseling in their need for employment.
One man had been an executive. He had normally been in the $20,000-a-year bracket.
The other man had been in various types of jobs but had averaged only about $5,000
a year. We talked at length about the law of abundance. We considered all the ramifications
of the prosperity principle. We prayed for prosperity, for guidance, for a right
and perfect place of employment. We used the same treatment, the same affirmation
in each case. In a few days both men called back to tell me the prayer had been
answered. Both were once again employed. Wonderful! It is always a blessing to witness
answered prayer.
Now what sort of a job did each person get? The man who had normally been in the
$20,000 bracket again received a salary in the same bracket. The man who had an
average of $5,000 a year, received a job with similar pay. Why didn't they both
get the same income? They both prayed the same way, used the same prayer techniques,
affirmations, treatments. Both received my identical instruction and guidance. Why
the wide disparity in financial results?
The answer is really quite simple, though it may not be easy to accept. God can
do no more for you than He can do through you. The miracle of abundance works through
your consciousness, in accordance with your experience, your attitudes, your self-evaluation.
If a chemist prays for guidance, ideas come about chemistry. If a physicist prays
for guidance, ideas come about physics. If the poor man prays for prosperity, the
answer may come in a "handout." If the rich man prays for prosperity, the answer
may come in a million-dollar windfall on the stock market. The answer always comes
to you in the divine prompting, "Son, thou art ever with me and all that is mine
is thine." But the degree or form or shape of the manifestation depends upon your
faith, your vision, your ability to accept the opulence of the Universe.
The law is, "It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" (Luke 12:
32). God is all sufficiency-your instant, constant, and abundant supply. But you
will experience only that which you can take into your consciousness. Thus any
limitation must be a limitation in thought, in the faith that shapes the substance.
Light streaming through a window will always assume the shape and color of the aperture
through which it comes. The wealth of the universe will be yours to the degree that
you can "see" it and see yourself
using it.

(Eric Butterworth - A spiritual icon in the Unity Movement. A gifted theologian,
philosopher, lecturer, and author of sixteen best selling books)

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Stake Your Claim

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