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Thoughts & Feelings ~ Emmet Fox

There is only one cause and that cause acts through you in your thought. You are a mental being. You are a thinker. The very word "man" means "a thinker." Sanskrit

is the great grandfather of all the European languages. You are a thinker rather than a doer because what you do is only what you think. We do not like to face up

to that sometimes it can be very embarrassing. We like to think that we are rather nice people, but now and again, we do things which are not so nice, and we like

to think we can be nice not withstanding. We cannot, because the deed is only the outer expression of the thought.

Now a good deal of nonsense has been taught in the metaphysical movement about the power of thought. To hear some people talk about the power of thought, they

would think you could build the Eiffel Tower in their back yard tomorrow afternoon, just by the power of thought. Thought has no power whatsoever unless it is

accompanied by feeling. It is only the thought which you feel that demonstrates.

The idea that every thought you think for a single moment is going to do something to you is childish, because it does not. You can readily see that if that were so

humanity would just be nonexistent by now. Remember that when you come into the metaphysical movement, it does not mean that you can check your hat at the

 door  and your common sense with it. You must bring your common sense along. Anything that will not stand up to true logic and will not demonstrate in practice,

must be wrong. Only those thoughts are demonstrated which are felt strongly. When you give a treatment (when you pray scientifically or affirmatively), if you feel it

strongly, that treatment will be demonstrated, and all the obstacles in the world could not stop it. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it. On the other hand, if you

are the finest person who every walked, and you think a thought or give a treatment without feeling it, it is gone with the wind, and is heard of no more, because there

must be the "father and the mother" - knowledge and feeling. The offspring is the demonstration or healing. There must always be feeling in order to effect a change

or whatever it is you are seeking to express!


Thought Currents ~ Prentice Mulford (1834 - 1891)

We need to be careful of what we think and talk. Because thought runs in currents as real as those of air and water. Of what we think and talk we attract to us a

like current of thought. This acts on mind or body for good or ill.

If thought was visible to the physical eye we should see its currents flowing to and from people. We should see that persons similar in temperament, character and

motive are in the same literal current of thought. We should see that the person in a despondent and angry mood was in the same current with others despondent or

angry, and that each one in such moods serves as an additional battery or generator of such thought and is strengthening that particular current. We should see these

forces working in similar manner and connecting the hopeful, courageous and cheerful, with all others hopeful, courageous and cheerful.

When you are in low spirits or "blue" you have acting on you the thought current coming from all others in low spirits. You are in oneness with the despondent order

of thought. The mind is then sick. It can be cured, but a permanent cure cannot always come immediately when one has long been in the habit of opening the mind

to this current of thought. The thought current of fear is everywhere. All humanity fears something -- disease, death, loss of fortune, loss of friends, loss of something.

Everyone has his or her pet fear. It extends to the most trivial details of life. The streets are full of people who, if fearing nothing else, fear they won't catch a train or the

next street car. The more sensitive you are to the impress of thought, the more liable are you to be affected by this thought current of fear until your spirit, by constant

demand of the Supreme Power, builds up for itself an armour of thought positive to this current, and one which will deny it access. You can commence this building

in saying, whenever you are affected in the way above mentioned, or in any disagreeable fashion "I refuse to accept this thought and the mental condition it has brought

on me which affects my body." You commence then to turn aside the thought current of evil. Everyone has some pet fear -- some disease they may never have had, but

always dreaded -- something they are in special fear of losing.

The more impressionable you are to the thought about you the more are you liable to be thus affected. But you can train your mind to shut out this thought. You

can gradually train it to bar tightly this door to weakness, and keep open only the one to strength. You can do this by cultivating the mood of drawing to yourself

and keeping in the mood and current of thought coming of God or the Supreme Power for good. Impressionability or capacity to receive thought is source either of

strength or weakness. Fine-grained, sensitive, highly developed minds today often carry the weakest bodies, because through ignorance they are always inviting some of

these currents of evil without any knowledge of their existence or the means of throwing them off. They are ignorantly either courting or exposing themselves to such

current. Improper individual association is one chief source of such exposure.

Put the great trust in the Supreme Power which has sent to you the individual as a temporary aid or crutch until your spiritual limbs are strong enough to bear you.

The more you get into the thought current coming from the Infinite Mind, making yourself more and more a part of that mind (exactly as you may become a part of

any vein of low, morbid, unhealthy mind in opening yourself to that current), the quicker are you freshened, and renewed physically and mentally. You become

continually a newer being. Changes for the better come quicker and quicker. Your power increases to bring results. You lose gradually all fear as it is proven more and

more to you that when you are in the thought current of Infinite good there is nothing to fear.

You realize more and more clearly that there is a great power and force which cares for you. You are wonderstruck at the fact that when your mind is set in the right

direction all material things come to you with very little physical or external effort. There is no limit to the power of the thought current you can attract to you nor

limit to the things that can he done through the individual by it. In the future some people will draw so much of the higher quality of thought to them, that by

it they will accomplish what some would call miracles.

(Prentice Mulford coined the term "Law of Attraction")


Affirmation ~ Florence Shinn

"The divine plan of my life cannot be tampered with. It is incurruptible and indestructible.

It awaits only my recognition."


From: Pragmatic Mysticism - Mildred Mann

There isn't a thing in the world that has ever been done, there is not a thing in

the world that ever will be done, that first is not a thought or an idea. If an

architect builds a skyscraper, he must first have the idea of the type of building,

then draw the blueprint, before it can be constructed, But he had to have the idea,

and the idea is what comes into effect.

The thing that is so marvelous for all of us, and so simple, is the fact that you

can always choose your ideas.

What kind of life would you have? Tell me your life, and I'll tell you what you

have been thinking. That applies to each and every one of us. You can always choose

your own thought, your blueprint of the life you are building for yourself.

 No body else can choose it for you. That very simple fact - that you have free choice of thought - is really dynamite.

It is the answer to your regeneration or degeneration.

Nobody else can make your choice for you. Nobody can change your thinking for you.

You can listen to me, you can listen to every metaphysical teacher in the world,

read every book on the subject, but you have to do it for yourself.

I could invite you to my home for dinner, cook you a wonderful meal, serve it to

you most beautifully - but I couldn't eat or digest it for you!

We come to the realization that thought is the clue to the whole secret. In the

beginning we start by deliberately changing our thoughts to change our lives in

certain degrees and in certain things, and in the end we use our thought as a purely

transcendent possession; not only to change our lives, but to create for ourselves

and others the good that is spiritually our divine heritage.

John tells us, "In the beginning was the Word." John 1: 1

What is the Word? The Word is the idea, the thought. 'In the beginning was the Idea,

and the Idea was with God and the Idea was God.' The Idea, being God's was the Perfect

Thought, and so manifested its perfection. If the idea had been imperfect, it would

have manifested an imperfect projection; like attracts like.

Whatever you think with conviction, whatever you really believe in with conviction,

that you will demonstrate or experience in your life. There is no doubt of that.

For instance, if you want to raise roses in your garden, and you plant carnation

seeds, you are not going to get roses. You will get carnations. If you want carrots

and plant lettuce seeds, you will not get carrots, but lettuce. And so it is on

every plane of life. Like attracts like.

The key to freedom lies in your hands. Could there be a greater gift? I don't know

of any. Yet how seldom we discover it, and even less seldom use it!

One way of examining your own thoughts - forerunners of the conditions you are bringing

into your life - is to realize that you can think only two types of thoughts; positive,

constructive thoughts, or fearful, negative thoughts. Everything else stems from

that. You know, some people are constantly afraid; they are suspicious, jealous,

worried, critical. These are all fear thoughts.

So the thing you will learn to do is to get over to the positive side - the constructive

side of life, and stay there. It requires training. Not any more than it would to

study a new language or to learn to play a musical instrument. But it does need

training and practice.

Always remember the type of thoughts you have been thinking not only manifest in

your life as the sort of thing that happens to you, but they manifest in your personality

and your physical body as well.

(Mildred Mann was a student of Emmet Fox. Many of her works are available in our

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By: Helen Inwood

Answers to prayers come in various ways,

Sometimes in minutes,

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And some require years

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The hardest of love

And blessings they hold.

Answers to prayers

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