The Power Of Prayer In Action




Dr. Emmet Fox


These are authentic letters and case histories of healings and answered prayers. 

May this page  serve as encouragement and hope to anyone who maybe going through a difficult period in life and to remind you that God loves you and is always with you.

 "Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

 If you would like to describe a turning point in your life or simply share a good thought, we would love to hear from you.  Postings here are randomly selected.



From Spain

Sue, Spain. Thank you for the help as the Dog is much improved, and the money situation did get a bit better.


From the UK

Thomas, UK.  Thank you for the prayers.  My health has much improved.  I do not have to return to my doctore now for one year.  God bless.

Perfect Position

Carl B.  I prayed so hard for work, without results.  The perfect position I was praying for manifested shortly after I requested prayer from the Emmet Fox Prayer Ministry.  I more than thank you. 

Twin Miracles

Theresa.  Thank you for your prayers!!! David and Vivien were born premature twins, weighing only 2 1/2 pounds. Everyone realizes that they are truly miracle babies. They are able to breathe on their own and remain in the hospital to be monitored but are doing well. The mother is able to hold and feed them now. The parents are so happy to see their progress. They want you you to know how much your prayers are appreciated. God's healing hand is upon these babies as their health continues to improve. Praise God. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Working at last

Lenny, K, New Jersey.  Out of work for two years.  I sent a prayer request recently and three weeks ago I secured a good job.  There is power in prayer.  Thank you.

Positive Results!

Jolanda. USA. I contacted your ministry about six months ago with serious health and financial issues.  Our combined prayer efforts brought such wonderful positive results.  Thank you everyone for your prayers.

Answered Prayers

David L. B, USA.  A while ago I had desperately requested prayers for a financial miracle. I can enthusiastically say that this prayers were answered, not in a financial windfall, but in the form of a mortgage modification which I had been fighting for over 4 years, as well as increased business. I am most grateful to those prayers that were offered on my behalf.


No Trial

Michelle, Australia. A huge thank you for your prayers. My divorce didn’t have to go to trial, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Perfect Home

Barbara, Sarasota, FL. Last month, I asked for prayers that my friend, Patricia, find the perfect home. She has, indeed, found the perfect home and is very happy to be living in it. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and may God bless each and every one of you!

Issue Resolved

Claudia, USA. God has answered my Prayer, I applied the golden key to my tenant, she was giving me a hard time to move out and wanted me to take her to court, she was bringing all kinds of people to the house and destroying the place, On March 17th I wrote to your page desperate for help and my prayers have been answered, she moved out today with no argument nor issues, GOD THANK YOU!

Rent Free

Janai L, USA. Hello! I am extremely grateful. I was using the Golden Key and began the Prosperity Project. On the ninth day, my prayer was answered. It was a miracle. I needed a place to move as my landlord was putting her place up for sale where I was living. I was not finding any place but on the ninth day a realtor called who knew me and offered for me to live in a home that was for sale RENT FREE as long as I knew I would have to move 30 days after it sells and be gone for showings. Amazing miracle. Can't thank you all enough for the work you are doing. I am spreading the good news about Emmet Fox's Ministry to many others. Abundant blessings to you all!


Good News

Chiayen, USA. I've requested help in January 2014, and it's only been a little over a month and I've got many good news. recently secured a part time job, it's not very much but it's a start, that lump in my throat ... I don't feel it so much anymore. Thank you all so much for your prayers. and also just received a notice in the mail that I'm receiving my new permanent resident card. I'm so very grateful to you Reverend and your prayer group.

Golden Key

JD in Arizona. Thank you so much for your prayers. the Golden Key works every time when turned in complete and total faith. I now have a wonderful position, in charge of business for two states and with a tremendous financial upside. To those who are worried or discouraged, please try to be calm and do exactly as the Golden Key instructs and then accept with a smile that the blessing is on the way and the most powerful force in existence is working at all times in your life!

Prayers Answered

Patricia, California.  I wanted to that you for helping me turn the golden key in prayer. A long time ago I posted for a friend for an easement to his property. He has won that right and is so glad to begin being on his land. I also posted a prayer for healing help finding a right job/project for making money and soul satisfying. Suddenly a home care project has presented itself for me to do. I appreciate and return all the love for prayers of peace in all our lives. Thank you

Cancer Free

Kate, PA. Praise God! Thank you for all who prayed for my Boss Al. He received a diagnosis stage 4 cancer with rare complications only 54 recorded cases Ever. With all your prayers. He is today cancer free, healed, as if it never was. His wife and daughter, the lights of his life, Thank you, Praise God."Golden Key" Believe.


Peaches doing Well

Jennifer, USA.  I keep meaning to follow-up with you. You were praying for Peaches. We didn't know what was wrong with him. The vet did not give him long to live. Well, we were blessed! He made a complete recovery, and started getting better almost immediately after contacting you. The vet said, "Miracles happen some times". He continues to do very well! Thank you for your prayers!!

Legal issue settled

Ed, Pa Praise God, and everyone bless you all that read this. Thank you and know the Golden key works.. The USPS settled everything in my favor and we didn't have to go to court. Praise God , thank you for praying with me.

Hose in Contract

Peggy, USA. After posting a prayer request here to sell my home and placing a St. Joseph's in the yard, my house was under contract and closed very quickly. God knew I had to sell right away due to financial problems so thank you for all the prayers received from this site!!

I'm Pregnant

Katerina, Greece. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers! Three different fertility specialists told me that it would be almost impossible for me to get pregnant. My hormone levels indicated I couldn’t conceive. A month after I send my prayer request, miraculously, I became pregnant naturally!!! My gratitude to God and to everyone who prayed for me is endless! Please pray for me to give birth to a healthy baby.

Complete Remission

Sharlene, California. Praising God and thankful to all the people praying for my cousin's son Ryan who had multiple myeloma, supposedly a terminal cancer. That was over 4 months ago and through stem cell treatment and so many prayers, he is in complete remission. Thank you!!

Praise God

Kathy, PA.  Thanks so much for your prayers, Al is feeling better Praise God! two days and I've hardly coughed. Praise God!


Turning the Golden Key

Pattie, USA. Thank you so much for helping me turn the Golden Key recently! The next day I got a call to meet about the issues with the person who could make a difference! All along even though all of my money was tied up in the legal issues I had everything I needed to get through until the judge made the decision in my favor and the money was released! Hallelujah! I will now pay back my pregnant daughter and the folks who helped me financially to get through the adventure! It is the giving it over to God and releasing that gives this so much meaning for me. I very much appreciate the power of group prayer and thanks giving in spring with the religious festivals of this season and love giving back in prayer for others.

My Needs Were Met

Mike in Michigan Thank you for your prayers. I wrote to request help with a $50,000 Income tax problem. Shortly after the request I had a meeting with my accountant. We easily and effortlessly negotiated a settlement. The person who worked for the for the IRS couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating to resolve the situation. She knocked thousands of dollars off and structured a plan we can afford. Thank you God for fulfilling all my needs abundantly. Gracious Regards,

A roof over our heads

Lisa, G, USA. When I wrote for prayers, I did not know that my ex-husband was not making house payments and, we were in foreclosure.  when I received a letter from the bank, it stated that the house had been sold and I had 10 days to leave.  I was in a state of shock. I had to pack everything up and move four children in ten days with no place to go to. I was terrified and I did a lot of praying.  I golden keyed and felt the comfort  of those on this website praying for me.  The thought of people around the world paying for me gave me deep hope.  Like a miracle, a house in the area of the children's school came up for rent and I secured it.  Everything including the quick move went smoothly.  Thank you God and thank you all who prayed for our family.

We are all connected to God

Mary, Pennsylvania. As I write this, I'm smiling and feeling the grace of God in my heart. Less than a month ago, I posted a prayer request with regard to a serious drainage issue on my property that I've been dealing with for years. Miraculously, my Home Owners Association responded to my letter this time, and sent a contractor out to assess the situation. Not only is the Association going to foot the entire bill, but the contractor is also going to fix an internal sump pump issue in my basement at no additional charge, as well as remedy the situation for the neighbors to either side of me. Our properties will be regarded, and an underground drainage system will be installed for all three properties tying into the storm sewer system. No small effort or cost for the Association! I am so grateful and thank all who have kept me in prayer. I continue to pray for all others who have posted prayer requests on this site. We are all connected and God answers our prayers. I feel overwhelmingly blessed and grateful. Thank you.


Prayers Answered

Karen H, Rochester, New York. I asked for prayer to move to Halstead Square in Rochester, NY and I moved June 12,2012. I asked for prayer for my youngest son Phillip Hines to get released from prison, he was released on May 29,2012, 17 months early! Thanks.

 Golden Key

JD in AZ. I would like to give total credit once again to the most powerful force in existence- The Golden Key! I asked multiple times for large blessings of income and each time it was needed, it showed up. Sometimes it was expected, sometimes I had no idea how it would manifest but just as it always does- it comes into my experience. I have turned the Golden Key for over three years now and it has ALWAYS worked just as Emmet Fox states. To anyone who is very worried, fearful or doubtful you must read the Golden Key and do exactly what it says and do your best to put the situation aside. If you have to read it three times daily for a year- DO is that important a power! At first it seems improbable but you do it and you gain a little faith. Then again, and again and again until you know at all times it is all around you- flowing through you and you are going directly to the source for strength. It's a beautiful thing when you really accept and feel it in your life. Thank you so much for all your prayers.


Mercedes, Indiana, USA.  I just want to say thank you God for the job opportunity that has come my way after affirmative prayer.  With God ALL things are possible.  I am blessed.

Well Again

Patty, USA. I asked for prayers for complete recovery for myself and husband from pneumonia & bronchitis, we had been ill for almost a month. We are both feeling well again and returning to work tomorrow to do God's service, all is well! Thank you so much for this blessing dear Lord and prayers from Emmet Fox Ministry, prayer works!! Peace and blessings to all.


Jim, Chicago, IL.  My health has improved tremendously since requesting prayer from the Emmet Fox Prayer Ministry.  Thank You all.

Job for son and friend

Patricia in IN. I asked for prayer support for needed jobs for my son and a friend. They both obtained better employment at just the right time. Thanks to all who prayed for us and to this wonderful website.

Legal Issue Resolved

Pattie, USA. Thank you so much for your prayers that were answered for financial relief and resolution to legal issues surrounding loss of job. It was resolved in my favor as I committed no misconduct and gave more than most to the position I was in. The contentions I have with my previous employer reach further than just for me, it involves patient and employee safety in a hospital situation. I am so grateful to have hurdled the first steps so as to bring serious issues to light for my community. I continue to pray and turn the golden key for all who reach out on this and other forums. God is love and God is everything.

Grateful for Dr. Fox's Teachings

Anna in Indiana. My sincerest gratitude to all for your recent prayers involving my husband's employment and his recovery program along prayers for the transition of our relocation move. Every morning I spend 30 minutes of quiet time with part of it studying the Sermon on the Mount and daily try to practice the Golden Key. The miracles over the last two and a half months have been incredible and once again reminded me about having Faith and trusting in God. We purchased a home that my husband will be remodeling over the next few years, he came to a meeting last night, our temporary housing has been extended through mid-June until the house is ready instead of moving to a hotel for two weeks, and we have had time to discover and take care of mold remediation before moving in. I am so grateful for Dr. Fox's teachings and for all of God's miracles - small and large. God Bless.

Prayer Answered

Sil, São Paulo-Brazil. I wanted to acknowledge the presence of prayer this week May 2012. I asked to manage a work situation. The next day and I could see from the comments and attitudes of the power of prayer over our lives. Thank God and thank you all for this service.

Golden Key Blessing

Jeff, USA. I wanted to thank you all so much...I have had yet another AMAZING demonstration! I requested a large financial blessing on May 3, 2012. As is often the case, I saw no way it would come but that is the crux of the Golden Key...complete faith that once you turn is done and there is no need to worry. Well, just yesterday, I received notice the blessing was in fact to arrive within one week of putting the prayer out there. Again, this was a reversal of circumstances and I believe with total conviction that it was the Golden Key and your prayers. It works every single time...I have been doing this for three years now and not once has it failed. Thank you so much and please- if you have doubt or are discouraged- do EXACTLY as it says with total faith.

Healthy Baby Girl Due

Lorna, Ca. I asked for prayer for my daughter Heather & baby because of high risk of down syndrome on 4/30/2012. She was scheduled for an amnio test on that day. She said Dr said ultrasound looked good & also reported perfect results from the amnio on 5/03/2012 about 10 days earlier than expected! Thank You all for your prayers. Love and Blessings to all of you. I am so grateful. A healthy baby girl is due in Sept. 2012

Thank God for all our Blessings

Anna, Indiana. I sent a request about a month ago regarding a long awaited move and my husband finding employment. After much negotiating and periods of waiting - we closed on a house in a beautiful location close to my new office that my husband will rehab over the next few years. Thank you for your prayers. I am so grateful for Dr. Fox's teachings that I can study each morning in my quiet time. Thank God for all of our blessings.

Happy Daughter

Seithati, South Africa. Thank you for praying with me for my daughter. She is loving her school and blessed wonderful teachers. Our prayer has been answered.

New Kidney

Sara, FL. It is with deep gratitude that I give thanks for my brother's new Kidney.  A couple of weeks after I submitted my prayer request to you, he was rushed to the hospital because they found a match for him. He's recuperating beautifully and well ahead of schedule. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. I'm also praying for the family of the generous donor. God Bless you all!

Healthy and Strong

Pat USA. All my test results came back negative! Thank you all for your prayers and this wonderful ministry; I realize the Aspect of God as Divine Life within me and I am healthy and strong, In Jesus' name, Amen. Divine Peace, Love and Blessings to you all!

Condo Sold

Mary, Canada. For the past two years I requested prayers for the selling of a condo in Egypt. also for healing relations in regard to some complications around this difficult time. The Condo had been an impulsive decision purchase by my daughter who had just loved the Egyptian People and their gentle ways. She had planned to work and live in Egypt. When she later decided to sell the property, this was proving difficult especially with the language interpretations. I am so joyful to say finally this episode is now over ,the Condo is sold.

New Contract

Henry, Madrid, Spain. On 6th September once advised my airline job contract was to end on 31st October I requested God to grace my family with a new airline contract . On 02nd of November I terminated my contract , hence still entrusting the 91st Psalm lectures by Emmet Fox and your bountiful prayers. My appointment to file for unemployment benefits was cited on 11th November 09.00 a.m. - coincidently, 9 hours later 06.00 pm , I received a text message on my mobile phone from my new company. Your contract has just been signed !! Starting date 15th November!! 11 days unemployment benefits and now have a higher paying job. My former office colleagues say "it is a miracle-almost as if it was written in the heavens"!! I faithfully believe that God's workings when requested with absolute belief " here and now" will appear like miracles! the sun rises everyday...just let God go about his daily chores " Divine Order" just Pray in Faith ...then Go For It! ..." BELIEVE" and HE will find open the WAY to reach your Needs . Thank you all for your Divine Love and Prayers. Love to all , bless you.

Dan, Pennsylvania. I had asked for prayer for a situation between myself and my next door neighbors who had a dog that barked nonstop. Lately I had noticed (and so had family members) that we weren't hearing the dog anymore. It appears as if the dog is gone and has been for a few weeks. It is nice to have a good night sleep again. I thank you for your prayers and for having this service available to all. Thanks again.

Donna. Thank you so very much. I got my lab work done no cancer.  Thanks be to GOD.

Frank, CT. I received a work offer only two weeks after I requested prayer from this prayer group.  Thank you!

Vivian, Canada.  My prayers in a legal matter have been answered favorably.  God bless your prayer warriors.

In A couple of Days I Got The Job

Alice from Virginia. I have a segment for answered prayers already. I just wrote on October 13 about a job and fear and a couple of days ago, I got the job I wanted. I hadn't named that job in particular because Emmet Fox teaches not to outline so as not to limit God, but I really wanted this particular job. I'm past retirement age, so I wasn't really sure they would want me. But Emmet also teaches not to let any age or other belief to get in the way, so I was also trying to do that. And they want me! So thanks to you for the website and to the prayer partners around the world. God bless you all.

Prayer Answered in 24 Hours

Victoria and J. K. USA.  I posted my prayer request yesterday. Today, God has already answered my prayer!Not only answered it but, also gave me specific instructions as to manifest the desire over and over and information as to how to help other people get the same request answered for them. MY,MY,MY !!! I am so excited! THANKS VERY, VERY MUCH. My son didn't know anything about this. We talked this morning and he told me he was getting his business licenses today. I'm very happy. Now we can move forward and take care of what I requested.

Perfect Companion

Joanna, NYC. With my utmost gratitude and devotion I would like to thank all of you for your prayers. I have been asking for My true love and Perfect Companion for some time now and I’d like to report that I met a wonderful Gentleman and we are Getting to know each other. Thank you so much for your service to all mankind!!!!

Prayers Answered For Mom

Barbara, USA. I just wanted to let you know that my prayers were answered! The nodules on my mother's lungs turned out to be nothing of any consequence. In addition, her hip replacement surgery went exceedingly well and she is progressing nicely in her physical therapy. Thanks to everyone for your prayers; may God bless you all!

Good News Regarding Colon Cancer

Andrea, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I write to you in awe before the immense power of the Lord. Two months ago my mother’s prospects were bleak: she had been diagnosed with colon cancer, and at the time we didn't  know how advanced it was. That is when I requested your Ministry to pray for her health, and He answered big time! First, a PET scan showed that she was metastasis-free (metastases cut the chances of survival) so that alone improved her prognosis tremendously, and then my mother had surgery to remove the tumor in the colon; the biopsy revealed that all the lymph nodes tested were negative for cancer cells – this is huge because it means that no chemotherapy is needed because that the surgery alone has removed all the cancer. Nothing is impossible for the Lord! Just have faith! Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers! May all the blessings of the Lord be bestowed upon you and your prayer Ministry!

Dr. said, "Mi-Li, Your Heart Is Perfect."

Mi-Li, China.  At 32 years old, I was very upset when I was told that I had a heart problem.  I wrote to you for help and Golden Keyed my heart and body, as you suggested.  I refused to accept anything other than a perfect heart organ.  Last week I went for further test.  I was told my heart is in good condition, I do not need any treatments, or medication.  I was released as a patient, only to have to return in two years for re-check.  I feel such relief and joy. This is a miracle.  Thank you all for your prayers. 

New Job

Trisha P. L.I. N.Y. I sincerely want to thank all those who prayed for me through the Emmett Fox Prayer ministry. My prayers where answered almost immediately for a position I had applied for a few months ago. At that time they did not need a Social Worker; following my prayer request, a position became available, for which they called and asked if I was still interested. I started my new job on Monday, August 1st. I know that God loves me and he hears my prayers! I am truly blessed! Thank you all so much! May God Bless you!

Condo Sold

Mary, Canada. It is with humble gratitude that I thank the Emmet Fox Prayer Ministry I have prayed for months for a resolve for a Condo in Egypt to be sold, for a healing of relationships connected to this property. At this difficult time in the Middle East , finally an agreement has been reached. Next week I fly to Egypt with my daughter for the finalization of this Condo Contract

Coming Home

Rae, Texas. Thank you so much for the prayers for Alice. Good news, actually great news. My mom will be coming home from the hospital on Tuesday. This is nothing short of a miracle. It will be 25 days in the hospital when she gets out. She's doing very well. She's walking about 150 feet at a time with her walker, she's gotten used to wearing the cervical collar and overall her mood is great. She wants to go dancing! She has done remarkably. Even her doctors are stunned at how well she has done and that she is ready to come home. Thanks for your support and prayers.


Gayle Nevada USA. My son is living a sober life. Thank you for prayers for him specifically and for all addicts. Please continue to pray for them. It's a hideous life for them. Pray that in their lucid moments they may hear the voice of God and seek help.

Dizziness Gone!

katerina. I would like to share my experience with an answered prayer. My sister, 30 years old, suddenly started experiencing extreme dizziness every day, many hours a day for almost two months. Her quality of life had changed dramatically. It was very difficult for her to work, to sleep, or even to go for a walk. She couldn’t even have a normal conversation because the dizziness distracted her. She went to many doctors (family doctor, cardiologist, neurologist, chiropractic and took all the tests they told her. (X-Rays, MRI, heart examination neurological tests, blood tests, ear examination etc). Nothing was found wrong with her. The doctors prescribed some medicine, but there was no improvement whatsoever. Then, another medicine, but again no improvement, not even a little bit. The dizziness was there every single day. I had read the books of Emmet Fox and I send an e-mail with a prayer request for her. I really believed the prayers would help her. I didn’t tell her about the prayer request, I just told her that I believed she would become better, soon. One week after I send the e-mail, my sister told me that the dizziness was not so strong and didn’t happen so often. Another week after that, the dizziness disappeared like it had never happened!!! It is a real miracle. I could never thank enough the people who prayed for my sister. I hope they will always be healthy and happy. I know now that God makes miracles in our lives and help us when nothing else can. I thank God for his miracle to my sister! I hope that everybody who is suffering will try prayer and experience the results. Thank you so much!

Dream Position

Pattie CA. Many thank you for the prayers that are answered on my account! The prayers in faith for a position to help my fellow humans and make an honest living again has happened! Bucked the odds and found a dream position and have been accepted for work! Have been off for a year and half and am older than most with 32 years in healthcare. Must relocate to the big forest and help a rural community upgrade the services offered. Thank you for your prayers and I will continue to pray for all of you on and off the prayer list!

Prayer For Job Is Answered

Mike, Texas. As my awareness of my indwelling Christ continues to grow, I am continuing to experience more and more emotional healing, inner peace, confidence and spiritual growth. By the grace of God I have overcome a deeply traumatic and painful childhood, as well as an addiction that threatened to rob me of my life and everything I hold as precious. After being introduced to Dr Fox in 2009 I have affirmed the belief that God is love, that God is perfect good, and that God is always with me so often that these beliefs now reside in my subconscious mind, and the results of affirming these Truths are constantly being demonstrated in my life over and over again. I have wanted to work for the Dept of Veteran's Affairs for quite some time, but due to the high number of applicants it is an extremely difficult to get an interview, much less land a job. I followed the counsel given to me by Reverend Corsiatto given to me last summer, and after regularly affirming that my prayer for this job is answered, I was able to secure a positon. I am due to start my orientation on June 6. Praise God!

God Is Working Right Now In My Life

Jeff, USA. I want to thank God for working yet another miracle in my life. I was offered a wonderful position with a fantastic organization at the perfect moment. I truly Golden Keyed it and whenever I started to waver, I would shift my focus back to "God will provide and is working RIGHT NOW in my life." I had peace and things unfolded almost magically. I know it was the Golden Key as I have used it in the trenches many times before and it has ALWAYS worked...every time. Thank you and please have total faith no matter what the situation.

My Heart's Desire

Patty, USA. I received a offer of work doing my Heart's Desire. This is a direct gift from God, I am filled with gratitude and joy. Divine Love, Life, and Intelligence opens my way and all is well. In Jesus name, Amen. Thank you Emmett Fox Ministry for your prayers and God Bless you all. Please pray that I will continue to be God's Instrument and give service to His name.

Divine Order Job

Judith P, Texas. In March I asked for prayer regarding employment that is rightfully mine from Divine Mind. The prayer was answered on March 30, 2011 with a job offer with more money than I have ever made, a relocation package including a corporate apartment for 3 months, and a job that was divinely made for me. I am on my knees every morning with gratitude and joy as I begin the new job on Monday, May 2. Thank you for your prayers and belief in me.

I Beat The Odds

Maria, Argentina.  Thank you God for answered prayer.  My health is as it should be.  I have beat the odds and I am blessed. 

Dad's Gift

Troy, Hong Kong.  Dad always said that I was not mature enough to move up in his company.  I was always pushed to the back for those who were not family.  I was feeling bad about myself, since nothing I seemed to do pleased my father or my family.  I even thought about leaving my fathers business. I finally turned to prayer.  I asked for your prayer help and I began to meditate, read and develop my higher self.  Sadly, dad became ill.  It happened at a time when those in key positions were out of the country in conference.  I took the reins and made some business decisions which pleased my father.   He saw me with a different eye. He began to accept me on a different level.  Just recently my dad elevated my position.  It is a special gift with deep meaning. We now have a good working relation, thanks to prayer and my new way of thinking. 

I let Go and let God

Dennis, USA.  I have been asking for prayer for over one year now.  I have begged and bargained with God and could not understand why I was not obtaining work.  Then I listened to one of your audio CD's and the message rang through - loud and clear.  I have been blocking my own good by accepting that I do not have a job.  Finally, I golden Keyed.  I let Go and let God.  I gave thanks for the perfect position.  I keep doing this, thanking God for a good job and right order in my life.  As I let go of the negative thoughts, good things began to happen.  I got a job offer and began to work again.  More important is the great spiritual lesson I have learned - to stay focused on God and nothing else.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and spiritual support.

Magnificent Journey

Lisa, USA. It has been 10 months since I posted a prayer request here. Thank you God for answered prayers. I was arrested for felony embezzlement last year and my mind, body and life went numb. I was so desperate for help and felt no where to turn. I was gratefully guided to turn within myself for prayer, meditation and a sense of "knowing the truth". I was eager to tell the truth of all I had done. I wanted nothing left unsaid or unseen. I was praying for an outcome that was good "for all parties involved" and for the truth to set me free. I never imagined what a magnificent journey this would prove to be for me. Through the prayers, meditation and truth seeking, I have come to understand and appreciate the Oneness of love and joy within us all. I am now finished will all legal proceedings and will admit that "gifts beyond my imagination" were given and received during these proceedings, and there exists an outcome that IS good for both parties involved. (even better). I am not proud in any means of my past actions, however, I am not my past actions any longer and know that as I continue in this new life of God first there is nothing stopping me now from allowing all the goodness within me and others to bless my life. Thank you all for your participation in my forgiving and loving journey of life. Thank you. I love you.

Amazing Recovery

Anne in Stockton Springs, ME. With Great Appreciation and Humility to God, I write to say that prayers have been answered for friend Reggie. He was told that his life expectancy was very short and that surgery was perhaps his only hope but was extremely risky. In fact, the doctors only reluctantly agreed to operate on him. His wife said that among the other bypass patients of that day Reggie was considered the least likely to make it through the operation much less any recovery. Amazingly! He sailed through more easily than any other the others!!! He is now home, recovering, with a few set backs, but so far so good. God be with him. With Gratitude and Tears of Joy, and with Thanks to God and Thanks to those Good People receiving Prayer Requests.

Career Restored

John, USA. Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! My nursing career is restored thanks to the Grace of my Heavenly Father. I accepted a position this past Thursday as a nurse in a long term care facility in St. Louis. I pray that I am an instrument of healing and compassionate love through my Father in Heaven , The Ultimate Restorer and Redeemer, The Most High.

Blessed Event

Jette, USA. I sent a prayer request stating my wish that my husband and I could have a baby. We had been nearly 3 years trying, without success, and fertility doctors could find no reason for this. In April 2010 I became pregnant, and we now are the thrilled parents of a 7-week-old beautiful baby boy. My heart is filled with thanks! Having this experience of being a family is just what I've always wanted. Thank you so much for the web site & to everyone for all the prayers. Thank you SO much for the blessings of the Emmet Fox teachings.

Miracle Job

M. California.  I had little hope for work when my company recently closed its doors.  My work visa needed to be renewed and there were other technical complications with my paper work.  I had applied to many companies with no reply.  Shortly after I wrote requesting prayer, I received a call for an interview.  Even though I have to re-locate, the job was offered to me and the company will sponsor my papers.  I will even be making just above the salary I previously earned.  For me this is a miracle.  I am so thankful.  Thank you for all the prayers.   Thank you God!

I Felt The Power Of Prayer

Eve, New York.  I had become ill over the holiday season.  When my doctor wanted to hospitalize me, I wrote asking for affirmative prayers.  I am a single mom and did not want my children to be without me for Christmas.  I felt the power of prayers for me through this web site.  Christmas eve morning I work up feeling much better.  The crisis had passed and I spent a happy holiday with my children.  I believe the power of united prayers brought me health and happiness. Thank you all so much.

Back To Work

Rob, Ohio.  I requested prayer twice for a much needed job.  I was falling behind and I was in a state of panic every day with the fear of losing our home.  As you suggested, I began using affirmations.  I tried as hard as I could to replace that fear with a feeling of hope and acceptance.  It wasn't long before a job surfaced for me.  I give thanks to God.  I am back at work and I know God is blessing me.  Thank you for your help.

Our Christmas Miracle

Lorraine, New Orleans, LA. When I contacted you to pray for my daughter and her two young children, who were in no position to have a Christmas, I never dreamed that your help would bring for them a Christmas miracle. I myself have been out of work and in serious financial trouble and I believe strongly in the power of prayer. I turned to your ministry when I knew I could not help my family. My daughter, after losing her job and housing, was taken in temporarily by a cousin. After obtaining a job to keep food on the table she was trying to put together some money for basic clothing that the children needed. As I wrote you, my eight year old grandson had no coat and was wearing layers of sweaters to school. Your prayers and your actions brought these children a Christmas they will never forget. The organizations and churches your contacted in her state, and the gifts you packaged and sent, in such an act of love and sharing, still brings tears to my eyes. The children received new sets of clothing, sleep wear, sox, toys, books, blankets, and a huge box of foods for a real holiday dinner. Oh, and a beautiful new jacket for my grandson. One of the organizations you contacted called my daughter and told her that a local store had just donated seven new outfits to them in a girls size 6. They had no idea what do do with these, but when your letter arrived, stating a need for girls clothing size 6, they knew God intended the clothes for her. Through all of this love and gifting, someone mentioned housing that was opening up, my daughter quickly went to apply and will be moving in to her own place real soon. The greatest part of this miracle was when my daughter, who became angry at her life, said "Mom, this could only be from God, I have to think about how I can now give." God bless you all!


Patrick, Denmark. Yesterday, I asked for prayer support concerning a family quarrel between my wife and mother in law. Today my wife was send an e-mail, in which my mother in law opened up, apologized and invited to reconcile. Praise and glory to our Almighty and All loving God!!! I am in awe over His power and love and feel humble in His presence. And thank you so much for your support in prayer!

No More Infection

Kelly, North Carolina. I had asked a couple of weeks ago for prayers about an infection in my gums. Being unemployed and running out of money, there is no way I could have seen a dentist for this. I'm happy to tell you that it has cleared up without any professional dental treatment. Thank you for all that you do.

Channel of Abundance Opened

Patrick, Denmark. A short while ago, I requested the following prayer support: Dear loving people, my wife got recently unemployed , she's struggling to find new employment. I ask you to pray to our loving God, that God Almighty may open a channel of abundance, care and provision in her mind and life. Thank you so much. The requested channel of abundance has been opened! An insurance, that previously denied out payment, now approved the just same out payment. Praise and glory to the steadfast Spirit and Light of the universe!!! And utmost gratitude for your prayers.

I passed The Exam

Patty, USA. Thank you all so much for your prayers, I PASSED THE EXAM!! God is working through me, Divine Intelligence opens my way. All is well. God bless you all and I pray for you also.

Perfect Buyer

My Words Of Gratitude. Joanna, NYC. GOD is great and the Golden Key works. I requested prayers for a house I was having difficulties selling due to location and market condition. I found the perfect buyer and I close last week. Praise the Lord God prayer works. Thank you Brothers and Sisters for your prayer and Support. I am eternally grateful.


Miracles do Happen

Lori, Louisiana, USA.  When I wrote asking for prayers for a job I was desperate.  I am the only income at home since my husband is a cancer patient.  My job had ended and I did not know where to turn.  Money was running out and bills had to be paid.  I treated as you advised me to do.  I replied to a help want ad, and when I went to fill out the application, I discovered that almost three hundred others answered the ad also.  I kept a high watch and accepted a position in my thoughts.  A few days had passed when I received a call to come in for an interview.  I was hired immediately. Thank you God.  Miracles do happen!

Love is Flowing

Patty, USA. Thank you so much for your prayers, my family relationships have greatly improved! Tensions are gone, love and good will is flowing abundantly! I have been using the Golden Key in all situations and it works, praise God! This ministry is greatly appreciated, thank you all and God bless you!

God Is Working In My Life

JD, Washington. Recently, I Golden Keyed for financial abundance and a quick increase in my monthly income. The end of the month was approaching and I truly didn't know how I would be able to manifest much-needed funds in such a short time. I'm very well versed on the power of the Golden Key and it's amazing results. So, I simply applied it again and moved forward in complete faith. Just when I needed it, money came to me and I have NO doubt that it was God working in my life. The best thing we can do is to re-affirm our faith and belief and just trust in it. It is truly miraculous and your job is to have complete faith even when you see no possibility. It really works and I had no doubt and it showed up. Thank you for your prayers.

 Laptop Abundance

RD, Nigeria. In June, precisely on the 23rd, my laptop was stolen. On July 14th and 15th respectively, I was given two laptops free of charge. How do you explain that, if not for God's Grace? God bless you and keep you for us. Amen.

The Golden Key Was Turned

Pattie CA. I would like to thank you for helping me to golden key issues I have written down for prayer requests. So much of what was asked for has been given and my mental health and depression have improved immensely! I am so grateful for this place to send my earthly woes for support from your prayers. The home we prayed for we are living in now! I know I will be writing again for support in the future. Thank you so much for this site and the prayers.

Tears of Gratitude

Dan, New Haven, CT. Hello, one year ago I placed a prayer request for my family, that if it were gods will, my family and I might be has been and the outcome is more fabulous than I could have ever imagined.....I placed god first in all things and turned my will and life over to him..... I haven't had a drink or drug since that time and the tears of gratitude are on my face as I'm writing this.....I wish to thank every one for their prayers....and I thank you lord.....your everything to me.....

Prayers Work!

Sheryl, Texas. My prayers for the restoration and renewal of my relationship with my partner who has been away for over a year with the military are already being answered. I must stay on the path and ask that you continue with me, but the news this morning (directly after prayer) was a triumph. My partner called, out of nowhere, and said that the orders have suddenly been changed so that their team will be in Oklahoma City for two weeks beginning August 1st. This is 6 hours from my home. I was asked to meet them there and stay the two weeks, at which time they are looking to fly out of my home town (drive back home with me) directly to their next destination. This alone is a miracle. But as directed, I will not stop until the miracle is fully demonstrated in my life. My house has been one of the overwhelming obstacles encountered on this road. In this home we have sustained numerous family member's deaths and the result has been grief that has paralyzed us. I am now here alone (this last year) and could not clean it up, organize, sell things, or pack if I needed to. I just found out that my congregation has formed a "crew" and will be helping me do this immediately, with a congregant who does this for a living at the helm. They are offering to do this for free. Prayers work! My doubts are cast away and I never want them back! Thank you so deeply. Please continue praying for the final reunion, restoration, and renewal of my relationship better than ever before. And Thank You from my entire being.

Health Improvement

Anderson, Co'te d'Ivoire. I have posted prayer request for my brother Jaures and my aunt Irene who were both very ill. Your prayers are very effective and I would like to speak my word of gratitude to GOD for divine assistance. Before contacting you, my aunt Irene could not take medicines while she was suffering. With your prayers, she has begun to take medicines and by now there's been a noticeable improvement in her health. Concerning my brother Jaures, he's getting much better. I thank you for all of your support and prayers, With Sincere Gratitude and Appreciation.

Healing of Kidneys

Gabriela, Mexico. Three weeks ago, I posted a prayer request for my kidneys to heal and to start working again. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your loving prayers for me. On May 24 I was given the good news that my kidneys were functioning again and today I left the hospital. A new me indeed! Thank you so very much! It is such a great support to know you are praying for our healing. Love you all! and thank you again.

Perfect Home

Maureen de Z from Sri Lanka. I do believe that you would recall my writing to you for prayers to obtain a suitable and financially viable place to live in as I was requested to vacate. I now write to place on record my deep appreciation of your fervent prayers on my behalf I was able to find an annex which is just suitable for me in all aspects. Thank you and God bless you for your prayers and I do believe you would continue to pray for me that His hand of protection will be upon me as I move out into totally new surroundings...

New Home

Pattie Sonoma CA.  I am expressing my gratitude for the finding of our new home. Thank you for your prayers. i am happy that I am still able to provide a home for my son who is 17.

Profound Healing

Mike D, Texas. I would like to share my testimony with this community of believers. For years my life could be described in one word, "hell". I struggled with an addiction for over 13 years that had robbed me of my time, money and worst of all, my sanity. I was in constant depression because I couldn't break free. I was a very resentful, anxious and fearful person. I was emotionally disconnected from my wife and son. I had frequent anger outbursts followed by days of deep shame and depression.

I got back into recovery in July of 2009. One day over lunch in August of 2009, my 12 step sponsor quoted Emmet Fox in passing. I was so intrigued by what he quoted (paraphrased actually), that I called him back and asked him for the name of this person. He was reluctant because he didn't want to appear as if he was prosthelytizing, but he went ahead and told me it was this "Emmet Fox" person. Something in me had been stirred and I felt compelled to learn more about this Emmet Fox. I found a portion of his "Sermon on the Mount" book online and read it. In those few short pages, something in me knew that what I read was real truth and I had to have more of it.

So far I have read 3 of his books, with the first one being the one I just mentioned. With each book, I have grown spiritually in ways I never thought possible. My whole outlook on life has changed. I describe my spiritual growth as being like a snowball rolling down a hill, gradually increasing in size and velocity until it becomes this huge un-stopable "boulder". Please believe me when I say that I have experienced a healing so profound, and so real that it is nothing short of a miracle. In short, I am not the same person I was 6 months ago. I have this deep, deep awareness of the truth that God is the only true reality, the only true power, that God is love, and that only good can come from God. Today, I daily live in this truth, and I feel a tranquility and confidence in me that is not that is transient and passing, but that is real and permanent.

And here is the icing on the cake: Little by little, the wounds, mental blocks and conflicts I have been subconsciously suffering from that have kept me in the bondage of addiction have been resolved and healed. Then on Monday, April 19, 2010, just after 12pm, while driving in my car I had the realization that I have been healed from my addiction. My conviction of this was so profound and real that I had to pull into a parking lot because I had to praise God. Right there, alone in my car, as I felt God's presence, I cried and I deep, heartfelt gratitude and awareness that I will never struggle with this addiction ever again. It is dead to me. I know this like I know that God is real. This isn't arrogance or wishful's true because I know it's true, and I will always praise God with a humble and grateful heart for my liberation from bondage.   and one last thing... A few months ago, I described my dream job to a friend. It is to work as an addiction counselor with the VA (Veteran's Administration). I didn't give it much thought though, because the odds of that specific position opening up in the area I live appeared to be quite slim. I have a good job now where I get to help people, but I know it isn't what I want to do on a permanent basis. Well, on April 11, I was perusing the VA's career page, and guess what I found? Yes, you guessed it. They have not just one, but 3 openings for an addiction therapist at one of the local VA's. Praise God! I applied for the position, spoke the word, and am now waiting for my call for an interview. I believe in my soul that that job is mine. I am excited about having the opportunity to help others heal in the ways I've healed.


God Gave Me The Job

Lorraine in Susanville, USA.  It seemed to be "against all odds", but there is no gamble when God is control. I wrote on prayer request in Jan and Feb this year while I was applying for my "dream job". I recently got my vocational nursing license. The one job I wanted came open a week after I got licensed. The position is in mental health and only one LVN works at the clinic. Turning the Golden Key and placing my thoughts on GOD. I got the job. God gave me the job. What do I know about God? God loves me with a love that never ever fails. God Bless You ALL and thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping the faith in prayer.

Prayer Request Answered

R S, Scotland. My daughter with 8 years recovery dipped into an old emotional pit of childish self pity and fear. We spoke, when the call ended for the first time I made an urgent prayer for her. Next day a mature and happy daughter telephoned to say that night she had reached for an amazing book called the Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox and she realized of all her books it was the one I had given her. Prayer answered. Today I went onto this site and discovered the link with AA a coincidence? Not on your nelly! (Scottish expression!)


Work Situation Changed

Jette, New Mexico. I'm writing this note in overwhelming gratitude. My prayer request had to do with extreme pressures at my work and with my boss. Since I Golden Keyed it the situation has changed greatly. A new assistant is being hired, which has the effect of bumping me "up" to work on the more important tasks. My boss has transformed in how she treats me. I was not sure this situation could be helped, but I am finally understanding -- Always work the Golden Key. Thank you, thank you!

Good is Happening

LB New York. Dear God, Thank you for hearing my prayers about Billy. I know and have faith that it will all work out perfectly. I praise you dear Lord.. Please continue to give me the strength and love I feel ever day.

Formal Job Offer

JD, Washington. I want to thank God for yet another amazing blessing. I have Golden Keyed for employment to provide for my beautiful family. Although the economic conditions and news have been bleak, I followed the instructions to the letter and when my faith weakened, I forced myself to gently pull back to the Golden Key. I just received a formal offer with a wonderful international organization. I just want to tell people who may be worried or wondering if the Golden Key truly works. I am here to tell you that it absolutely works...every time. I have experienced many other manifestations but this is the latest and greatest. Please keep the faith and trust your darkest moment of doubt...hold the vision and absolutely KNOW that it is in the long as you believe it and keep the faith in God and the process. Thank you so much for your prayers...please always works!

Treatment Really Works

Valerie, Australia. We have had some wonderful demonstrations here - one of which is that David (Husband) lost the centre piece out of a ring that was his fathers. He lost it about 6 months ago, before we went on our trip. We both treated that we would find it, and I have to say it is was a powerful demonstration when I found it on the ground on Weds. The centerpiece is only the size of my little finger nail, and dark blue with gold inscriptions. So proof that treatment really really really works.

No Disease

Anderson, Co´te d'Ivoire, France. I have posted prayer request for my brother Stephane who was suffering of an unknown illness. Strangely, the medical examinations revealed no disease. I would like to speak my word of gratitude to GOD, Universal Spirit, for divine assistance. The day after I contacted your prayer minister, there's been a noticeable improvement in his health. Incredibly, Stephane was doing well without taking medicine. Today, my brother Stephane feels much better. Indeed, with GOD, all things are possible. I thank you for all of your prayers and your unwavering faith. May GOD bless you forever!!!

Friends Son Doing Well

Helene in Sweden. Some months ago I sent a prayer request for a friend of mine who don't have internet. Her name is Anneli and she asked for a young relative that he would find a new direction in life. He began to take his studies seriously and everything has turned around for him. THANK YOU!

                                                                          New Awareness

Betty, USA.  It has been almost a year now that I have asked for prayers for a shift in my financial situation and I have been praying for a prosperity awareness. A number of months ago I took the "Demonstrate Prosperity Now" mini course. That was a huge eye opener for me. I had a new awareness about myself and that awareness is my demonstration. I had been praying for prosperity and all the while I was not focused on the fact that I was one of those people who was working against themselves. I was the person tearing coupons and articles out of the magazines in doctors offices, not caring about the next guy. Or worst yet, I would just take the magazine, thinking I could not afford to buy it. I was one of those sad individuals who borrowed items from others so I would not have to buy them myself, and didn't think about returning them. I felt everything should be given to me, especially in the area of community programs and handouts. When my job ended, I hit rock bottom. And, at that time, all I could think about was "why did this happen to me?" The wake up came like a bolt of lightening, Nothing was going to work as long as I was a taker and not a giver. It was hard to admit. There was no way that I could be prosperous with a taking consciousness.  I had to go beyond praying to doing. So I began keeping a daily journal on giving. No matter how small, I had decided to give something somewhere, somehow everyday. I had to turn my consciousness around, no one was going to do it for me. Believe it or not, my life began to change, good things began to happen. I was experiencing positive things for the first time ever. Everyday I give something back to God and I do it with love and without expecting anything in return. My prayer has been answered, and I am demonstrating big time. I could never go back and be that old Betty.  There isn't anything that I cannot afford because I am a child of God.  What a powerful thought. I thank God for this awareness, for this teaching, for Dr. Fox and for this ministry

Directed By God

John, USA. Before I left on a hiking trip with my brother I Golden keyed our safety. I was new to hiking but not new to the teachings of  Emmet Fox.   When we arrived we settled into our base camp which was shared with a guide and six other hikers. The guide knew the territory like the back of his hand and everyone and anyone who lived or visited the area.  My brother and I decided to take a short trip out on our own, which was against the advice of the camp guide.  After a few hours we realized we were off our map course.  It seemed as though we were going in circles.  It was now getting dark and it was clear to us both that we were lost in unfamiliar territory.  We did not realize that the camp guide was now out looking for us.  We reached a point of a treacherous river which seemed quite dangerous to cross.  I golden keyed and asked God for direction.  At that moment a stranger, who seemed much older, and not dressed for hiking, appeared on the opposite side of the river, he was waving to us and pointing upstream.  We followed his gesture and he kept waving to us to follow in his direction.  At a safe point, we crossed over and he pointed to a path.  The path that would ultimately led us back to the base camp.  When I turned around to ask his name and thank him, he disappeared.   Later I shared the days events with the camp guide and he knew of no one older in the area, or any campers staying at the site.  My brother and I both feel that this was a spiritual experience and that we were directed by God and safe in His hands. 

Perfect Position

Sheila South Africa. With grateful thanks. Some time ago I place a request for prayer for income which I sorely need to Pay rent and look after my newly adopted little girl. A month ago a Principal opening a new Private School came to my home to interview me. He was looking for an experienced educator in a part-time Position from 9am to 12pm daily. It is unheard of, of a principal coming to your home to interview you He offered me a position as from January 2010. I now have enough time to get home and see to my Little girl in the afternoons. What a miracle. Thank you God, Thank you so much.

Cancer Growth Stopped

Sarah P. My name is Sarah, months ago I made a request concerning my husband Lee and his illness. How great is God, and how wonderful the support has been that I can report that the cancer growth has stopped. We read Emmet Fox's daily meditation and this has really helped us to keep our thoughts on higher, Truer, things. Thank you all for being here.

 Thanksgiving strikes twice!!

Dave. Canada. Some time ago I reported to you that I have prostate cancer. I asked for your prayers. My cancer has subsided now considerably. My doctor says that I will now probably die of "natural causes", but look both ways before you cross the street. Shortly after that my wife was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Again the prayers. She had a hysterectomy with radiation treatment. Just yesterday her specialist reports that her cancer cells have completely disappeared. Thanksgiving strikes twice!!

Situation Righted

Connie Hill. I sent my prayer request on November 11th. That week we were told there was absolutely no chance of the job working out and that we should give up all hope. We chose to recognize instead that "the devil is in his last ditch." It can be hard to switch off negative thoughts when fear and failure seem likely and close at hand, but after my prayer request was posted it became amazingly easy to dwell on the presence of God. Circumstances began altering at once, and today the entire situation was righted. Thank you for allowing me to see this demonstration. What a gift, to see the Golden Key open a door that couldn't be opened.

She Passed the Bar Exam

Maria. Hi, I posted a prayer request for my niece Jill to pass the CA bar exam. Last Friday, the results came out and she passed. Her oath taking is on Dec 1. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and most of all Our Heavenly Father who delights in giving us good and perfect gifts. Praise be to God and Jesus Christ. Soli Deo Gloria!!! Much blessing to you and your ministry.

Eli doing better

Susan, Nevada. Baby Eli is doing a lot better. No more heart monitor but still on heart medicine. They hope to wean him off over time. Four more weeks in the leg casts and then braces. I know the prayers helped and we were blessed.

I Give Thanks For My Gift of Life

Hello: I am Bridgett in France. I have been drawn to the teachings of Dr. Fox and I was pleased to read the book "Emmet Fox His Life Story." I love the teachings of this man. When my doctor, gave me a negative diagnosis last year, I worked only with the books of Dr. Fox. I read and re-read all of his writings, every day. I accepted my good health. After all I am a young woman with much life to live and to share. Excuse me for sounding crazy but I felt a need to follow the path of Dr. Fox as I was healing. The book was my guide. I traveled to Paris to the Chateau Frontenac mentioned in the book. I felt such joy being there knowing that Emmet Fox was once there too. Then I took the metro on line 2 to Pere Lachaise, where Emmet Fox liked to stop and pray. I went there to pray too. Something happened to me there, a spiritual experience, something I cannot explain. I cried very hard and I spoke to God there with all my heart and I gave thanks for my gift of life. It was at that very moment that I knew I was healed. When I returned to my doctor to begin treatment, I kept the appointment, feeling in my heart that I would not need it. I wanted to tell my doctor that I was healed but I did not have to. He told me that he could not find any sign of the original diagnosis. A test proved him correct. I am well and will continue to be well for many years. Thank you all for sharing the important teachings of this extraordinary man. I am so blessed. Je vous remercie de tout coeur. ( I thank you from the bottom of my heart.)

Financial Situation Resolved

Elizspiridoula. Towards end of September 2009 I sent out a prayer request re a very dire financial situation I was in. I had to give a large amount back somewhere. This has now happened and I am very grateful for all who contributed with their prayers.

Coincidence? I think not.

Bob S. Stuart, Florida To: The Emmet Fox Global Prayer Ministry,
I wrote asking for prayer today (11/2) at 11;45 this morning. I was afraid and befuddled over financial problems and indecision. We cannot pay this months rent and have never been more broke. I was struggling over whether to try to work despite my serious heart condition or see if I could qualify for SS disability at age 58. At the urging of my son, I filed for SS disability on 9/17 even though my ego was denying how serious my heart condition is. (Two Open Heart Surgerys, Chronic Heart Failure and Irregular Heartbeat). I was really in the pits today, searching for work online and at the same time thinking about the disability process and timeframes. I asked my Disability attorney for an updated timeline via email and received the following response:
"Typically, it takes three to five months for the Social Security Administration to render an initial determination. We filed our claim on September 17, 2009. During the waiting period, the Social Security Administration reviews the forms that you completed and gathers medical records from your medical care providers. They also may decide to send you to one or more of their physicians for an evaluation or examination. You already did your part by submitting your completed questionnaires in a timely fashion. From here on out, it is a matter of waiting on Social Security to make its determination. There is nothing that you need to do at this time other than keep us apprised of any new medical care providers that you see."

Today at 4:30 PM I received a call from Social Security notifying me that I had been approved for SS disability. This decision was made in 6 weeks rather than 3 to 5 months. Coincidence? I think not. Somehow my case made it to the top of the heap and I should start receiving checks by the end of the month. I now know that God's will is not for me to work and kill myself, but to live and live life abundantly. 4 grown children all want me around. Thanks to all, around the world for your prayers. And Thank You God! Just a postscript to my answered prayer. The Social Security woman I spoke with on Wednesday said I would be receiving an award letter and then the first payment in 30-60 days. In addition to being notified of my approval in 7 weeks rather that the normal 3 - 5 months, the first check was direct deposited into my bank account on Friday morning. The award letter hasn't even arrived yet and yet the money is there. Praise God!


Solid SAT Score

Joanna NYC: On 10/07/09 I requested a prayer for my 17 year old Daughter to be able to get a high score in her SAT test. The test results were posted today 10/29/09. At about 7:30am she went online to checked her score. She started Screaming saying: Thank You God, Thank You God, jumping up and down praising the Lord. I asked her what's going on? and she reply: mom I got a solid score in my SAT test. I got the score I needed to be able to qualify for the school I want to attend to. Her response gave me the chills. So started to praise the Lord as well. Thank you Brothers and Sisters for your prayers and support, this Demonstration has help my daughter build a stronger faith in the Almighty God!

Family Harmony

Leslie, Canada. I want to thank everyone who prayed. The long standing issue with my friend and her son seems to be resolving very well. He has gotten great help and seems to be reestablishing a loving relationship with his mom.

No More Anxiety

Debbie in Florida. The anxiety I was experiencing has ended. I attribute this to the audio CD "The Supreme Mastery of Fear by Joseph Murphy." I have been listening to this everyday throughout the day. Whenever I began to feel anxious, I played the CD and after while a calmness came over me. The message has had a wonderful effect. I have not had an anxiety or panic attack in weeks. Thank you for producing this material. It changed my thoughts and made a world of difference to me.

My Faith Is Renewed

Steve, Michigan.  A few months ago I wrote asking for prayer for the sale of a  house I have in Detroit.  It had been on the market with a real estate agent for over six months with not one person looking at it.  With so many homes in Detroit for sale, I was very concerned. As you requested I Golden Keyed for the sale.  It was only a short while after requesting prayer, and working with the Golden Key, that I met a new real estate agent.  She seemed positive. The house started to show. This week she had not one but three offers on the house - almost unheard of in the Detroit real estate market.  This renewed my faith.  I thank God and I thank you all. 

My Son Is Doing Well

Liz NY. Thank you all for your prayers regarding my son Eddie. His hardship has passed over and he is doing well. Thank you God for hearing my prayers. I truly believe God is the giver of all things and loves us all. I have so much faith and I know to hand over all my troubles to God. I will prayer for everyone.

Prayers Are Answered

Cheryl, UK. We are in a strange country with no job opportunity due to restrictions and no money.  I have requested assistance from the ministry to pray for two things - A way to get back to South Africa and a job when I get there, so I can support myself and my daughters. The good news is that the way to get there has been resolved and we will be back in South Africa towards the end of October. This is such a huge relief for me. I have continued prayers that the right job will come my way once we are back. I thank the ministry with all my love and belief in the 'Golden Key'. I have learned so much through this ordeal on how to pray and have absolute faith that 'ask' and 'truly believe' and you will receive. Hopefully I can join the ministry and pray for others in need one day. Thank you Ministry and God Bless. This is said with heartfelt gratitude.

Employed Again

Duane, Seattle WA. Thank you so much for this prayer board. On the 06 Sept you posted my prayer for right employment. Today is Tuesday the 08th and the Company I wanted to work for made their decision. They chose me. I am now employed after 10 months. This will be the best job I have ever had. Also yesterday I went out and bought new glasses. I told everyone everywhere; I have a new job and I need new glasses. I was preparing for my job. I could not afford new glasses yesterday, however I could not afford not to have bought them. I had to show faith. I had to go out and "dig my ditches". Praise God. Thanks again.

Getting My Pay

Averil M, Johannesburg South Africa. Just to let you know that the prayer request I sent on the 19 August regarding being paid was answered. The person concerned has paid me in part and has acknowledged the balance will be forthcoming shortly. Thank you all for your prayers and thank you for this wonderful service you have and website.

No Eviction

Pat, Texas.  When I contacted this ministry I had lost my job and was falling behind in my rent payments.  I am a single mom taking care of an elderly parent who needs regular assistance.  The property rental manager contacted me stating that I had one week to pay the back rent or I would be  evicted.  I asked you all to pray with me and I worked with the Golden Key.  At the end of that week I received a telephone call from the property owner asking if I could make a part payment.  He was willing to work with smaller weekly rent until I got a job.  This was a miracle.  I had never been contact by the property owner before nor have I every heard of one working with a tenant in this manner.  God has answered my prayer.  I was then called for work and I am caught up with the rent.  Thank you all so much for praying with us. 

Car Problem Solved By Prayer

Mary S.  I was driving North on a major Hwy way in a 1997 Ford SUV My son was ahead of me with his Trailer and boat, and several family members. One of my sons decided to drive with me as I do not own a cell Phone. I had the air conditioner on and the radio, several hours into driving my little vehicle started to plunge with the speed, going rapidly from 100km to 20km. I had to pull over and kept the engine running( but on my son's advice turned off the air conditioner and radio,) I shifted my thought s to Divine Help and prayed as my son used his phone to call ahead to the rest of the family. Very slowly the gauge for low battery began to rise, I mentally told the little truck, "You are just like me , a little older and tired and heavily laden "I told the Truck to rest -up and so within 10mins of this praying ,I was able to continue to drive all the way to the cabin, 2 more hours drive West and keeping just below the speed limit, and also all the way home. Miracles Happen, Thank you Heavenly Father for mine.

Julia is walking

Bobbie, Florida. I wanted to let you all know that I received an e-mail from Sherry who is the mother of Julia. I requested prayers for Julia, and her mother wants to thank everyone that was praying for her daughter and the family. Julia has started walking since the paralysis. She still has a long way to go but at least she's walking. I wanted to thank you for all of your prayers and love and support for this and other issues, it really means alot!!

My Son Is Coming Home

Lorraine in Susanville California. Still, the Golden Key is Turning. In the past few days since I requested prayer for my son, things have really starting moving and it is directly affecting my son, myself, and our family. I believe in the Golden Key, and in that time when I am thinking about "everything I know about God" without thinking of my problems, there in that time, God's universe is bringing all things together for the good of all that love the Lord. And so it is. In one day, my errant son was on the phone asking to come to live with me. And exactly as I requested, "for him to have a change of heart, to be directed away from the path he was on". This is happening, not slowly, but swiftly. With no doubt at all in my heart it is a direct result of prayer. And the outcome is not at all as I would have imagined. He and I have only lived together during a short period in his infancy. He lived with his father, and others, and on his own, and is only 19. Still, the Golden Key is Turning, and my part is "to abide in the shadow of the almighty", to "lie down in green pastures"... "it is the Father who does the works" God Bless Us All, Lorriane.

A. Testimony of Miracles

Rev. Michael, Colorado.  I'm thinking that it might be time for me to do a little old fashioned testifying:) Since coming to this page through the readings of Emmet Fox, many, many wonderful things have happened to the people who have asked, and some who have not, for me to post a prayer. I'm talking about some real miracles. 1. My brother in law was due to go in for heart surgery, half of his hear had died and there was not much hope. I prayed as Emmet taught, I was actually on my way upstairs to post it on the request page and a calm feeling came over me and I knew everything would be OK. The next morning when they were prepping him for surgery, they took one more look and lo and behold, his heart had healed itself overnight. 2. A friend of my son whose mothers stomach was bleeding, she had all manner of other ailments and the Dr. had more or less told her she would not live very much longer. The next day when they looked again; no bleeding in the stomach and all of her many other ailments have healed themselves. 3. My son's girlfriends mother was dying, they told her to get her affairs in order, I posted and we prayed, she is cured.  There are many, many, more, ranging from finding people a place to live, to jobs, to loves (never have, however ever, found a lost pet:) The point I'm trying to make is that Prayer Works! These three legitimate miracles have occurred in less than two years. I have been the grateful recipient of many heartfelt thanks and I just wanted to pass them on. Cecil and JoAnn you have opened a whole new world up to so many. Thank You!

No More Pain

Diama, New York.  I wanted to give you some update on my health condition and take one more time the opportunity to thank you for your loving support. The next day that I sent you the message for your prayers, the terrible, excruciating pain that I had from the fibroids disappeared little by little and now, I feel absolutely no pain anymore. The Doctor says that I will still a need very close follow up until the delivery. I am very much certain that our prayers have been answered and that all is well . Still keep me and the baby in your prayers until the end of the pregnancy and beyond. The due date is normally November 19 for a safe and easy delivery. For me, you are the proof that nothing is impossible to those who put their complete trust in God and rely on Him for everything. The Lord send you in my life to know Him through you. I so feel your so loving spirits that it melt my heart: that's indeed because of the love you are radiating and I am very much receptive to it; and I will never thank you enough.

Back on Financial track

Hi my name is Jorge. About a month ago I made a request to pray for me finding job and to find the proper words on what to said to my house and car lender. Well I got the job a good job I am my own boss and best of all I get to take my wife with me. The house was safe and my car was also safe they were able to withdraw the payments from my bank so actually, I was not late a single payment on both. I thank you God and all those beautiful people that pray for me.

House Sold Quickly

Bill, New York - I have been waiting for a few weeks to finally write about my answered prayer! In February, I requested prayers to sell my home to reduce our family's debt load. Within a few days we had started showing the house and within a few weeks we had some legitimate offers. Unfortunately, the first one fell through but we were happy to accept second offer which was VERY close to our asking price! The contracts are signed and we are now looking for a new home. Everyone told me that in this market, we were not going to be able to sell so quickly or for as much as we needed to. THANK YOU ALL for your prayers. I know that God made this happen because of the faith and trust in Him that we ALL share. Since I first requested prayers for myself, I also prayed everyday for others that have asked for God's help. I will continue to pray for others to get their demonstrations and I hope that you will keep me and my family in your prayers as well. We need each other. Thank you again and God Bless.

Blessings Received

Bruce, New Jersey. I'm happy to report that a very satisfactory rent has been obtained for my apartment. And, also, a salary increase of over 6 percent has been received. Thank you very much for your prayers.

Unexpected Settlement After Prayers

Al, Idaho.  When I asked for prayers, a trial or a settlement for an injury received was not expected for a least a nine months.  One week after I requested prayers, a settlement offer was made to my attorney.  Thank you for all your prayers.

Dream Job

Marge, Washington. I sent you the prayer request below at the beginning of March, asking for prayer for a job. In the prayer request I said that my job would end at the end of March but it turned out that I was extended and my job didn’t end until April 30 (last Thursday). The thing is, in my field there are very few jobs to apply for and many, many applicants so being out of work could easily mean being unemployed for years, or having to change careers. I am 55, and my family needs my income so that would have been disastrous!  In mid-March I found a job to apply for, and did. It was a really great sounding job--a job I really, really wanted—with interesting work, a great commute, very nice seeming people and excellent security. Even if there were lots of jobs available it’s the one I would have wanted. Actually, it was my dream job! Unfortunately there were many other applicants (not surprisingly, these days). I was told after the interview that the successful candidate would be notified by phone no later than April 30, and the unsuccessful candidates would be notified by mail. I didn’t hear anything about that job but I kept hoping I would hear by April 30. When I got home from work on April 30, my last day at my old job—and the day I had been told was the latest date the successful candidate would be notified—I still hadn’t heard from the hiring manager and I thought it was likely I hadn’t been selected. The fact that I was unemployed now had just started to sink in, when the phone rang---at 6 PM. I was stunned to hear the hiring manager on the other end of the line offering me the job!!! Not only did I get the job but I don’t start until June 1st.  So I got a month vacation, which I really needed! I am thrilled to have a job.  And doubly thrilled to have such a wonderful sounding job.  Thank you for your prayers, I am sure they helped. 

More Answered Prayers

Marge, Washington. Thanks for praying for my friend Daisy. She had the mastectomy and was told there was less cancer than thought and almost no chance of recurrence. This is to also let you know that my friend did get the exemption so he doesn’t have to go back into military service and leave his wife and new baby. Thanks for your prayers!

Back on Track

Cindy, New Mexico. Thank you so much for praying for my son. He immediately got a place to live and started doing better. And now he has met a lady and they are very happy!


 Moira ( in the United Arab Emirates. Thank you all for praying for my friend's nephew in Iraq. He was finally released and is back with his family again. Although this was a terrible time for their family I know that your prayers helped them very much. Thanks so much! God bless you all!

Results Benign

Marianne. I got the results of the biopsies yesterday and all is benign. Thank you for your assurances as well as your prayers for this successful outcome. I am sure everyone around the world praying for me wouldn't let anything harmful through!

Good Doctors Report

Barbara, New York. In January 2009, I placed a prayer request to heal my digestive problems, which were so frightening that I was afraid surgery was going to be required. Through your prayers and mine, my digestive problems were completely reversed and I received a good report from the doctor. Many, many thanks to all of you for your prayers; they are very much appreciated. May God bless all of you.

Miracle Received

Christine, Ohio. In 2007 I sent in a prayer request for my husband who had been wrongly accused of a criminal action by a former employer. We were shocked and dismayed because things like this did not happen to our family. Our fear was that the justice system would fail us and he would be punished for something he in no way did. I need to now tell you of our miracle. I am finally able to talk about it because it was one of the worse times of our lives. The day of his court hearing we both prayed, I imagined Angels swarming the court room and touching everyone there bringing love to their hearts and minds. As it was his turn to face the court, the Prosecutor went up to the judge and whispered that he could not do this one because it was unjustified and ridiculous. My husband's lawyer was astounded that they dropped the case right then and there. He said that never happens! I know it was the power of love and prayer and I thank you. (I even asked Emmett Fox if there was anyway he could be there with us that day we would love to have him!) I know this was a miracle. Thank you.

Successful Surgery

Valerie, Australia. Just a quick grateful note to let you know that my husbands brother in law, Lee, has had his demonstration. His surgery yesterday was a complete success. God answers prayer, and for this I am very happy and grateful. Thank you for your support. Love and Blessings

Prayers Answered

Lorna, Ca. In 2008 I requested prayer for Dan. He is making good improvement to move forward. My request for my diabetic diagnosis and eye issues has been answered. I am better daily and my test results are in the good to excellent range. Less than 1% above normal for blood sugar. This is without any medication. I was diagnosed with a sugar reading at a high 9 (out of 10, the highest) A prayer request was posted for Emily on 1/10/09. Her stage 3 cancer, an aggressive type, in her colon. Surgery removed the mass. It was downgraded to stage 2 after surgery and all traces of cancer are gone. Doctors were surprised at the outcome. I know it was because of all your powerful affirmations and prayers. We are all very grateful to you. Blessings.


Sarah, Italy. the ophthalmologist said I was healing miraculously! I am so happy and grateful and thank God for my great abundance. Love to one and all

New Position

Lea, California. Thank you for answered prayers. In December, I received my surplus notification letter. I needed to get a new job before February and today I got my offer letter for a new position within the same company. Thank you GOD!

Apartment Blessing

Rachel, Canada. Thanks a lot for your prayers. Affirmative prayers and Dr Emmet Fox's work are a real blessing!! I wanted to find a new apartment and now I've found 2 apartments!! One of them is my best friends' apartment, they are the owners and I've been waiting for it for nearly 3 years. and now it will be available next June. I can't believe it, I'm so happy!! I wanted so much to live near them and now it's possible. Go bless you all!

Clear Bill of Health

Sandy, New York City.  I turned to this web site and re-opened some of the Emmet Fox books I had sitting on a shelf when the doctor told me that I had breast cancer.  I was horrified and very frightened.  How could this be happening to me since I have not yet reached my 40th birthday?  I prayed giving thanks to God for my perfect health and body.  My prayers were answered. The cancer was removed and the breast was saved.  I went through some radiation but I did well.  It is three months now and the doctors give me a clear bill of health.  It was a wake up call for me to include God and prayer in my daily thoughts.  Your prayer support meant the world to me.  I thank God for this precious gift of life and I look to be a blessing to someone every day.  Thank you all for your continued prayers. 

Unexpected Check

Rai NYC. I want to Thanks The Divine Providence For the demonstration I had today. I have being praying for abundance under Divine grace. I just found a Check from the IRS I didn't know I had, on a pile of scap-papers. God manifest Itself in multiples ways. I want to thank all of you for your wonderful service for all of us.

Missing Son is Safe

Lorraine in Susanville, CA. Merciful God, your Grace is sufficient. My son David has been reported to be back at home in Susanville, and he is OK. Thank you Heavenly father. An answered prayer, Thank you all for your prayer and support. I keep reminding myself to keep my thoughts on God and not allow my bad imagination to run away with me. My friend spoke with David's dad's roommate, and it has been reported that he is OK and in town. I feel the tension leave me. I kept my thoughts on this site, and I built up faith rather than fear. God is Good.

Deposit Returned By the Hand of God

Mitch, USA.  I am writing to share what I believe is truly a miracle.  Two years ago I left a large deposit on a condo to be built.  It was to be completed in six months.  The builder ran out of funds and the project was not moving forward.  I was in a terrible bind.  I had to vacate my temporary housing and had nowhere to go with my family.  Then my company folded and I lost my job, and that created a financial burden.  When I asked the builder for a refund, he refused.  The condo was not being built and my money for housing was tied up with the builder.  I contacted a lawyer who said that the builder actually had two years to complete the project.  We moved in with family.  I obtained another position.  I tried to work things out with the builder with no results.  The lawyer wanted a large retainer which I did not have.  I contacted this ministry for prayer and I began doing my spiritual homework so to speak.  My wife and I kept a true prayer vigil.  Then one day at the new job one of the lawyers who heard about my situation  offered to look into it with no charge.  He did some research and found a loop-hole in the contract, he also learned of another project actively being built by the same builder. He filed some legal papers and the builder contacted us immediately with a check for five thousand dollars and the promise to return the balance within two months.  The balance was returned.  I passed the condo project recently and it still sits un-finished, as it was over a year ago.  I feel very blessed to have obtained my money back.  I could not do this alone.  The power of prayer and the hand of God brought forth my new job, this wonderful lawyer, and the return of all of my money.  My family and I are in a new place now and we thank God, and you all for your prayers.

Reduction In Tumor

Agnes, Ireland.  When I wrote last April I asked for prayers to be cured from cancer.  Since then I worked daily with affirmations and prayer.  My last scan showed a major reduction in the tumor.  I am doing well and my doctor is very hopeful.  Thank you all for your prayers. 

Free From Bondage

Jen, New Jersey.  When I first wrote requesting prayers I had not ridden in a car in many years.  I was so frightened to get into an automobile that I took the less stressful way and walked or took the bus everywhere.  As you know this becomes more difficult as one becomes older.  A number of years ago I was in an auto accident and I never really got over it.  The fear has been terrible.  For years I had been dreaming of the accident.  I wanted to release this from within myself.  I tried a therapy and hypnosis a few years ago but I still kept the fear. I knew that I needed to get in touch with a higher power.  Having everyone here working with me in prayer was a blessing beyond these words.  I began working with affirmations, the Golden Key and even the Seven Day Mental Diet, which for me, was not easy.  One or a combination of all these efforts certainly worked.  First, I realized that I wasn't dreaming about the accident any longer.  Then a few months ago I actually decided I could take a short ride, only around the block but I actually achieved getting into a car and riding with only a little fear.  I kept trying.  Slowly the fear began to disappear.  I am riding now with my daughter everywhere. Shopping and visiting is now enjoyable.  I am free from bondage.  Fear is a terrible crippling state of bondage.  Emmet Fox said in one of his writings, "when man abides in God he is always free."  I was giving power to the wrong thing.  I was always free but did not realize it.  Thank you for helping me come to this realization.  Accepting my oneness with God is and will always be my main focus.  Thank you all so much.

Jobs For Two

Lorraine in California: on 10/27 I requested prayer for Carson, David and Travis. Both Carson and David now have jobs. That was my request. Travis I have yet to hear from. Thank you everyone who has been using this site to manifest the answered prayers of our heart. I truly am grateful, and when I read the prayer requests I am sending with each a request for realization. It is awesome and miraculous. God Speed.

I can Fly

Nicole, HI. I sent in a prayer request because I was unable to fly...I flew last week and it was a great success!!!! Thank you to all of you for taking the time to be there and to pray, I KNOW PRAYER WORKS...thank you again...much love and aloha.

Health Improved

Lorna, California. I asked for prayers for diabetic diagnosis and eye problems. My list blood work showed the diabetic control was much improved and all other results are now in the normal range. I know your prayers helped me to achieve greater results that I could have with the diet and exercise. My right eye has also improved. Thank you for all your prayers.

A huge win

Christina, Michigan, USA. I WON MY ELECTION!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.......All your prayers helped sustain me and I am truly grateful to each and every one of you. I kept my daily affirmations going - claiming that God would give me a generous demonstration in his election. I won by nearly 70% - a huge win!!!! I ask that LOVE provide all of you faithful ones with everything beautiful that your heart's desire.


Patrick, Denmark. Praise to the steadfast Light of the universe and gratitude for your prayers. Peace is again in my heart and mind. Thank you Father and thank you loving people!

New Job

Bruce NJ. After 2 months unemployment, I started a new position. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement to see life from a higher, more spiritual outlook and to be positive.

Alcohol Does Not Exist For Me Any More

Rob. USA. Due to the fact Emmet Fox has brought me closer to Christ and taught me so much, I want to tell you of my wonderful demonstration.  I had been an alcoholic, I thought a hopeless one.  I never knew when I would be tortured by the compulsion to drink.  I tried everything and began to lose faith in myself.  One day I was so sick, I could hardly walk.  Someone very dear to me gave me the booklet "Life is Consciousness."  One day I held that booklet tightly in my hands, too ill to read it and I said out loud, "God, show me how to be well again."  A sense of peace came over me.   I read the booklet, then read it over and over.  It changed my thinking.  My belief has made me well.  Alcohol does not exist for me any more.  I have ruled it out of my life.  I thank God and the teachings of Emmet Fox  for the spiritual food that I needed to make me well again.  I have had no craving for alcohol in almost three years now.  I have been transformed into a new life, God bless you all. 

Cyst Vanished

Nita, USA.  About four weeks ago I wrote for the first time asking for your prayer assistance.  I had never before written for spiritual help to anyone.  A cyst had formed in the corner of my left eye and was becoming very visible.  It had been there for a number of months.  I was not wanting surgery so close to the eye, nor did I have insurance to cover the cost.  I knew that true healing comes from within.  I denied the cyst by saying "I do not have a cyst on my eye."  Then I affirmed " My eyes and lids are the perfect gift of God."  I asked for your prayer aid.  After a few days, I got up in the morning, washed my face and went to apply my make-up and I noticed the cyst seemed much smaller.  The following day when I woke up, it disappeared completely.  I was full of awe and could hardly believe what I was seeing, a perfect lid with no trace of the cyst.  Dear friends, please share my gratitude for your generous prayers along with my humble thanks.

Crisis Over

T, USA.  When I contacted you for prayer help I had just been diagnosed with cancer in my right breast.  Always having had a clear bill of health, I was in shock.  The doctor scheduled me for immediate surgery.  I held onto the fact, that people connected to this web site worldwide, were praying with me.  I used affirmations daily.  I had the surgery.  The breast was saved, the cancer was very small and slow moving.  The area is clear and I am back home feeling blessed and at peace. Thank you for your prayers and your support in my time of crisis.  I thank God everyday for this precious gift of life.

The Golden Key

Jette, in New Mexico. The Golden Key is the most helpful tool I've ever found. The use of it has created seeming miracles in my life. The more I pray it on behalf of others, the better I feel. With Golden Key I have finally banished a mean, discouraging voice that used to tell me I could not write while I was trying to be a writer! Thank you -- thank you for spreading the word and shining a light on this tool that allows so many people to help themselves.

Peace At Home

Vito, Ct. USA.  When I asked for prayers my adult son who was living at home was very nasty and abusive verbally to my wife and I.  He would sleep all day, watch TV and not work or look for a job.  His room was a mess as was our den since he never picked up after himself.  We applied affirmations as suggested.  We let go and let God, and refused to get upset any more.  I quietly told him it was time for him to be on his own and function.  He moved, got a job and there is peace again in our home.  Thank you all. 

A Home For Lenny

Donna, NY.  Praise God. A few weeks ago I requested prayer for a home for Lenny. Lenny is a stray cat who showed up at a feral cat colony I take care of. He was badly hurt probably by another animal. He wasn't used to being out of doors and wasn't in good shape when God had our paths cross. I was full of fear because after taking him to the vet he tested FIV+. I didn't know if God was going to provide a home for Lenny or if I would have to accept facts and put him back outdoors. A rescuer named Lyn answered an e-mail for an adoptive home for Lenny. I delivered him to her on Saturday. She's just perfect for him. She knows exactly how to care for him and will provide a wonderful loving home. Thank you God for answered prayer and for relief from fear.

Primary Win

Christina, Michigan, USA. Thank you everyone for helping me to easily win my primary election race last week. I will need your continued prayers for my successful election in November. In Peace

Husband a New Person

Dinah. For many months now I have asked all of you to pray for my husband, and my family. I must let you know that my husband is healing now from his addictions and depression and is becoming a new person. I truly feel whenever we go through changes in life it is not necessary to ask for the person we once new again, but to be totally and fully static about the new person that evolves from the adversity. This is where I am ever grateful, for a Divine and loving God that DOES hear our prayers and for people like you that continue to pray daily for total strangers. May God continue to be a part of your every moment! Thank you with the utmost Gratitude, and May you continue to remember us in your prayers. I am praying for all of you.

Passed Examination

Dave C. Muchisimas gracias, gracias a Dios y a usted logré pasar mi exámen. Quisiera pedir por favor que rezara para que Dios ilumine mi mente y pueda tomar buenas decisiones en mi vida sentimental.
Very many thanks, thanks to God and to you I managed to pass my examination. It would want to ask please that it said so that God illuminates my mind and can make good decisions in my sentimental life.

Accepted for special studies

Carl. Just a few lines to say thank you all for answered prayers.  I was recently accepted into a school which has been my dream to attend, for many years.  When I first applied to this school all doors seemed closed.  Even though I had great letters of recommendations, by all appearances, it seemed out of reach for me. My grades could have been better and there was another small snag that had to be corrected.  Acceptance seemed grim. With only a few candidate openings available, I tried to keep my focus on letting go and letting God. I kept applying to other schools and then a few weeks after requesting prayer I received a letter from that very school, stating that I was one of the candidates selected to attend.  I could not believe my eyes.  This for me, is an wonderful opportunity, a blessing, a miracle. Words cannot express how I feel.  I plan to do my best studying here and graduate with a degree that will help me to help others.  Thank you again.

Miracles can and do happen!

Rev. Michael.  I would like to let you know that once again my prayers were answered. My daughter Kate made it to the hospital just in time. She was bleeding internally, she had a cyst on her ovaries that had ruptured as her appendix was just about to do. If it would have, Kate would have been in serious trouble. As it was she had five very large cysts on her ovaries, which were removed. She is home resting and doing very well. I would like to thank everyone who prayed for my daughter. I would also like to share another answered prayer with you. My brother in law was set to go in for heart surgery. He was told by the doctors that 1/2 of his heart was dead, due to lack of circulation. I prayed using Emmet's scientific method and was on my way up the stairs to write a prayer request. I was overcome by a feeling of peace and love and I received a message, for lack of a better term. That message was that everything would be alright, there was no ambiguity in it, I knew that everything was alright. Less than five minutes after I had this feeling, I received a phone call from my daughter, telling me that my brother in laws' heart had miraculously healed itself and that there was no need for any procedure whatsoever. Once again my prayers had been answered. I would like to thank you again for this wonderful site. I would like to let everyone know that miracles can and do happen. All that is required is to ask and have faith. Faith in God.  Peace and blessings to all.

Back to Great

Mariana, Florida: I want to Thank You all for your prayers. I made a prayer request 2 weeks ago, I was experiencing severe back pain. I've since been guided to a wonderful doctor who has me pain-free after 3 visits. God Bless you all!

Job Offer

Brian, PA. I wanted to share with you the happy news that I have already received an answer to my prayer request of June 5. Yesterday I received a job offer with an excellent company for a great salary and benefits. And it all came to pass in the space of a few weeks! This is an amazing demonstration, and I am very thankful. Prayer definitely works. That's why I'm proud to be a prayer partner with your ministry. Thanks for your presence on the web, and in Spirit. I wish you every blessing -- "health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression" (to quote Florence Scovel Shinn). Joy and Peace.

Golden Key is Turning

Lorraine USA, recently I wrote, I asked for prayer, I am seeing the outcome and it is positive. My heart, my mind, my spirit is filled with gratitude for all your prayers. In my deepest soul I am convicted to a positive outcome for what my son, David, is facing. The joy of God's love fills me. It is turning, I have gained so much in faith since I came to this site to share my belief and my prayers. Keeping my thoughts on God works to turn the Golden Key. Thank you for strengthening my faith. God Bless, Amen

Giving Thanks

Leslie, British Columbia.  I also want to give thanks for my friend Stefanie who is clear of cancer after having a double mastectomy - she is only 40 and has a lovely little girl. I am so glad she is ok. I also want to give thanks for all the free therapeutic support I have received recently. And the wonderful transformation that has taken place with my significant other. God bless.


Maggie. My prayer for the perfect partner was answered. My fiancé and I reunited after a two-month separation. Our commitment to each other is stronger than ever. Although I had called it off, our wedding is now back on, miraculously taking place on the same date, at the designated place, and with all the original vendors. I believe that the prayers of the group helped both of us stay strong and positive and see the truth of the situation. I am grateful for having found your website in my time of need. I am sending you a tithe in appreciation of your good works. Warm regards

I Received My Guidance

Rev. Ann. Just read June's newsletter - in it I received my guidance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do - gives me encouragement I can accomplish what I desire. Desire as Emile Cady states in Lessons in Truth is God desiring to give us more good.

Business Project Turns Around

Ehsan, United Arab Emirates.  Greetings.  I am pleased to write to affirm positive answered prayer to my request for spiritual help and prayer support. The business project which I wrote to you about was very grim with the possibility of my losing a large amount of invested money.  Through divine intervention the situation turned around to the benefit of all involved.  I thank you for your prayer help and uplifting words of encouragement.  God works in the most wonderful and un-predictable ways.

Up And Walking Again

Nalda, Spain.  Thank you all for your prayers for our family, especially my son who was injured in an accident.  We were not certain how much the injury would effect his walking and moving for the rest of his life. The doctors were not giving us the good news that we wanted to hear.  While I sat by his bedside in the hospital I handed everything over to God and I accepted my sons healing.  I refused to see him in anyway but perfect.  I read Emmet Fox's The Golden Key and The Lord's Prayer booklets over and over.  I knew all of our  prayers were working when my son began to get feelings in his legs.  The good news to report is that my son is doing well, he is out of the hospital and beginning to take steps, he is up and walking again.  The doctors tell us with therapy he will be walking with only a slight limp. This is truly an answer to prayer.  Our family feels very blessed. Thank you God.

Prayers Work

K. I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers. My friend TW underwent the knee surgery, and is in excellent health. And, the doctors were amazed that his knee and body are stronger than ever. Prayer works. God bless you all.

I have my daughter back

Pam, USA.  I am writing this is to say thank you and it is also helping me express the emotion I feel at this time.  When I first asked for prayers for my adult daughter the situation in our lives was a living nightmare.  She was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance, she was depressed all of the time, she was anxious, could not work or even take care of her children.  My husband and I did all we could for her financially and emotionally and finally took the children into our home since she was in and out of hospitals.  The situation was very bleak and my daughter was up to six different medications daily.  She was so depressed she talked about taking her own life.  I wanted so much for her to be well.  I just kept picturing her as I knew her before her divorce, a bright, happy, caring girl.  I worked with affirmations and read Emmet Fox's Lord's Prayer interpretation every day.  Everyday I prayed thanking God for her return to a normal life and I talked to her in a uplifting and positive way. About five months ago she re-entered the hospital in a bad way.  There she met a new doctor on staff who took an interest in her case.  He said she was over medicated.  She began to show signs of improvement.  I brought her my copy of the Golden Key audio since it was difficult for her to concentrate and read.  She played it, enjoyed it, and asked for more. I began getting her audio CD's and she loved them.  With a new doctor, new medications, new diet, new, spiritual nourishment, and most of all the power of prayers, my daughter looked alive again and was getting a handle on her mental and physical health.  It is five plus months now and she is doing wonderfully.  The depression is gone and she is thinking about a part time job to be out with people. This is our miracle, our answer to prayer.  I thank God every day.  I have my daughter back and my grandchildren have their mom back again.  Thank you for all your prayers.

Health Improved

Clark. That pulsating sensation in my brain that bothered me for so long has gone away. Another solid demonstration. God Bless.

Winter Wedding Planned

Bobbie, USA.  I am so happy to be writing to you all.  The first time I wrote I was sad and emotionally drained.  Nothing seemed to be  working right in my life.  My job had ended, my mom had just passed away and the relationship I was in ended.  The man whom I thought was the man of my dreams turned out to be one of my worst nightmares. I discovered he was lying to me about who he really was.  I lost my sense of trust.  In desperation I turned to this ministry.  In fact I wrote several times asking for prayer support.  I hung on your words and your communications.  I used the affirmations suggested throughout the days and they actually made me feel better.  I could feel a sense of hope again and saw a glimmer of light in my life.  I obtained a new and better job.  I was out again meeting people.  I know now that nothing is by accident, however, in a most unusual set of circumstances, I met a wonderful supportive man, a doctor.  This year has been like a new birth for me.  This letter is to let you know of our engagement and to say thank you for your prayers which has  helped to get my life back in order again.  Thank you God and thank you all.  A winter wedding is planned.

No Dialysis Needed

Joseph, New York.  I would like to share a few lines about the power of positive prayer.   I was diagnosed with hepatitis C, my health was failing and I was told I was probably facing kidney dialysis do to complications. At first I was horrified, thinking that I am not that old for all of this.  Then I turned to affirmative prayer and decided not to accept this news into my thoughts or into my life any longer. When I contacted this ministry I felt uplifted immediately.  I took one day at a time and gave no thoughts to what could be, or what I was told by doctors.  I began to gain some weight back, I was feeling better  and I just got the good news.  No dialysis is needed and the Hep C is under control.  I am doing well.  I am so grateful for coming into this teaching, for Emmet Fox, this ministry and mostly for God in my life.  Thank you all for helping me get through this.  A tithe is on its way.

My Prayer Was Answered

Averil, South Africa. This is to thank you and everyone who prayed for me recently for right employment. The prayers were answered - I thank you and all concerned sincerely for praying for me. Many blessings -

Thank you God.

Carlo and Sarah, Italy.  We give thanks to God and to the prayer partners for restored health.


Mary A. The following day after sending my prayer request, and when I was thinking my marriage was over, my husband came to me with a peace offer and regret. Thank you all

Back to Normal

Georgia Dad. Please post this as a thank you to God for answered prayer.  I was in what seemed to be a hopeless situation.  I obtained a new job after many months of un-employment, which involved frequent travel.  That meant that my wife, whom I love dearly,  would be at home with the children. It seemed to be working out ok at first.  After a while she began to feel depressed when I was away.  Then she started drinking. The drinking got worse and I had to have a family member from out of town move in. My wife became angry at this.  Things at home became very difficult and the children were suffering.  I was considering leaving the job even though I need it.  My wife refused to get any help and was in denial about her drinking.  After many conversations and then me getting firm, she went to an AA meeting and told me it was too religious for her.  She refused any suggestion of psychological help. I did not know what to do.  I asked for prayer and guidance and began using affirmations and prayer treatments.  I told her that I had to quit the job and stay home with the kids since she was not attending to them. She became very sad.  The following morning she said God touched her.  She told me that she would seek help.  She  began seeing a psychologist.  Things got better.  She now has a handle on the problem.  Also, my company said that I don't have to travel as much.  Its has been three months now and we are back to somewhat of a more normal existence.  I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted.  Everyone prayed, my wife saw the light, my travel became less, my children are fine, and God answered my prayers.  Thank you God.

The Power of Prayer

Rev. Michael. This is a little overdue in coming. I just wanted you to know the reason for my numerous prayer requests is that they have all been answered. My son, was facing 16yrs in prison; a long time for just one mistake, the day of his trial, out of nowhere:) An attorney he had never met came to his trial and lo and behold all charges were dropped. I had asked for my daughters tumor to be benign and it was. I asked for my daughter to find the perfect job, and she did. My other sons charges were dropped. The list goes on......Now when anyone needs anything they ask me to post a request to your page. I have not the words to describe my feelings of joy for all of the good work you have been doing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. All things are possible through our Father. The power of prayer should never be underestimated! Peace and blessings this perfect day

Mother Doing Well.

Mary, PA. A while back I had requested prayers for my elderly parents, particularly my mother, who was quite ill and going in for tests with regard to the possibility of a having a very serious and life threatening disease. The test came back ok, and though they feel she may not be out of the woods yet, she's been feeling so much better and there's been a noticeable improvement in her energy and spirits. She's 88 years old and my dad is 92, and they have been married and together for over 60 years. That in itself is a wonderful blessing! We are so grateful for this improvement in her health, and my folks are now finally planning to move into a facility where life will be easier for them, and less stressful for us children who worry about them so much. We know they will have more options for care available when we can't be there while we're working. I know my prayer request was heard and answered, and just wanted to post a note of thanks and gratitude to all those who have so generously spent time in prayer for her. I trust the other part of my prayer request is also on it's way and look forward to posting a further response of thanks and gratitude once again. My heartfelt blessings to all of you.

Life Long Dream Achieved

Sandy.  When I initially wrote for prayer I was out of work and needed a job.  I had rent and bills like everyone else but no one around me to help out financially or emotionally.  My dream in life has always been to own or have a partnership in my own company.  That dream was put aside when my job ended.  I could only think of surviving. Everyone was praying for me and I was working with the Golden Key and I obtained a good job in a very tight industry.  My prayers were answered.  Thank God.  I love my position and gave it my all.  After, I signed on with the prosperity program and I worked it diligently.  I had never used affirmations before, and I gained a great deal of new concepts about the way I was thinking.  I even made my first tithe.  I kept working with the prosperity concepts and the Golden Key.  I accepted and expected all good in my life and continued to affirm my dream of owning my own company.  This note is to share the demonstration of my life long dream. Sales under my direction raised significantly since I took this position, and because of this, the owner of the company, who is considering semi-retirement, offered me a full partnership this week, without need for financial investment. This is my personal miracle.  My heart is full of gratitude.  I am filled with joy and I feel the presence of God in my life.  Thank you for being part of my dream.  Thank you God.

No Cancer

Ana. I asked for help some months ago. (sorry for my English) Finally I can say after the examinations my breast and ovarian are well. I have a liquid cyst in my breast but it doesn't matter because that is very usual and always is benign. I don´t need biopsy or treatment . I don´t need nothing. Everything is OK. Thanks!. You are a true help. I will pray for you. And thanks Emmet Fox for write and inspire us. And specially Thanks God.

Perfect Position

Jette New Mexico, USA. Hello! I discovered the Golden Key and your wonderful web site in June or July of 2006. This was just when I was seeking a new job that "felt right" after several in a row where I worked for abusive bosses. Voila! I thought of the qualities of God every time my job search or job anxiety came to mind, and I've been working at a good company for a very kind, respectful boss since that September. Life brings changes, and I decided late last year I was ready for some more flexibility and freedom. Some steady freelance writing work, I thought, and a part-time office position so I would still have steady pay but also be free to run around doing interviews and writing articles for a newspaper or magazine. I have learned how powerful the Golden Key is, so I turned to it frequently as I tried to refine and envision the balanced, more enjoyable work life I desired. The perfect part-time position has now been offered to me and a steady freelance job came my way in the past few months, too. I can remember thinking months ago, "I cannot really imagine how all this could manifest, but it is what I want," and then doing the Golden Key. Thank you for putting out the word about this amazing tool. I'm grateful and excited to start this new phase in my life.

No Infection

K. I want to thank you all for your prayers. When I went back to the dentist, he found that there was no infection at all. So, what could have been a costly and lengthy procedure, turned out to me something very minor. God is blessing all of you.

Answered Prayers

Nicole, Hawaii.  I want to thank you for the prayers for my daughter, her court hearing went very well...thank you.


Nancellen, Connecticut. I just got a job where they will train me for free and it is also flexible. Very good for me because I want to go to London this fall and present my artwork to a certain gallery to be exhibited. I had no money to buy oil for my home. I applied for some assistance from the city to buy oil and it was granted. It snows a lot here and my neighbor plows my huge driveway for free. friends have given me food and firewood. The other day I was in the store at 11 pm and needed to call my sister. The payphone was broken and my cell phone was not working. A clerk I had always been friendly to walked by and said "what's the matter hon?" I explained the situation and she smiled and took me directly to a phone to use. I am very grateful to God for my art talent, my art supplies, my beauty, cats, my sisters, and kind warm friends and the golden key site.

Cosmo the Cat is Home

Marianne, New Jersey. Cosmo is HOME! We searched today in an area that is so congested with town homes and apartments that it was impossible to cover the entire community. Walking around with flyers, posting on dumpsters and mailboxes in the cold and wind. I saw a group of boys playing and I went to them showing them the flyer. They said yes, they have seen an orange cat over by the playground/pool area but it would run from them into the drainage sewer grates. We had been looking in a totally opposite direction no where near where Cosmo was sighted. We went to the playground area and asked a man walking his dog. He said his girlfriend saw cats in the bushes near their house that morning. Cosmo's owner started calling down into the grates and shaking the food container. Nothing. My other friend and I saw a woman in her home and showed her the picture, she said she saw the cat across the street that morning in the same area. Cosmo's owner went back out at 7:00 p.m, and was again calling into the sewer drains at the corners where there had been sightings. Nothing. She drove home and THERE ON THE FRONT STEPS WAS COSMO...over two weeks later. He is fine, a bit thinner, very hungry but purring away, so happy to be home. Ironically, I had lit a white candle about the same time the owner went out again tonight, it was a light for Cosmo to find his way home. And, he did! Thank you for all the prayers, I know they worked!

Prayers For My Son Answered

Marietta, South Carolina. On January 5 I asked for prayer for my son Eric. On the same day I began an exercise described in Emmet Fox's book "Alter Your Life". The exercise consisted on writing down and praying about three things that one wants to bring into one's life and three things that one wishes to remove. I included Eric in these prayers daily for 30 days. I prayed for guidance for him and success. Eric remained at university and attempted to get a job but eventually returned home. He hopes to return in the fall. Upon returning home he began to look for work. On the very day that my prayer request rolled off your web site and I completed my exercise, he was hired for the job he especially wanted at a very good wage. The change in his attitude toward himself was changed immediately.

Grandma Improved

Tali from Jamaica. I wrote asking for prayer for my family concerning my grandmother's deteriorating behavior. Well she has improved with the help of some medication & prayers. I wanted to express my heartfelt thank you for your help as I do believe that prayer changes things.

True Place

Matt & Steffy, IL. We asked for prayer at the beginning of last year. We were struggling financially, emotionally, in our marriage, and in our walk with God. We asked for prayer that God would show us our "true place" in life. The response we got was that we were already in our true place, we just needed to believe it. One year later. We are in our true place!!!!! All of our problems have dissolved away. The "problems" are still there, but they're no longer problems. Work is a joy, not a drag. We pray together instead of arguing or complaining. We no longer ask God to make us more important, but rather that God would be more important to us. We don't ask for a better place, but to be better in this place. We are content. We are grateful. We are thankful. We are happy. Everyday. Thank you for your prayers.

Surgery Cancelled

Ray, Texas.  Good news to report. I wrote last week asking for prayer for my mom who was expecting surgery for heart valves to be  replaced.  She went into the hospital and the preliminary angiogram show that no valve replacements were needed. Surgery was cancelled and she is now on medication which is giving her the ability to get out and about.  Thank you for your prayer help.

Challenge Met

Mellie, CA. I sent my latest prayer request to you last week regarding an ongoing financial challenge. We have just demonstrated what we need for this month and in addition to that some promising things have already begun to occur for our new business. We are so grateful to all of you for the prayer support! Many thanks and blessings,

Two Demonstrations

Mellie, CA. I submitted a prayer request last month concerning a very serious financial crisis. A family member and I were on the edge financially—both unemployed, unable to meet expenses, in danger of losing our home any day with nowhere else to go, etc. Then I had two demonstrations. Within two days after submitting my prayer request, I received enough money to almost get us through the month of January and then, in the middle of the month, our web business launched after our business partner had delayed it for nearly two years and was looking as if it might never happen.

Lost but found

Grateful Mom, USA.  I don't know how it happened and I am still working with overcoming guilt, but I somehow lost sight of my little boy in a large department store recently.  He was by my side, and when I  focused on some clothing and looked up again, he was gone.  I was so frightened and shaken I could hardly sustain myself.  I began screaming his name, which I knew may not help since he has hearing issues.  When the store manager knew what was happening, he closed all the store doors and called the police.  The search went on for awhile and my son could not be found.  With all that is going on in today's world, I  thought he was kidnapped.  I was shaking, then I stopped my negative thoughts and turned to God and thanked Him for the safety of my little boy.  As I keep repeating "Thank you God, Thank you God,"  one of the police officers came running with my little guy in his arms.  It was my Truth teachings and the teachings of Dr. Fox that brought me back to center in a crisis, it was these teachings that gave me the faith  thank God in the middle of what appeared to be a hopeless situation.  I thank God for this powerful demonstration.


Hearing Returned

Edna, USA Hello.  I want to let you know that my prayers were answered and the problem I was experiencing has reversed.  I wrote to you almost in a state of panic when I lost the hearing in my right ear.  I had many tests and saw two doctors.  They could not give an exact reason for the problem and worst, they offered no real hope for a solution.  I turned this over to God as you suggested and Golden Keyed.  About a week ago, my hearing suddenly returned.  The block I felt in my ear cleared and I have been hearing fine ever since.  Thank you all for your prayers and for being there for me.

My Faith has Increased

Ron, Virginia. My heart is filled with gratitude to God and to this prayer ministry.  My new marriage was in stress and I was trying to pass an important examination for my career and it seemed as though the pressure was more than I could handle.  I could not focused on my studies and my wife felt that I was not spending any time with her.  As I worked with the prayer affirmations I received, I  began to change my thoughts.  I was not caught up in the stress and drama of life.  I was able to let go and let God.  I passed the examination and have been able to work things out with my wife.  I actually began to meditate  which I had not done before.  Your prayers have meant much to me, and it is difficult to express the way I feel.  I know that my faith has increased through this demonstration.  Thank you so much.

Perfect Answer to Prayer

P.F. Illinois,  I want to tell you about my perfect answer to prayer.  I have written you several times in the last year asking for prayers for a good job.  It was difficult not to be discouraged since I was un-employed for a long time.  I continued with affirmations, I kept up with prayer knowing that a group of people that I don't even know was praying along with me, helping me to fill a basic need in my life.  Last week I received a call for a good job with a good starting salary, and perfect hours for me.  I cannot thank God enough for taking such good care of me.  I am grateful to this ministry for all that you do and for being there when I really needed someone.

No Sign Of Cancer

Barbara. New York. On 12/27 I requested a successful outcome for my thyroid surgery, as well as peace of mind and freedom from anxiety and panic. I am thrilled to report that my 1/3/08 thyroid surgery could not have gone better and there was NO sign of cancer in the pathology report, as was previously suspected. Due to having my thyroid removed, I no longer suffer from hyperthyroidism; and, therefore, I have lost the severe anxiety and panic attacks that were part of that affliction. I am now enjoying a peace of mind that I have not experienced in years. Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all for your prayers; may God bless you all abundantly. I feel as though I have been reborn!

First Demonstration

Mellie in CA. I requested prayer support two days ago for myself and a close family member, regarding a very serious financial crisis. I am delighted to report my first demonstration so quickly. A friend called today to say that he is sending me a significant part of a sizable sum that has been owed me for quite sometime. This amount is enough to meet my needs for January and, as I continue to leave the ways and means to God, I have renewed faith that more demonstrations are on the way. Many thanks for your website and to all those praying—and please keep it up! As I move higher in consciousness, I look forward to reporting many more wonderful demonstrations! Abundant blessings in the New Year

Thank you for prayers

Rachel, Texas. The prayers for my son were of much help. He is now about to graduate from college and has been working with an Ophthalmologist for approx. two years. He is still a work in progress but has come a long way. Thank you and the prayer partners.

Public official Position

Christina, Michigan, USA. As a devout student of metaphysics and studying the teachings of Dr. Fox for over 15 years, I have had numerous demonstrations for myself and my loved ones through the years - demonstrations for health, finances, happiness, etc Great and wonderful demonstrations !!!!!! I have never found myself reaching out to others - except for my own personal prayers. However, a couple of months ago I found myself, for the first time, reaching out to this site for help in obtaining a new job for my husband and myself. Well, a week after contacting you, I was approached by an old acquaintance who suggested that a certain public official in our community was resigning from his post and that I should apply for the position. I was truly honored that he thought so highly of me, however, I told him that I was not interested in the position. As I was walking away from my conversation with this gentleman, I heard a voice in my head with an overwhelming appeal telling me to apply for the position. I applied for the position, as well as, 30 other applicants. After a couple of interviews, I was offered the position and I must say that I am thrilled with joy!!!! It is truly a wonderful opportunity for me to better serve my community. I was sworn into office 2 weeks ago and I will have to seek election for this position in November 2008. Also, my husband has been approached by his current employer and they are interested in promoting him to Executive Director. With a sincere heart, I want to thank you for helping me to remain confident and strong in the truth. PEACE.

Closer To God

Judy in Texas. Thank you for your help. . Things are so much better that I can hardly believe it. So I am holding my breathe and holding to positive prayers until after the holidays, I know your prayers have helped I feel closer to God. So many beautiful demonstrations in my family relationships today. I will write again after the holidays. Please don't stop praying yet ! ( smile ) Thank you again Merry Christmas

I claimed My Freedom

Phyllis, North Carolina. When I wrote for prayer, I began reading the book "The Science of Living,"  I started to apply Dr. Fox's direction for Daily Treatment on page 71 which says, " I am Divine Spirit.  I have dominion."  That statement of having dominion gave me a deep wake up call.  In my entire life, I never felt powerful, I never felt in total control of situations.    When I was told by a doctor that I was facing a serious medical problem, I tried to keep my focus on "I have dominion."   I began treating and using affirmations and I applied Dr. Fox's thoughts - "I am not my body, I am not my feelings, I am Divine Spirit."  This was very powerful for me.  I claimed my freedom.  When I received the results of the MRI, it was confirmed, that I was well.  I was not facing a medical crisis, the tests were all negative.  Thank you for your prayers, for re-producing this important book and for this website.  I am on a new path of thinking and living.

Hearing Improved

Gail, Ohio.  When I suddenly became unable to hear normally, I contact you for prayer help.  My spirits were at a very low ebb.  I had scarcely finished reading your reply, when the depression seemed to lift.  The following day I heard a little better, not as good as I should, but there was improvement. I repeated the affirmation you gave me many times during the day, and I kept feeling better.  Today my hearing is normal.  I can hear clearly and I do not feel discouraged or depressed.  I am sending a tithe to say thank you for your help and for being there when I needed someone. 

New level of belief

M, New York. I came across the teachings of Joseph Murphy and I finally understood the truth about God. I also learned that he had been inspired by Emmet Fox, so I started ordering the CDs and booklets from your site. After I listened to your CD on the Lord’s prayer, I felt that a profound healing had taken place and that I had a new level of belief and understanding about God. Thank you so much.

Life Changing Decision

Fabio, USA.  I have done a few things in my life that I am not proud of.  When I wrote for prayer last year I was facing heavy charges for drug possession.  I found your web site on the net and I thought I really need prayers.  I did not have a stable childhood and little or no religion in my home.  I had no job, no direction in my life and no interest in thinking about the future.  A statement in your reply to me awakened something within me.  You said, "we must build within us an attitude of unwavering certainty of good, that this is an attitude of perfect faith."  I believe deep down,  I was looking for faith.  I was looking for good. Faith in anything.  Your e-mail made me think about my life and sent me on a search for self.  By the way, my prayers were answered.  The charges were reduced and the little time I had to spend in prison gave me a chance to read, think about my life, and discover my self .   I have read through the Sermon on the Mount and The Science of Living and The Power Through Constructive Thinking, with much interest.  I took the concept of looking for good, along with the attitude that I am unmoved by negative things around me and undesirable experiences, and made the decision to change my life.  After serving time, I immediately began a college program and got a job.  For the first time in my life I feel good about myself and I am thinking about my future.  All this taking place within me because I sent off an e-mail asking for prayer.  Thank you all for your prayers, for your words of wisdom, and for your faith in me.  I believe that I am going to make it in this world, that is my demonstration. 

My Insurance is in God

Rev. Melinda, New York.  When I got sick with cancer I feared I would die and leave my youngest son orphaned, repeating my mother's life: (My mother died in a car accident 5 years after my father died in a car accident. I was 15). My husband and I divorced and he immediately remarried and died three weeks later of liver disease. When I got cancer, my youngest son was the same age I was when my mother died. I had incredible faith that there was a divine order to it all, but I was scared. I used to lie down In my bed, close my eyes and bask in the Light of the divine presence as a way to heal myself. I did not know of Emmet Fox then, but when I was introduced to him I totally understood why I was where I was and what I had to do to heal. The trauma I carried stretched all the way back to my grandparents who lost their family in the holocaust and my maternal grandmother who died at a young age of cancer. I got called to ministry because of my faith and set up a healing center, two years later I lost my money, my job, my marriage, my house, and finally my health. Needless to say, I finally hit the edge of my faith. When I asked for help what I heard was "You don't know the rest of the story." Now seven years later, I have a new house, a new job, a new partner and I am working on my health which is better than it's been for a long time. Sometimes I think I had all of that happen to me so that I could prove to myself that my insurance was not in my money, my house, my relationships, my job or my health… my insurance is in God. Having set up a healing center and then going bankrupt because of a ministerial funding program going under, I learned that I was the healing center and I did not need money to heal. All things are assisting me to move my consciousness to a higher level so I can graduate earth. When I was sick I thought, I cannot leave this earth until I do it right. I didn't even know what "right" meant, but having met up with Dr Fox and Malinda Kramer, I leaned that I needed to heal my consciousness in order to "do the earth right." I learned I needed to set my inner world in order with the practice of the presence of God.

God Sent Me My Aunt

Cathy, Pennsylvania.  When my mom passed away, the question of the house became a major issue with my brother.  I was mom's caregiver and lived in a small apartment in the house.  My brother wanted the house sold immediately, he wanted his money from the property.   I told him that I needed time to find a job after two years of not working and taking care of our mother, who could not be alone and also I needed to find somewhere to live.  He turned a deaf ear and wanted the house sold, telling me to go live with a friend. If I had the funds, I would have bought his share of the property.  I didn't.  When he got a lawyer involved and called in a real estate agent, I sent you an e-mail for prayer. I could not believe my brothers actions.  I was upset, frightened and I did not know where to turn. I had no one to turn to but God.  I prayed very hard thanking God for a positive end to this turmoil.  After about two months, I received a letter from my mothers sister in Florida.  My mom and her sister had not spoken in years and naturally we had lost personal contact. I was surprised when her letter arrived.  She heard about mom's death and wanted to visit.  She was the answer to the prayers I asked for.  She came, stepped in and spoke with my brother in my behalf and obtained a lawyer for me.  The lawyer tied the property up for a year. It will not have to be sold until next year, giving me the time I need physically and emotionally.  My long lost aunt invited me to live in Florida.  Which I plan to do.  God sent my aunt when I needed someone. So, my prayers have been answered. Thank you.

Golden Key Connection

Jay, New York.  When I tried to contact my long time family attorney and discovered that the phone was disconnected, I became very concerned.  I called an alternate office only to find that number was also disconnected, the same applied to a cell number I had.  I went to his office and was told by someone in the building that his office was closed down after a recent and very serious car accident.  I could not believe my ears and was filled with sadness.  I tried for weeks to make some sort of contact, and  could not seem to locate him. I felt helpless.  I applied the Golden Key and affirmed that somehow, some way I would be able to make a connection.  Not only was I concerned about him as a friend, but we were in the midst of a legal case.  I left this in God's hands, knowing a connection would be achieved.  That very day I Golden Keyed, I was doing some errands, and while I was parked on a main street, I looked up and there was a member of my attorney's family crossing the street in front of me.  She shared the situation, we exchanged phone numbers and the connection was made.  I realize with faith, there is always an answer to our every need.

Positive Report

Rev. Michael. I want to thank you for posting my prayer request for my daughter Leslie and I want to thank everyone who kept my daughter in prayer. All of her tests came up negative! As there is a long history of malignancy on her mothers' side....well let us just say that there is no sickness that enough love cannot cure! Peace and blessings to all this wonderful day

Steady Recovery 

 Tony Carrion. I just wanted to thank you again for all the prayers for my niece Isa, and to give you a progress report. She is currently in a rehabilitation hospital, where she will remain for a time, but her recovery has been steady, to a certain extent even amazing, considering her condition following the accident, when there was doubt she would even live. She couldn't even move her limbs before due to spinal damage, and as you can see in the little pix I sent, she's now able to send out text messages. She's also able to spend some time out of the wheelchair with assistance. I've no doubt that God's love and the power of prayer have brought this about. Bless you and all who have prayed for her recovery. Regards.

New Baby

Moira. Hello everyone, I asked for prayers regarding adopting a healthy baby and we have been matched with a birth mother who is due in early February. Thanks so much to all of you who prayed for this situation. I am so grateful and so excited. I am asking for your continued prayer for the birthmother and our little girl that she is carrying! Please pray for the perfect outcome!! It is just so inspiring to see how much power there is in prayer. Thank you all so very much.


I feel the presence of God

A. M. Pennsylvania.  Thank you so much for your prayers and wonderful letter.  They have done wonders for me, and I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel mentally and physically.  What a wonderful thing prayer is.  My prayers have been answered and my life has changed from sadness and worry to a wonderful love of greeting each and every new day.  I can feel the presence of God  with me.  Thank you for being there in my time of need. 

Unexpected Check Arrived

Nick, Indiana.  I am writing about an unexpected check that came last week.  For some time I have been worrying about where to get money to pay a tax that I owe. I could not get another extension and  I am just returning to work from an accident.  I began to lose sleep over this, so I wrote a letter asking you all for prayer.  Well, those prayers were answered.  In the mail came this check from a former employer, that should have been sent to me over a year ago. I could hardly believe my eyes when I opened the letter.   It was more than enough to cover my taxes.  It was an accumulation of money that was in my retirement fund.  There is no question that this check came as the result of unified prayers being said for me.  I send you all my sincere thanks for your help and your kindness. 

Re-united by prayer

Jordan, UK.  I requested prayer after my husband walked out on our marriage.  I heard about the Golden Key, so I ordered a copy on line.  I clung to it and I began, for the first time in my life  using affirmations for divine order in my marriage.  One day my husband stopped by to pick up mail and he picked up the Golden Key I had on the kitchen table, he glanced through it.  I told him to take it with him.  Two months later, my husband came by to talk and said he was sorry for walking out on me.  We began seeing a counselor, which has been a great help.  Many of my husbands fears were brought out in the open.  He told me that he began to practice the Golden Key from the day he took the booklet home with him.  We have been reading The Sermon on the Mount together and things have been really good.  I want to thank everyone for the prayers and thank God for all the good in our lives. 

Gambling Overcome

George, West Virginia.  I was first introduced to Emmet Fox many years ago when I was in personal crisis. Through the years his writings have always brought me faith and courage.  My blessings are abundant.  When I wrote regarding my daughter, your response touched my heart.  She has always been such a fine girl, but over the past year I noticed a change.  She began on-line gambling and was going into deep credit card debt.    Nothing I said seemed to change her heart.   Then I asked for prayers. This prayer ministry Golden Keyed with me.  Suddenly I had a strong feeling to get her a copy of the Sermon on the Mount audio set, she loves audio books.  She played these over and over.  One morning she said to me, dad I know I am on the wrong path, I have to make changes.  This she did.  She stopped all gambling a number of months ago and took a second job to pay off her credit cards.  She has made great strides.  I am truly thankful.  God is good!

Emotional Healing

Marina, West Indies. I find it inadequate to express the way I feel.  I am very grateful for your prompt reply to my request for prayer.  The terrible misunderstanding I first wrote about has been healed.  My fear over the loss of two people who mean the world to me is gone. There is peace and healing in a situation that was emotionally explosive.  I placed the situation in God's hands and gave thanks with victorious results. 

Wonderful answer to Prayer

Catherine, Iowa.  I have been very blessed through your prayers.  You may recall I asked for a post on the prayer page for my finances.  I needed money to pay a large outstanding bill with penalties.  Soon after I contacted you I received a letter from my sister, who owed me money for several years.  She sent me a check with a letter promising to pay the balance in another month.   I had not heard from my sister in over two years.   What a wonderful answer to prayer.  By the way, we resolved our differences too.  Thank you everyone who prayed.

I Passed The Test

Annette, Illinois.  About a month ago I asked for prayers that I might pass a difficult examination.  I had to take this test to keep my present job.  Most people in my work field had a difficult time with it since there are no books to study.  I golden Keyed and you all prayed. I want you to know that I passed the test, even finishing before the allowed time.  I am grateful to God.  Prayer is very powerful and it certainly got me through this test. 

Daily Blessings

D. New York. was reading the wonderful testimonies of prayer answered and I am overwhelmed by all your experiences of the Greatness of The Almighty; His infinite Love and Compassion for us… All that we have to do is to turn to Him and He will do the rest. Our very dear Doctor Fox has shown us the way and may God bless him ALWAYS. I know that infinite blessings come in my life everyday and always will in the Name of God but feeling His Divine Presence is worth ALL the blessings in the Universe. Thank you for these beautiful testimonies that are indeed a sign of gratefulness.

Perfect Job

Fred, New York. I want to say thank you all for all your prayers and for your help. I was hired at a job against all seemingly human odds. My certificate at birth reads 74, and I have been turned down many times because of my age. I wanted a job to keep active not specifically for money. This new job fits my schedule perfectly and I will be working around people. My greatest thanks for this answered prayer, for the teachings of Dr. Fox. God never fails me. He has been such a blessing in my life.

Marriage Partner

Abubakar Aliyu, Nigeria. This is a testimony to an answered prayer. I am 46 years old believing in God for a life partner and I made a prayer request in one of my correspondences to you last year to this effect. By God's special grace, He has connected me to a wonderful, God -loving lady to whom I will be getting married on the 24th of November, 2007. Still pray with me that God should make it a smooth, hitch-free event for us to the Glory of God. God bless your home.

Prayer Request Answered

Marisela, Tlaltenango, Xac, Mexico. Hi!  Miracles happen! Everything went well in my home town. God sent peace to all of us. Thank you for all your prayers. All the prayers really worked. I pray daily for all of you too. Lets pray together.

In Giving We Receive

Isabell.  I planned a spiritual pilgrimage to India with Unity.  On December 1st I put my $400.00 deposit in.  But how was I going to pay the rest? $4,295, due on June 7th.  Sometime in April , I was talking to one of my sister's and she said she wanted to give me a trip for my 62nd birthday - and with a catch in my throat - I said, "but El, my birthday is not until October 17th."  And she said yes, I know.  Then I got up my courage and said, "well it just so happens that I put a deposit on this trip to India." And she has paid the rest of the trip for me!!!   So, this is my grand demonstration of the goodness of God and the power of thought and the return on tithes - and everything!!!

Affirmations manifest Supply

Gunilla, Sweden. The ground water levels are extremely high this year, so water is being pressed up through the basement floor, really quite awesome, actually. We are going to have to do a major drainage work around the basement. We live in a two-family house, dad has half the house and my sister and brother and I own the other half. I live in our half and they only come down in summer. “Can’t afford to have the drainage done”, said dad age 86. I began to make positive affirmations. Last night I found approx. USD 10.000 (100.000 Swedish crowns) on my account. That will exactly cover the cost of the drainage work. An old very wealthy relative in Geneva age 77, who had no idea of this drainage work to be done, had decided to just give me that sum of money, because I helped her daughter 25 years ago when she was depressed and because she admired that my daughter and I took care of my mother at home when she had cancer before she passed to the other side. She never had to be in a hospital for one second. I am just so grateful to my creator God that I am totally speechless and don’t know what to say. Well, I will never ever doubt for a second that prayer and affirmations do work, because God is ever present and always answering them.

Love Realized

Nancyellen, Connecticut. Hello, I wrote to you before about many things, including wanting love and closeness with a boyfriend. I mentally let go of my need for him to love me, I affirmed God had a wonderful man for me and I was loveable and beautiful. I stopped worrying and pushing and tried to bask in the love of God and dreamed about what he wanted for me. I did not put my boyfriend's name or face in the dream just what God wanted. Well my boyfriend is now saying "I love you" and he is extremely affectionate and attentive. I am amazed. Is he the husband for me? I don't know, but God has a wonderful mate for me and for my boyfriend and I am praying for God's divine plan for both of us, whether or not we end up married.  This is more answered prayers.

Kitty Cat Well

Lorrie, California. Thank you so kindly for praying for my Bella. Her Dr. called me with the test results a little while ago and she tested NEGATIVE for all the kiddy dis-eases. This is very good news! Her liver and kidney enzymes and thyroid and urine all tested A OK. Her white blood cell count, which has dropped all the way down to 924 last Saturday (2500 should be the minimum) has shot all the way up to 1400 today! The Dr. tested her blood sample after you all began praying for her this morning. What a wonderful miracle indeed. I appreciate the fact that you will pray for her for one month. I really do believe she is healthy and well and I thank you so kindly for your prayers, your friendship and support. God Bless you and Reverend JoAnn and all the fine people in your Prayer Ministry. Thank you for letting your lights shine and reminding me to do the same. Blessing always,

Anemia Overcome

Marah, UK.  Hello. I wanted to write this note to thank everyone who prayed with me.  I was working on overcoming anemia with little results until I asked for prayer help.  This problem prevented me from working and being the wife and mom I wanted to be.  I was always tired and the medics could not understand why my count was dropping so low.  There was a point when my blood count was only ten.  I affirmed divine energy and worked with denials and affirmations.  My count is back to normal and it is three and a half months now that I have been out-of the-woods as they say. I am back to a normal life feeling quite good.  I am  grateful to our Universal Father for my life of good health and for this teaching.  Blessings to all from the UK.

New Job Started

Bruce, New Jersey. Hi: I am very glad to tell you that after being unemployed most of the past year, I will again be receiving regular income from my new job. After one week, everything is going well and I am satisfied to be at this fine company with good working conditions. And, at the same salary as my last position. My gratitude that you listened and responded to my request for prayer when it appeared job prospects were minimal. And, for the inspiration of your response as well as the encouraging testimonials on the website. I thank you, I thank Emmet Fox and all spiritual teachers, I thank the Infinite Divine Power. Blessings to you.

Psoriasis Gone

Brenda, Washington DC. Hello. My initial request for prayer was about a year ago. I had been suffering for many years with the appearance of psoriasis to the point that it was becoming difficult for me to work. I was always self-conscious about my skin and my work took me in front of the public. When my doctor told me that the condition was not curable, I felt as though the life force had been pulled out of me. Then I read Emmet Fox's words that the key to healing is love. His words touched a special cord with me. I worked for an hour or more everyday in the silence. I focused on Love, always remembering "love is the fulfilling of the law." I sent thoughts of love to those I once believed had hurt me emotionally and I affirmed love for myself. It was not quite a month after, when I noticed that my skin looked better. Shortly after that I found that psoriasis no longer existed. The disease was wiped out in mind and it has never returned and never will. The outcome of my working within and the prayers that have been sent up in my behalf is remarkable. Thank you God, thank you all.

Reunited by Prayer

Cindy, New York.  After mom passed over, my sisters and I said things to each other that was very hurtful and negative.  Things from the past that needed to be released.  When no one was speaking to each other, and everyone was very upset, I contacted this web site for prayer, asking for peace and family harmony.  I was angry also, and I missed my sisters and needed to feel part of my family, especially at this time. Prayer is a powerful tool.  Just recently my older sister called each of us to apologize for the things she said.  We are all flying next week to a central location to re-unite and to affirm our love for each other and to release all the events of the past.   Thank you for the prayer support, it meant the world to me. Sending love and blessings to everyone reading this. 

A lot to be thankful for

Ken, Colorado. We all have a lot to be thankful for at all times.  Dedication to being thankful and giving thanks is the way to achieve healing of all situations.  I am deeply grateful for the Truth teachings which has become the foundation of my life.  In my darkest hour, I gave thanks to God, the Source of all good.  This I learned from the writings of Dr. Fox. As I recently came through a difficult time with no job, mounting credit card debt and what appeared to be limited finances in my world, I focused on being thankful.  I was thankful that I still had a roof over my head, a strong body and hands for work and the ability to think, reason and act.  I was thankful that I still had a car that ran and the love of a friend who cooked and shared food with me during this time.  As I gave thanks throughout the day I was filled with a sense of love and peace.  I wasn't surprised when a recruiter I had a contact with about three years ago, called me regarding a position, after all with God all of our needs are met. Now I want to say, thank you God, for my new job and for the realization that we have so much in life to be thankful for. 

Two prayers Answered

Gabriel C, Brighton, MA. Some months ago I asked first for an internship in investment banking in a top bank. I got an internship in investment banking in a small company, but as it was part time that allowed me to accept A position as teaching assistant at Harvard University. After that I asked for the perfect apartment for me, and I got an awesome apartment in Boston for rent that I can pay. So I am very happy. I want to thank God, thank you and thank all the prayers.  Thanks.

Answered prayer in the letter box

Uwe, Germany. Thank you for your prayer, it works !! I tell you the story. ( you must excuse that my English is not so good, but I think you understand me.) First, my wife and me were searching on the internet for jobs, asking friends, looking in newspaper, but nothing was found. Some days later there was in my letter box a newspaper for seniors. I thought to myself : what shall I do with that newspaper, I am not a senior and threw it in the waste-paper basket. In the evening suddenly I got the idea, that this was not an accident, that we got this newspaper! Then I read through it and saw that they had built in a neighborhood town an old peoples house and they are searching for geriatric nurses !!! I don't know who gave us that newspaper - prayer works !! Thank you so much for your help !!!

Out of Intensive Care

Tony C. I just wanted to thank you and all those who have prayed for our young niece Isa. Through all the love and prayer that have been sent, she has made significant improvement. She was literally comatose for weeks, and on the crossroads between this life and the next. Her doctors had doubts that she would pull through. Thanks to God's healing power, she is out of intensive care and in a rehabilitation center. She still has a long road ahead, but she is alert and able to now communicate with an alphabet board. She's also regained some of the movement she'd lost initially from her spine being injured. I've no doubt that the prayers of support have had a hand in her progress. Our blessings and thanks to all who continue to pray for her recovery.

Positive Court Decision

Sharon, Ohio. Thanks be to God! Prayers were answered!! We asked for a little boy to be ours for adoption on July 10. The court procedure was to take 2 days for the Judge to make a decision; however, the mother came in & signed off on all parental rights, a court proceeding didn’t even have to take place! All the Glory to God and thanks for all prayers! I love God!!!

Medical Bills Paid

Joe, New York. Last spring I was diagnosed with a disease that effects my muscles. I lost my job because I could not perform my duties. I had a huge pile of medical bills to pay and I had no income. I could not seem to get disability. There was always more papers to fill out and more doctors to see. I asked for prayer and I treated for an exit out of this mess. I focused on God instead of the blocks I was experiencing. You might say that I Golden Keyed the situation. This month I was finally accepted for Social Security disability income. Today I received a letter that most of of my medical bills will be taken care of. Thank you God! I am actually feeling physically stronger and I know that I will beat the illness. I have been placing my focus on God and not the issues of my health. Thank you all for your prayers.

New Position

Maria. Australia.. I would like to thank you very much for your prayers for my husbands job. He had to fly this morning to another state for a final interview, as the CEO of the company was there. He just called me from the airport waiting for the flight to come back home. He got the position. He will start on Monday. Love and Blessings

Thank you Father

Paulette, France.  Thank you God for answered prayers.  My husband was told that his senior executive position would be ending.  He was very concerned since such a position would be difficult to obtain in the job market.  He did not know what he was going to do, or what direction to take, and was even considering early retiring.  We realized that we would not be able to exist without a regular income.  I released the fear and doubt in my mind and visualized myself handing the situation to God.  Every day in prayer, I gave thanks for the new position, even though there was no physical appearance of one.  "Thank you Father, Thank you Father," was my prayer.  After a short while, my husband received a telephone call from an old friend he had not heard from in three or more years.  When my husband told him of his job loss, he immediately offered him a position at his company.  He is making more money now and has a good job with a fine company. Thank you Father!

Remarkable Turn Around

Jan, USA. Hello good people. I don't think there is any love stronger than love between a mother and child. My husband and I prayed for almost four years for our son Ryan, and his arrival into the world, for us was a miracle. Ryan is seven now and when my family wrote to this prayer ministry for prayers, it was because Ryan had a serious injury while playing soccer. At the hospital we were told that he needed immediate brain surgery. We were very heavy hearted and frightened. We prayed affirmative prayers and golden keyed the success of the surgery and his recovery. I stayed at his bedside reading an old copy of the Sermon on the Mount with the
 picture of Dr. Fox on the bottom left corner. He was very still with little or no movement for a long time. Then suddenly he began to rally. When Ryan was first sitting up, he asked "Mommy what are you reading,? and when I told him The Sermon on the Mount, he replied, who is that man? Referring to the cover. I told him that was a wise teacher named Dr. Emmet Fox. His answer to me was, "I know that doctor mommy, he was here last night and smiled at me." Chills ran through my body. This is so unlike Ryan to say something like this.  I did not even question it.  That afternoon when we had a conference with the doctors, we were told that Ryan made a remarkable turn around with the swelling in his head. They remarked how there was no brain swelling, immediately after the surgery - which is unusual. We were told that he "beat all odds" and would be fine. He was released the following day and is back to being a healthy, happy little boy. Something wonderful happened which we cannot explain, nor do we want to. The wonderful thing that happened is that my little boy became whole again. I have been an Emmet Fox devotee for many years. I feel such a strong and wonderful spiritual connection with him as I look at my son. I want to say, thank you God for Emmet Fox, for his teachings, for this prayer group for touching our lives and for being a God of unconditional Love.

Great Job

Marge. I asked for prayers for myself a couple of years ago on the prayer page--for a job. Being hired seemed extremely unlikely, as there was NO ACTUAL JOB to apply for in the department--just the possibility of one in the future, and I'd been out of the field for several years, and there were many people with my skills AND with recent experience who were looking for work in that field, etc. etc. -- but I WAS hired, a year and a half ago. I wasn't interviewed, I didn't submit a resume. I didn't have to take the technical test that all programming applicants have to take. And they STILL had no job (they hired me under someone else's contract--who later left)... and it's a great job, with great pay that I love!! I'm even being trained, and being given experience which will allow me to switch from an area of IT with no jobs to an area with many jobs. My whole life has turned around!! That sounds really dramatic but it's true. Thanks so much for your help!

Poison Ivy Gone

Nancyellen, Connecticut. A small prayer answered. This is a little silly but I think it is an answer to a prayer. I was doing some yard work in the evening. I was careful to avoid poison ivy or so I thought. I came in the house and washed my hands and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with my hands itching terribly, I dread the poison ivy because I cant help scratching and my skin is so tender. It usually lasts for weeks and sometimes even bleeds. I went into the bathroom thinking "maybe if I scrub my skin again, it will be okay." Then I remembered I started the Golden Key stuff and I decided right then and there to pray about it and affirm "God will take care of this". I scrubbed my hands and wrists and they calmed down a little. I was able to go back to sleep. The next morning they felt a little tender but I was able to keep from scratching. A day later I still have no itching. Thanks GOD!! :)

Answered Pray Overnight

Adrienne, IL. I sent a prayer request yesterday for peace for a friend whose son has Autism. Later last night, she sent me an e-mail with excellent news about an assistant teacher who will help her with babysitting this summer. The asst. showed such compassion that my friend cried. Thank you, God, for the people who run this site and who stop by to pray.


Pat, Canada. I've been posting prayer requests, for my reconciliation with my husband. We hadn't  spoken nor seen each other for almost 3 months. I worked with the 7 Day Mental Diet and made some changes within my myself, and my husband, to my surprise, called me to say that he was sorry and wanted to work things out. We are together one month now experiencing more harmony than we have ever experienced in our marriage. I continue to work with the concept of the 7 Day diet. Thanks for your prayers, they are indeed very powerful.

Divine order documents

Jolanta, Poland.  I am writing to tell you all that my prayers have been answered.  My father had become very ill and was in America.  I needed to make the journey to take care of him and I had much difficulty with my papers.  I was told I had to wait for up to three months.  I tried everything I could do on the physical level and could not cut through the "red tape" as it were to travel to my father.  I wrote and asked for prayer and I mentally handed this situation over to God who knows the love between father and children.  I accepted nothing but excellent health for my father.  The way opened up for my papers in a very short time, which never happens in government here and my father began showing improved health.  I came to America to take care of my father and traveled with no document problems.  This is a blessing and I know a higher power is always available to us in all situations.  Thank you for praying for me and my father. 

The Power of Affirmations

Reece, Wales.  It is gratifying for me to write to you, that after eight months of daily affirmations and denials, the ulcer I had been suffering with responded satisfactorily to  treatment- prayer work.  When I first wrote for prayer, I was in a great deal of  pain and could not continue working at my job.  My medic suggested surgery.  My life seemed on hold.  I am free now from all symptoms and have returned to teaching a few months ago.  I also want to let you know that my recent medical exam showed that the ulcer decreased in size significantly, and no surgery is needed.  I have been working with the affirmations and denials in the book "Emmet Fox's Keys To Life and Health,"  especially the treatment on pain.  Affirmations and denials are very effective.  I am so happy I found this teaching.  I thank God for my good health. I plan to continue making affirmations a part of my everyday life.

No Lymphoma

Sharlene.  "I want to share the WONDERFUL news - I do not have lymphoma or cancer from my lachrymal gland biopsy - it only showed some type of chronic inflammation - which the ophthalmologist said would need to be taken up with the rheumatologist at my Wed appt - he will remove the stitches on Tuesday - the puffiness is less but it's still huge - the good thing is I can now see more with my eye today - so hopefully each day there will be improvement - Thank you for your prayers - I know they help!" God bless,

Divine Awakening

Dean, Australia.  Just a line to say what inspiration and hope I have received from these posts of answered prayers.  As I went down the line and read every one, I felt truly touched.  As though the hand of God was shaking me saying, "you know what you need to do to get your life back where it should be."  Some of these posts even moved me to tears.  These wonderful messages inspired me to take a good look at my life, and to realize how blessed I am.  I know that I must change my thoughts to change my life.  I just started re-reading the books by Emmet Fox.  Now I am reading them with my heart and soul.  It is as though I had been sleeping and now I am awake.  This has been a divine awakening. This to me is a demonstration. Thank you!

Apartment Rented

M. New York. This may sound  insignificant compared to some of the other answered prayers posted here, but I did want to give thanks for the answer to my prayer request.  I just could not seem to rent my apartment.  I had a number of real estate agents showing it and still no one was interested.  It is a nice apartment and I could not understand why it was not renting.  I lowered the rent and still no one was interested.  I had it re-painted and put new rugs, still no tenant.  I wrote for prayer and I began  letting the fear of no tenant go.  I just lost my job, funds have been low and I just had to have this rented.  One week after I contact you all for prayer, the apartment rented to wonderful people.  Thank you God for answered prayer and thank you all for your help.

Family United

Eva. I am an 83 year-old grandmother and have read and studied Emmet Fox for most of my wonderful life. I raised one of my granddaughters as best I could, and one day she took off with a boy friend and I had not heard from her in a number of years. Every day I thanked God for her safety, her life and her return, knowing with all my heart that she would one day return home again. I asked for your prayer assistance since I wanted to see her again, before I make my transition into another level of life. This prayer has been answered, and we are a united happy family again. Positive prayer is powerful. I am thankful for this teaching which is so much a part of me and I am very thankful for this ministry. God bless everyone here.

A New Realization

Diana. I found myself in dire straights, financially, and emotionally when a relationship ended. I was living in a strange city and had no where to turn. I was living in a motel and my money was running out. I even thought about suicide. I prayed for direction. A lady I met going to a coffee shop every morning told me to read The Sermon on the Mount. I found it in a local used book store and I could not put the book down. This book spoke to me, it gave me hope and realization about who I really am. It was the words of Dr. Fox that gave me the confidence to take a job. My first step in moving forward. I was in hell and then saw the light of heaven, and I am for the first time feeling good about myself and my life. What a remarkable man. I just found your web site and had to write. I have changed my thoughts about myself and my life. I have a good job now, my own apartment, a good man in my life, but most of all God in my life and a new realization of just how great life really is. Thank you.

Pain Gone

Wayne, California. Thank you God for answered prayers. I have been delivered from three years of suffering. Neither doctors or drugs were able to lesson the pain I had after an accident. I began to practice thinking about God instead of the pain and I noticed the pain began to get less and less. It is three months now that I am pain free and I am still praying in this Golden Key form. I feel truly blessed, thank you all for you prayer support.

Fast Answer To Prayer

Roseanne M. I no sooner ask my prayer request and my prayer was answered Prayers really work fast I was answered before I was posted Thank you all, I have been made whole again

Blessed Parents

Mr. & Mrs. M.  USA.  It has been a very emotional three years for us  trying to have a child and then going through much red tape to adopt a baby from an Asian country.  The country we settled on had a few issues with us; our age (a few years over the age limit for that country) my husbands weight (twenty pounds overweight) and the fact that his work takes him to many cities.  It seemed an impossible task.  With my sisters having pregnancy's every year, I began to feel depressed. I did not want to give up but all we hit were road blocks.  Our social worker told us to give up on that country and go a different route. I wrote a letter to you and you sent me the Golden Key booklet.  I felt an overwhelming sense of peace receiving it.  We worked with the Golden Key and became very interested in the teachings of Emmet Fox.  Our prayers have been answered.  We received word from that original country that our baby is waiting for us.  This is our miracle.  We will be traveling soon.  We are so filled with joy I can hardly write this to you.  Thank you God for such a blessings and thank you all.

Divine Order Job

Hanna. Good day, I would like to thank you and the community for all your prayers. One of the two prayer requests have manifested. Only after a little over a month, the divine order job manifested. Last Friday, May 18, I received a job offer I have been praying for and have accepted the job offer today. Again, I am expressing my sincere gratitude for all your prayers and there is no doubt that soon, very soon, my other prayer request (for a perfect mate) will be given. Sincerely.

No Auto Immune Disease

Alan. I believe the teachings of Emmet Fox gave me a huge wake up call and saved my life. I recently had a blood test done for what my doctor suspected might be auto-immune disease. After using denials and affirmations I felt a change within me. I have been reading every thing written by Dr. Fox that I can. My latest tests show no signs of AID, the results came back negative. I am very blessed, Thank you God.

Job Manifested

George, Arizona. My Wife and I were out of work for awhile and about to lose everything. We started praying and practicing Dr. Fox's Golden Key every day. We gave thanks for the right job using scientific prayer and a full time Job for me came along. Now things are going good. Thank you God.

Prayers Moved The City of New York

Virginia, New York.  One month ago I wrote to you all asking for prayer for a very negative housing situation.  I was dealing with New York City bureaucracy and lots of red tape. I needed a reply with an inspection from the city within 2 weeks.  An impossible situation I was told.  Since inspections take up to three months.  I had no where to turn but to God.  Everyone prayed for me and I not only got a notice that an inspection would be made within the two weeks, but I was able to move in.  Miracle of miracles.  Prayer moved the city bureaucracy in lightning time.  I am very grateful and very blessed.  Thank you all!

Victory in a hopeless situation

P. Family USA.  It was one of those situations which by all outward evidence seemed hopeless.  An interstate legal matter that was being considered which was very complicated and could have been very costly.  We wrote for prayer asking that the person causing all of the difficulty would soften her heart, see the truth and return something that did not legally or morally belong to her.  It is almost two years of prayer support and placing this in God's hands and then finally letting go that the answer came. An answer in our estimation that is a clear miracle.  Only a few days ago our hopeless situation turned into a victory with no action except prayer action.  Thank you for your prayer support.

Pain Vanished

Warren, Canada. Hello, please post this on your website. Thank you! I would like to acknowledge and thank Universal Spirit for enabling me to see beyond the problem to the Truth. I was experiencing serious back pain and was feeling hopeless. I fell from a ladder at work and was having a difficult time walking and sitting. I focused on God, as is stated in the Golden Key, and noticed I had a marked improvement. The pain and stiffness vanished. It is about one month and I have been sitting pain free, and my lower back is better. The doctor said there is no sign of what he thought could have been a major problem and I was told I did not need an operation. Amen!

Prayer Answered

Doris, Missouri.  I just want to say Thank you God for answered prayer.  I received unexpected good news regarding a financial situation I had requested prayers for.  Emmet Fox's positive affirmations led to this demonstration.

Child Support Received

Alison, USA It was almost nine months that I had not received child support for my three children from a self centered ex husband  who is well off financially. I forgive him and pray for him ever day.  This was hard for me to do, but I realized how much prayer he needs.  With the courts dragging their feet, I was having difficulties making my bills. I only have a part time job and bills were beginning to mount.  All of my contacts with my ex had gone without reply.  My attorney contacted the court to serve papers to have my ex arrested for lack of child support.   I was at a desperate point when I wrote to this web site for prayer. I really did not want to have my ex arrested, but my children were suffering. I got back a wonderful reply with an affirmation to work with.  I used that affirmation over and over every day. I worked with the "Golden Key" and It helped me and it helped to know that others were in prayer with me for my needs.  Only one week later, I received a check from my ex for some of the back child support, over $8,000. We have a court date also for the balance.  Thank you for helping me achieve this demonstration. 

There is Light !

Kate M. New York.  Sit back THIS IS A MAGIC ONE! I told you my electric was to be turned off tomorrow. I also told you, that I was "golden keying it because there was NOTHING ELSE I could do. I went for aid. They gave me a grant of $175, my electric was/is $1200!!! I had to use the oven and space heaters a lot this year because the furnace isn't working properly. It wasn't too bad up until Feb, then all hell broke loose. Anyway, the agency told me they would call the electric company today.  I called my son and said that instead of paying my rent, would he put the money toward the electric bill. If I have no electric I have no water/toilet, it runs the well pump. He has no other money to pay my rent. So, what could I do? I'd have to figure out the rent later. So the last email I received said I had to call the collection dept. I prayed to settle myself before I called. Maybe the additional money wouldn't be enough etc. When the computer came on and I entered my account number it said there was NO Disconnect in effect!!! But I was scared. So I pushed the button to talk to a rep. She got on. Her name was..........Angel!!!!!!! Have you EVER heard of anyone in a collection dept named "angel"? She went over the figures and asked if I wanted to make a payment. I asked her how much I would need to pay to stop the disconnect. She said, THERE IS NO DISCONNECT. I told her I had one for tomorrow. She said, No. that I didn't have to pay ANYTHING until June. How is that for a MIRACLE?


Jacquelyn, United States - Thank you for your prayers for Davin's miraculous healing - he is healed, healthy, happy and joyful! Please pray to keep Davin connected to God's Light as he continues on his spiritual journey. Thank you so much. The power of prayer is truly remarkable. I wouldn't mind if you continued to pray that Jacquelyn stays connected to God's Light also! Thank you again

Verdict Overturned

P. New York.  I wrote for prayer many months ago for what seemed to be, at the time, an impossible situation.  My son, who was wrongly accused of an incident at his job, was on trial for a crime he did not commit .  I held onto your words, "the Truth will surface, and let go and let God."  I held onto prayer and the thought that I had others praying for our special need.  The trial, long and painful, ended a few months ago with a devastating verdict of guilty.  All odds were against us.  My only son was facing a sentence of up to ten years.  I wrote again for prayer.  I felt like giving up.  There were times I felt that I could not go on.  Where was the justice, I would say?  Every day was a mental battle between faith and hope and depression and anger.  I kept affirming victory, maybe blindly without focus, but I kept affirming as suggested, even when the verdict was in.  When my son was to appear before the judge for sentencing.  His days ahead looked very grim. Without going into any detail a miracle happened.  A miracle of miracles.  The truth did surface. Only a few days ago, the case was over turned.  The truth was revealed.  My son, a wonderful father and husband is a free man again.  Thank you God.  Thank you all.  My faith is renewed and I know with conviction that prayer is powerful and that God is with us always. 

Nail Biting overcome

Jack N. 10 years old.  Dear Rev. JoAnn, This is Jack and I wanted to put this message on the demonstration page. I asked everyone to help me stop biting around my nails and I did stop. I mean I stopped completely. Thanks you for praying for me. The prayers everyone did really really work because it was so easy to stop. I just did and I had tried before. Thank you. God always works.

Divine Order Apartment

Laura Lee. Thank you so much. I have had a wonderful demonstration that, in all honesty, I am still trying to accept because it is so great. An arrangement for an *amazing* apartment that was "right in front of me" worked out very well. I had not considered this before because I thought it was too good to be true. But, I kept affirming success for myself. Now that I have success, I am a little overwhelmed but look forward to getting used to it! Many, many thanks for the prayers. I do not consider this a one-time deal...I think that a demonstration "covers everything" and affirm a successful move at every level. Thank you again!! All my best.

Healing of Migraine

AW – California. Hello: I am writing to let you know that the migraine I had all of today has lifted by 75% over the past hours since I requested your prayers. Whoever prayed for me this evening, please accept my heartfelt thanks. You have managed to achieve what no pharmaceutical has ever been able to accomplish. A permanent cure from this chronic migraine malady would be best and I am hopeful that it will be so soon.  Thanks again for your kind prayers. I am actually feeling a tad bit better since I started this e-mail. Thank you, thank you, thank you and I send my love to all of you.

Perfect Job

Vi, Illinois.  I want to say "Thank you God" for answered prayers.  I wrote to this site when my position ended.  I had no idea about where to look for another position since my area of work does not have a broad scope.  I was not getting positive feedback from recruiters. I know in my heart that with God all things are possible, so I just accepted a perfect job in my thoughts and visualized myself working.  I did the Golden Key when ever I got down or lost sight of my vision.  All of a sudden a job opportunity manifested.  I interviewed and was offered the position with a better package than my last job.  I am back to work and I am very happy.  Thank you all so much for your prayer support, for me this demonstration is huge.

Golden key Position

C Mc, New York State. I just left the Emmet Fox web site and thought you might be interested in how this job came about.....really quickly with the Golden Key.! I've been "signed" onto the Hospice list, at their request, since November . No calls. So I Golden Keyed it. Two days later, I get a referral from Hospice. It's the Vietnam vet, also something that has been an "issue" with me for years, never felt they got a fair shake! So now, I have work that I'll love, I've been very, very blessed to be around several people as they've made their transition. Being able to help the families through these times, actually "seeing" , "feeling" the change as people at first accept, then become peaceful and finally to witness the transformation to pure spirit has blessed me in so many ways. Many people "feel" there is an afterlife. Many people "believe" there is an afterlife. I know with absolute certainty there IS an afterlife because of being with people at this time in their life. It gives me great comfort and reassurance that there is a purpose to Life and Joy after life.

Special Job

Ron, New York City.  I asked that you include me in prayers for work and work I received.  Within a few days of posting on the prayer page for a special job, the job manifested.  I had been out of work for many months with no interviews.  I began to question myself and my faith.  I wrote to you and received a wonderful note back.  A recruiter called me from an old contact months ago, I interviewed and received the job offer.  I love the job and I want to say thank you for caring, for your help, uplifting words and prayers.  I plan to learn more about this teaching and attend a new thought church.

Breast Surgery Victory

Megan, Canada.  Hello everyone.  When I wrote asking for personal prayers I was told by doctors that I would be having cancer surgery and the breast would have to be removed.  I began working with Dr. Fox's Lords Prayer interpretation and a few days before the procedure, I was told that the area in question shrunk, however, I still needed the surgery.  I denied the cancer and the breast removal and used affirmations throughout the days.  I believe this form of scientific prayer together with the prayers I received through all of you, brought me through with victory.  I had surgery.  My breast was not removed, all the cancer was taken out and I am doing well.  I know that there is only one Presence and one power in this universe at that is God.  I am thankful and I plan to tithe back the blessings that I have received, by helping others.  My doctor said that I am "a very lucky woman."  This demonstration wasn't luck or chance, but I believe it was just a glimpse of how lifting our consciousness can manifest miracles.  I wish you could read the joy in my heart.  Thank you all, and thank you God.

My Son Passed in the hand of an Angel

Carol, New York. I had an incredible demonstration, which up until now, I could not write about since it is one of deep, deep emotion. My seven year old had been diagnosed with a rare disease and was struggling for life. I was in much pain trying to accept the possibility of a short life for him here on earth. Every day was an emotional mountain for my husband and I to climb. I had just finished reading The Sermon on the Mount which gave me comfort, and began to read Emmet Fox's Keys To Life and Health. I was using a number of affirmations in the book for my son and affirming peace for him. Oh my God, he was very frightened.  We needed peace in our lives.  We had an appointment with a specialist since he was having problems breathing. While he was being examined, I placed my purse, car keys and the book on top of a large file cabinet. After the examination, the doctor asked me to step outside with him. My son who needed assistance moving and walking remained on the examination table. The prognosis was not very encouraging. When we returned into the examination room, a light seemed to engulf my son. Very sadly he had passed on in the few moments we had been out of the room. I was shaken.  The strain on his face was gone and he was smiling. The doctor looked at my son and then back to me and said "what is this." Amazingly, he was clutching my book, Emmet Fox's Keys to Life and Health. My son was not physically able to get off that table and get the book off the cabinet, he would have to climb on a chair, which he could not do.   My little boy was smiling, he saw someone or something. I believe he saw Dr. Fox, who so loved children and enjoyed seeing them smile. I believe Dr. Fox came like an angel and took my little boy by the hand to lead him to a higher place in life. My son passed in peace with a glow I will never forget, and though I am still very sad, and I miss him dearly, I know he is in a better place. Thank all of you for your prayers and for being here when my needs were great.

No Leukemia

Marianne, New Jersey. Just to let you know that my friend had a complete blood panel done by the other doctor. Everything came back well within normal ranges. He is now starting on the prescription to clear up the fungus infection he has on his skin. So yes, treatment of the skin condition but overall his health is ok. Thank you all for your prayers.

 All Our Needs Were Met

Toni, New Jersey.  It is almost two years since I wrote for prayer for an increase in our finances.  Married just about one year, we were spending more than we should, putting an apartment together.  When Jim's job ended, our mounting credit card bills were due and we began to draw from our small savings.  I had just discovered I was pregnant and we were happy but scared since we did not have much to draw on financially.  Jim did not want his parents to know that the company he worked for down sized, so they were not aware of our hardship at that time.  Thanksgiving was approaching and his parents called to say they wanted to come and visit.  Oh my God, panic set in.  We were short on the rent and with very little cash on hand. I could not purchase all the goodies for a Thanksgiving dinner.  Jim and I decided to dedicate time every morning and evening for denials and affirmations as taught by Dr. Fox.  It was then that I wrote this site asking for prayer.  We affirmed, "God is Infinite Supply and all our needs are met."  Anytime fear would creep up inside of me, I would deny it and affirm the Truth.  I was planning a Thanksgiving pasta meal for Jim’s family, since we could not afford to buy a turkey.  I was at the post office one morning when I ran into our neighbor next door, who was also new to the area. She just blurted out that, Bob (her husband) had been given a Thanksgiving turkey as a gift from his company, and one of his clients gave him one also, “we can’t use two, I don’t know what to do with it, would you like to have one?”  I could not believe what I was hearing.  Later that day Bob came by with the turkey and Jim told him that he was looking for a job.  Bob asked Jim what he did and then told Jim that his company has a position open.  Bob arranged the interview, Jim got the job and our prayers were answered.  We had Jim's family over for a great turkey dinner that year.   Jim is still with the company and just recently got promoted to project manager.  God is Good and our needs were met.  Jim had medical insurance in time for the delivery.  Everything, even the Thanksgiving dinner worked out in Divine order.  We thank you for your prayers for us.  And…Thank you God, for answered prayer.

Business Demonstration

Moira, Florida. About a month and half ago I asked for prayers for TR whose business was struggling and faith lagging. Well, as expected, and once again- your prayers managed to do what we could not do alone. Three very important business deals came through for him and he is much happier. He worked very hard on these deals but hard work is never enough and there was concern, but we should not have worried at all because all things are possible through prayer and the deals came through and he is on his way up. Thank you so much for praying for him. I remember reading somewhere that when God is your partner you better make big plans. How true. I just want everyone reading this to know that prayer is a guarantee and this is easy to prove. When you request prayer so many people you never know about are praying for you and the universe starts rushing your desire to you. If you see nothing happening, like in this situation, know that behind the scenes the mysterious power of prayer is moving to set your desires rushing towards you. Thank you all for praying for him and putting the power and focus of your time and energy into the life of someone you don't even know. Thanks so very much and keep up the good work!! I recently read that the stages of God's work are: #1. Impossible. #2. Difficult. #3. Done. When you are at impossible know done is around the corner.

Survives Harrowing Experience

Doug, New York.  It is only about a year and a half now that I have decided to include God and spirituality in my life, this came as the result of my wife finding a New Thought center.  In fact, it was she who prompted me to write this and send it over to you.  I had been on a weekend ski trip with a few clients and my boss.  I am not seasoned at skiing.  I got off course and could not find my way back.  I began to get concerned since visibility was not the best.  No one was in sight.  I started to Golden Key and think about God rather than think about being stranded.  I kept moving in a direction I thought would lead me back to the resort.  My ski caught something and I tumbled down a small incline.  I was definitely injured.  I must have been there the good part of an hour affirming "God is my director and protector".  God heard me.  All of a sudden I could hear voices.  A ski instructor and his friend.  Needless to say they got me back to the resort.  The story doesn't end there.  I feared that I had a fracture, so I was taken to the nearest hospital.  It was small and I was told the orthopedic doctor was not on duty for the weekend and I would be going by chopper to another hospital.  I thought, "God this cannot be happening to me!"  I affirmed "Into your hands I place myself and this situation."  I repeated this many times.  As I was getting ready to be taken to another hospital, a nurse came in and said "the orthopedic doctor just came into the hospital, this is your lucky day."  It was.  He was suppose to be away and his plans changed.  He took care of me, I was released and I healed in record time.  My needs were all met, thanks to God and the little booklet called The Golden Key.

 Successful Home Sale

Lou and Teri, North Carolina. Dear Prayer Group: Thank you for your prayers for a quick and amicable closing on our home. Your prayers worked! We closed early and, although there could have been problems, everything went smoothly and quickly. God Bless You All.

Job Manifested Via The Golden Key

Jess, Indiana.  Several months ago I wrote asking for prayer.  I was very discouraged since I had been out of work for just about one year and my age was working against me.  I had just turned 60 years.  You sent me the Emmet Fox Classics, The Golden Key and I began working with that every day.  When you began to pray with me something happened.  I received a telephone call from a company I had submitted an application to more than eight months prior, asking if I was still available.  I could not believe this.  My work experience was a plus and I was hired.  A remarkable demonstration in today's world of business.  The odds of being called after such a long time and the odds of being hired just before a retirement age are very high.  I need to work and I accept this as nothing short of a miracle.  Thank you all for your powerful prayer support.  Thank you God.  This has made a world of difference in my life. 

No Medical Intervention

Dr. Ken, New Jersey. Well, I write to you with great joy. Our brother Ken who I requested prayers for last week recovered quickly after we prayed for him. He came home from the hospital yesterday. It has been truly remarkable. As a doctor, I know that most people take much longer to recover. In fact, the progression of the virus literally STOPPED on the day that you posted the request. This is most unusual. Although he did have some medical intervention, THERE IS NO MEDICAL INTERVENTION for this syndrome that is effective. All glory to our Heavenly Father.

Corwin The Cat

Lorrie M, California
. Hello I want to tell you my dear friend Corwin the Cat was adopted to a very good and loving home on New Years Eve. Pretty good for a cat that was just hours from being put to sleep a short time ago. Thank you so much for your prayers and for sharing the good news of the Golden Key. I use it daily.

Employment Achieved

Averil M - Johannesburg, South Africa. In Nov/Dec I asked you to pray for employment for me - well I am now employed once again - and at my 'old' office with the U.S. embassy Mission in S. Africa. I indeed count my blessings very much so and thank you and all your Prayer Team for your wonderful prayers and work that you are doing. My blessings for a good 2007.

Marriage Commitment

Ima, JapanI have had a wonderful demonstration that I wish to share.  I have been seeing the same man for almost four years.  This is a man with a commitment phobia.  We have discussed marriage many times, however, he always says that he is not ready.  I am at a time in my life that I want to marry, want security and a family.  He obviously has other thoughts.  After two years of up and down discussions, I decided to begin using the Golden Key.  I did not ask God to change the heart of this man, I affirmed divine right action in my life.  I mentally let go of the inner struggle regarding this and I began to affirm for a perfect mate.  Well, without any discussion or action on my part, I am handed an engagement ring on this December  25, and with it a proposal of marriage.  And along with this, there seems to be a positive change in his outlook on life and the future. This Golden Key is a powerful and sure way to pray.  I am very happy Emmet Fox shared this key with all of us.  I thank God for this demonstration of answered prayer.

Successful Home Sale

Angela D, Holland. Thank you so much for your prayers. The day I wrote you, people actually began looking at my home. Before that time only one potential buyer had come through. . Now five people came in and saw it. I am knowing it is already sold to the perfect family. My mom through my constant encouragement has been practicing thanking God in the face of all her difficulties and recently received $700 from an unknown angel and I located a group here in Holland practicing the Science Of Mind principles! Thank you for praying with me. I can at least see movement in my life and I know the best is unfolding perfectly in my life now! .

Job Procured

Theresa, New York City.  On November 4th I wrote for prayer assistance for a job in a field where executive positions are not abundant.  I began using the Golden Key.  Our industry is a small community.  I was working with a company that was obviously headed for cut backs, looking for a new job seemed to be a dead end.  Two weeks to the date of my prayer request a friend in the industry mentioned a possible position.  I was hired for that position last week with a better package.  God is good!  And you helped make it happen.  Thank you.

Received Child Support

Mary, New York.  I am new to the teachings of Emmet Fox and so happy I have found them.  I wrote asking how to pray for my daughter who was trying to obtain child support from an ex who just would not make payments.  Each time she had to go to court she lost time  at her job.  Her finances were low and the situation was not the best.  It wasn't easy to let go and forgive this man, but I did, and I sent him thoughts of love while working with the Golden Key.  A month after, my daughter received a child support check and they have been arriving to her on a regular basis.  My daughter and I had to rise above the anger, bad feelings and negativity.  Now I have her working on sending him love, which is difficult.  Thank you for your advice, and for all the prayers that have resulted in a demonstration for us. 

Cat Healing

Lorrie, California. I volunteer at the Local Animal Shelter in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area on Tuesday afternoons. Last Tuesday, 11/14, I found out one of my most favorite cats named Corwin would be put to sleep because of illness. I was devastated, and as each day went by, filled with remorse that I didn't step up and try to do something to save him. Sunday morning I received an email mentioning Emmet Fox and The Golden Key, and I looked up the Golden Key information and began to practice it. Today I found my friend Corwin was still alive and had recovered. I'm so happy and grateful, and also amazed since I thought he had been put down. I can't wait to receive this booklet that I just ordered , thank you very much. Best regards.

Benefits of Being A Prayer Partner

Jette New Mexico. Hello, Rev. Cecil! I'm expressing my great thanks for allowing me to become a prayer partner. I'm not joking: it makes my life better every day to have this function -- Golden Keying everyone on the request list, and you and Rev. JoAnn, and the particular person on the list whose request jumped out and grabbed my attention the most. Then I also think of my own friends & family & dear ones & the strangers whose paths cross mine, everyone in my town, state, county, everyone on earth, everyone who is sad today or who is dealing with a particular problem, I wrap them all up mentally in arms of love and do the Golden Key process and then move into my regular day. I am also learning to use the Golden Key whenever anything perturbs me, all day long & if I wake up anxious or worrying in the night. When I remember to do it, it manifests miracles. So my next goal is to remember it more & more often! Just wanted you to know it is affecting my whole existence profoundly, and helps to give peace every single day. Also, not least of all, the affirmations and the "what is prayer treatment?" on your web pages (these have a purple background) are wonderful too. I refer to them whenever I think of it, in between projects at work, and they make an instant, positive difference. Thank you for being there! Thank you for your web page and all that you do. best regards.  11/14

Multiple Prayers Answered

Moira. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers! I requested prayers for five different scenarios and I wanted to share the powerful results. I asked for prayers for my mom's plan to surprise someone regarding a delicate manner. Well, the surprise went great and the person surprised wasn't offended but welcomed the help and felt loved not humiliated --which was the goal!!!! It required the help of quite a few people and it all went off with out a hitch! Next, I asked for prayers for Jacquelyn and her special relationship-well wouldn't you know the situation is getting better and the boundary of staying in our "God-space" has been made and that of course makes all the difference. I asked for prayers for Davon and his story is just the perfect demonstration of what you can't do by yourself but can do through prayer!! There has been change here and it is all good. I also asked (yes, I know I was asking a lot) for prayer regarding a family decision. Well, one has been made and we are at a real peace with it--this is a major change we are making and to have a peace that passes all understanding about it has come from your hearts and prayers! Thanks a million times over. We have one more big decision to make and I feel certain God is in control and all is happening exactly as it should. Prayer changes any and every circumstances. If your name is on the prayer list know I am praying for your concerns with my whole heart and know your demonstration will present itself at the perfect time and in the perfect way. Thanks you all and know that we get exactly what we expect!!!

Gambling Addiction Helped

Lois, UK.  Thank you Father for directing me to this web site which has blessed my life.  Thank you for answered prayer.  My husband was way over his head in gambling debts and my holding two jobs was not helping our financial situation, we still could not pay our bills.  I was reaching the end of the line emotionally when I wrote for prayer.  My husband had been seen by a number of doctors, sitting hours in counsel sessions with little help, he still could not get a handle on his addiction to gambling.  I was about to leave with the children, and return to the home of my elderly parents, when I came upon this web site. That was the first part of my demonstration.   I was encouraged and inspired by this demonstration page and I decided to work with God.  I ordered the Golden Key and began to golden key our lives. The results wasn't instant and I was getting frustrated but I keep reading all the demonstrations on this page and I kept applying the Golden Key.  When my husband became a bit ill, he went to our  family doctor.  He discussed his addiction with the doc.  The doctor suggested he see a friend of his regarding the gambling, saying "I know this man can help you." On a piece of paper he wrote the name of the therapist and the phone number.  When my husband arrived home, he asked me to call for an appointment.  The name of the therapist was Fox.  There is no coincidence in Spirit. My husband is making progress with this man.  This is a huge demonstration, better yet, he obtained a job which he feels good about and slowly we are working our way back.  I feel like I am getting my life back.  I came here thirsty, you refreshed me and I am grateful.  Thank you God!  I am now an Emmet Fox devotee wanting to read everything he wrote.

My Son Turned That "Miracle Corner"

Nancy B (Port Charlotte, Florida. Praise and Thanks to our wonderful GOD, John  (35yo son) who was incarcerated as a result of his alcoholism has now, it seems, has turned that "miracle corner".....I and everyone else online and in person has been praying for his healing from alcohol, drugs and a slow suicide.....He is attending AA with my husband John's sponsor up in Chicago (where we originate from) and going through the process of getting into a halfway house to learn how to live sober. Thanks to all of you and most especially our "GREAT and WONDERFUL GOD"- John B who has been struggling with complications as a result of his valve replacement surgery in September is slowly and steadily gaining strength....he has been relieved of most of his pain, only tremulous in his hands, we think a side effect of the nerve medicine he is taking. He is now actively participating in Physical Therapy and Cardiac Rehab and gaining strength. GOD is not yet through with John.....I believe he was sparred because he does so much wonderful work with others in AA. He is also a wonderful example of our "Golden Key" philosophy - with Step Three of the AA program that asks us to turn our will and life over to GOD John B does not look back...over his shoulder to check and see how GOD is doing - he is a forward thinker. Thank you all and GOD BLESS our prayer ministry.


Rhonda, California. When I initially wrote asking for help, it seemed as though my life was a total mess. I was un-employed with mounting debt.  I was attending a church and to be honest, I was more caught up in the social activities and friendship than the teaching.  I wasn't making the philosophy of new thought part of my life. After reading the Science of Living in Class with Emmet Fox, my life changed, mainly because I began to get steeped in raising my consciousness. Applying scientific prayer got me my present job, which I thank God for and I feel as though I have real direction. I have been working with the section on forgiveness and re-connected with family after being AWOL from them for years. Finding this site and discovering, really discovering the teachings of Emmet Fox have brought about wonderful changes in my life and my outlook on life. For the first time in a long time, I feel joy in my life.  I want to say thank you for your prayer support, your council, for producing this great book, and for helping me to demonstrate by realizing who I really am - not someone on the bottom of life but a child of God.

7 Day Mental Diet Brings Answer

Karl, Netherlands.  I asked this prayer ministry for prayer help in a most difficult situation. At first my old thoughts of fear and negativity began to surface, then I started using the 7 Day Mental Diet - which is not easy to do but very powerful.  The situation took a turn and my prayer was answered.  I truly believe our unified efforts brought about a positive answer to an almost impossible situation.  Thank you God for this precious gift.

Pay Increase

Jette, New Mexico . Dear Rev. Cecil, How right you were when you wrote, "Know that this is just the first of many demonstrations." First, my new job answered a lot of what I'd been asking for. Then, only a few weeks after starting, I got "noticed" by the top person at the organization and she offered me a new job description with higher pay. So -- I'm moving up already, and the organization does a lot of good and is full of amazing, inspired people. I feel finally that life brought me to "my right work" that I'm in love with for 100 different reasons. Thank you again for your Golden Key prayers and encouragement and for your web site. Love.

No Breast Cancer

Leslie, Canada. Good news. My friend who had the lump in her breast, had the exploratory surgery and the results came back negative. so she is ok. Please thank everyone for their prayers! Blessings.

Job Demonstration

Jette, New Mexico. I write with a heart full of joy & gratitude. Only a couple of months ago did I discover Emmet Fox's Golden Key and start to use it everywhere, and submit a prayer request for my hardest problem -- matching myself up with the right job. I felt so lost, but started to Golden Key everything that came my way. Like a miracle, out of nowhere I could have predicted or imagined, a small chain of events led to my landing in a job that feels absolutely right for me now. I'm helping people, which feels tremendous. I'm surrounded by a "team" feeling of good-hearted people to work with, & can be myself at work, & feel like we all appreciate & support each other every day. It feels like I have been lifted up by some invisible angelic force, and placed on a better path. I am thankful every single day!

Hired and Happy

Scott, Utah. I would like to speak my word of gratitude to Universal Spirit. The day after I posted my prayer request I intuitively went to a business that hired me immediately. I also received the money to pay my rent and some of my bills. My bills are still in arrears, and I am asking for continued support, but I know through my faith and through this demonstration that it is already done. Thank You All for Your prayer. Thank You for Your support,. And I thank God. Love.

No Eye Surgery Needed

Jenny, FloridaTwo days ago, I asked for prayers for divine order for scheduled eye surgery with no complications.   Today the doctor re-examined me for surgery and told me the great news, my eye pressure went down and NO surgery is needed.  Thank you for your prayers.

Healing of Asthma

Ed, Indiana.  I wrote for prayer awhile back asking you to Golden Key with me for the health of my grandson who had asthma and was on large doses of steroids.  He was very sad about not being able to participate in sports.  The doctor was not positive about my grandson's condition.  I wrote and asked that you all continue the prayers.  I kept doing the Golden Key together with my grandson, and our prayers were answered.  It is almost a year now and the little guy is well, off the steroids and back in sports.  He has had no problems with the asthma.  We truly believe that  this is behind him.  We appreciate all of your prayers and we know the Golden Key is a very powerful treatment.  Thank you so much for helping us to demonstrate through prayer.

Success Achieved

Moira. Hello, I just wanted to get this update on the demonstration page. Thanks to all of you who prayed for my son to win "player of the year". He did win and he is very proud. I told him about your prayers and he appreciates it very much!! Thanks to all who prayed for my friend and his new business. He is thrilled at the early success he is having and more business keeps on coming; so thanks so very much.

Biopsy Benign

Brad. Thank you for your prayers. The biopsy came back benign.  I have realized a tremendous amount of growth by entertaining only positive thoughts and outcomes in my consciousness. This situation has been a catalyst for me because of how important my wife is to me but it is imperative that I continue with this understanding. There is something amazing about keeping faith and right thinking through the toughest moments of a crisis. We are so conditioned by doubt in our worldly dream state. Books by Emmet Fox and Joel Goldsmith have been invaluable. These guys are my angels. Thanks again for your support.

Released From A Living Hell

Linda.   Hello: I wanted to share my incredible demonstration with those I know would understand. I have no one in my life that could possible know the power of what happened to me. In a very desperate time, I wrote a letter pouring my heart out to Dr. Fox and at the risk of this sounding way out there, I believe with all my heart that he answered me. This in essence is what I wrote. "Dear Dr. Fox: If It were the 40's or 50's I would be at your church and calling for your spiritual help, maybe even sitting down face to face for prayer and council with you. I have no where to turn and no one really to turn to.  I am in desperate trouble Dr. Fox, and I need help. I have been reading your books for two years now and I find great comfort in your words, but I cannot move forward. I feel stuck. Everything was ok in my life until my husband began to drink and lost his job. Our bills began to mount and with two small children I went to work part time but that was not enough money to live on.  Bob, my husband, could not hold a job, so we had to move out of the area and in here with his parents. Dr. Fox, this is a living hell. I cry myself to sleep every night. My mother-in-law is mentally ill and sleeps most of the time because of medications, my husband is drunk every day and my father-in-law who also drinks, has tried many time to molest me and my girls. He is very abusive. My husband turns a deaf ear. There is little money and not much food for the girls.  I live in fear and anxiety and I know I must leave this home for our safety. Where do I go, what do I do? I read The Sermon On The Mount over every day but I can not focus any more and I feel like I should end my life. Please Dr. Fox. let me see light in my life. Show me the way, give me a sign to hang on. I release this now and know my answer will come. Signed, Your loving friend Linda." I took this letter and tore it into many pieces and tossed it to the wind as I walked a local trail with my girls. I felt a sense of release, the deep fear seemed to have gone. For the first time in months, I know there would be an answer for me, as if something within was saying, hang on. Two days later, I was walking in the local mall when a young woman approached me extending a business card to me. I kept walking assuming it was to sell me something. This woman came after me, wait she said, I want to speak with you. I stopped and she explained that she wanted me to be in an industrial movie. I immediately replied, I can't do that, I have no experience. She said you don't need experience, and it pays $70.00 plus an hour. She had my attention. I doubted this could be true but she seemed nice and I did give her my name, phone and address. She said she would contact me. A few days past an a letter arrived from a major corporation regarding this work. It was for real, they really wanted me, saying I had the personal look they were seeking. Here is the real shocker....The letter was signed by a gentleman who's first and middle names are Everett Emmet.  Almost in shock when I read that name, I was emotionally moved. There was my sign from God. There was Emmet Fox's reply to my letter. I took the job, which paid very well. This job was the opening to a new beginning for me and my girls.  I was offered another job with that same company and I immediately left my husband and the home he brought us to. I am employed because of this and my girls and I are safe and happy. I bless Bob and his family and I have no anger, I forgive them.  With all my heart and soul, I know that Dr. Emmet Fox who is very much alive in spirit, came to my rescue and touched my life in an extraordinary way.  I wrote a letter to him and oh my God, he answered.  I feel very humble and very blessed.  Thank you for this web site.

Prayer Changed My Life

Kamau A. . Peace and Greetings to you. This website is awesome. Reading works by Emmet Fox and connecting with you and knowing that others are honestly praying for me has changed my life. I am truly learning the power of my thoughts and my words. It is a wonderful life when you live through your consciousness and understand and surrender to the power present in your own very life. Thank you so much for posting my prayer request and praying along with me. In less than a months time after I had asked for prayer for my son and significant other to obtain a job, my prayers were demonstrated. My son has left to live with his father in Oklahoma and has called several times to tell me how excited he is about school and that he is signed up to play football this year. He likes his teachers and he and his father, his father's wife and her children are all getting along much better. My son is able to spend more time with his grandparents (his father's parents) who are also living in Oklahoma. My significant other Marlon, has landed a job in Louisiana. The pay is excellent and he is feeling better about himself and his future. Now that I have seen the manifestation of my prayers with the help of all of you, I plan to pray that Marlon is able to get an even better job here in Fayetteville, North Carolina at home with his family. Now that I have seen the power of prayer, elevating my consciousness and thinking, believing and speaking what I truly desire to have in my life demonstrate. I know that all things are possible once I step back and seek my answers within. I thank you for all of your support and prayers, but most of all your unwavering faith. With Sincere Gratitude and Appreciation.   P.S. My sweetheart even asked me to pray and sat down with me and prayed with me in my Buddhist prayer before he left for Louisiana. Talk about a powerful demonstration! I thank you from my heart!!

Neighbor Problems Healed

Leslie, Vancouver. I wanted to thank you and the people praying for me. I had an instantaneous result with my neighbors to the short term problem which was so unexpected and fast that I was shocked. I am hopeful about the long term problem with them, and realized how much I, needed to stop judging them in my heart and forgive and have compassion. thank you for this. I haven't heard yet from my best friend, but I am amazed and positive, that this was one of the best things I could do. I picked up the booklet, the Golden Key from a local bookstore yesterday, and another book by Emmett Fox. We are very lucky to have this information. Bless you and the people in your ministry and the people who read and interact with your site.

House Sold In One Week

Joe & Theresa, New Jersey.  This note is to say thank you God for answered prayer and thank you prayer warriors for your prayers in our behalf.  We had to sell our home quickly because of a job re-location and in an area where homes are not selling all that well.  Then we had to purchase a home we felt comfortable with in the same time frame.  This seemed almost impossible to us.  We both did the Seven Day Mental Diet, this is not an easy exercise to do but we worked at it every day, as best as we could,  for seven days.  We had an offer on our home one week after we asked for prayer and found a wonderful new home at a really good price.  Everything worked out in divine order.  Again, thank you all for your prayer help.

"I Was Lost, But Now I 'm Found"

Louisa.  My demonstration is finding this teaching and discovering Emmet Fox and others like Florence Shinn, and Nona Brooks .  I truly believe when I was at the lowest ebb in my life, at the end of last year, God lead me to this web site.  I was very touched by the power of answered prayer.  I was so inspired, I wrote and asked for prayer to get my life back to center.  I had no job, my husband walked out and I was not sure where I was going to live or if I would make it on my own, more-so, I was very unhappy and sad and did not like who I was.  I did some research on line based upon mentions on this web site.  I looked up Religious Science, Unity and Divine Science.  On line, I also searched the words new thought.  I went to many web sites and then ordered books.  I lost myself in reading but found myself because of it.  For the first time in my life I felt connected to a spiritual belief. This is a teaching and a philosophy of life that I had been looking for my entire life.  Not long ago I traveled almost an hour to attend a new thought center and I felt very inspired.  I continue to do this each week.  Lifting my self image and raising my consciousness, just a little, enabled me to get a job and I worked out a pay plan with my ex to stay in my home.  As I look at my life every twenty four hours, I can see that I am demonstrating, I am seeing the good  Emmet Fox talks about in his books. He makes it so easy to understand.   I was lost but now I am found.  Thank you for helping me find myself.   Thank you for this web site!

Child Custody Healing

Beth. Since my husband and  I asked the prayer ministry for prayer for my brother and his family, I felt it necessary to validate our demonstration.  My brother who is a wonderful father was asking for legal custody of his two children since his ex-wife had turned to drugs.  The children were going through a very emotional time at home with their mom and wanted to be with their dad.  They were young and their mom would leave them for weekends by themselves.  Once with very little food.  All I could do was pray for divine order in their lives, since she would not let us see the children.   I spoke to God and then I turned to this prayer ministry by way of  a number of e-mails.  This support system here meant a great deal to my brother and I, it gave us something to hold onto.  And,  the prayers were answered.  My sister-in-law decided one day from out of the blue, that the children needed to be with their dad.  She realized her problem and accepted the need for help.  This to us, is a miracle.  We did not have to get involved with legal issues and it was an easy change for the children.  This was not something she would  normally do.  God intervened, there is no other explanation.  The children are doing well with their dad.  I have recommended this site to many of my friends.  You are all very wonderful!  Like miracle workers...God Bless.

Increase In Business

Cate, New York. Prayers are working!! And it's all come about since doing the affirmations, Circle of God's Love and the prosperity prayer! Whew! AND my networking company is taking off like crazy!!!! Thank you for your prayer help.

A New Baby Named Emmet

Rev. Ann, Illinois. Thought you would love this story. A few months ago I was teaching my favorite subject - the course I've written myself on the Power of the Spoken Word. I had a young girl in class who was pregnant. After my class ended I wrote a letter to each student who had taken the class. When it came for the letter to this young girl, I had the feeling she was a single parent. and when I wrote her, I offered to baptize the new baby as my gift to her/him. I felt compelled to write the offer of baptizing the baby. It appears that I intuitively felt this baby must be ready to be born, so I called her. I never had her due date... when I called this young woman, the new baby, a boy, was only a few days old. It was then that she told me this: "Ann this was a very quiet baby inside, however, whenever I came to class this baby always would starting moving and kicking, as if it was listening to your words." I asked her what she named him. She said, my boyfriend and I could not come up with a name, since my boyfriend loved reading Emmet Fox books we named our baby EMMET... so perhaps we have a little Emmet Fox in the making." Every day is  a demonstration.  Blessings.

Healed of Back Problem

Mark, Canada.  I want to write about my demonstration since prayer has changed my health and my life.  I am new to the writings and teachings of Emmet Fox.  I came upon his work a little over a year ago.  When I wrote for prayer, I did not expect a miracle, nor did I expect to be touched by God.  For many years I had serious back problems.  My specialists suggested surgery with no guarantee of walking afterwards.  I had all sorts of scans and knew exactly the area of the problem. Then it happened, my back went out completely and I could hardly move.  My family wrote to this prayer ministry for help and I began working with the booklet The Lord's Prayer.  I was admitted into the hospital and on that first day I felt intense heat in my back as if a warm hand were touching me.  It was most unusual.  The pain began to ease and before long, I was sitting up.  More scans of my back were taken and to the amazement of my doctors the disc, they said, seem to have repaired itself.  I almost could not believe it.  I left the hospital the next morning without the need of surgery.  That was three months ago and I am back to work, pain free and doing fine.  Our Father in heaven gives us our daily bread, every day, in all sorts of ways, in my case a healing.  Thank you God, I am so grateful and so very happy. 

Family Reunited

John J, California.  This on line ministry has touched my life in a very special way.  When I was depressed I wrote and received a personal reply, making me realize how important my life really is.  Thank you for that.  Then I asked for those in prayer to pray for my special intention. You see I have carried the demon of being abandoned not knowing family since childhood.  I just wanted to know my roots, I needed this to get on with my life.  I put my focus on God as stated in the Golden Key and only after a few months of my prayer request, I was able to locate my biological dad.  And to my surprise two wonderful brothers.  A huge miracle, since I had been searching for family for years.  It is almost too emotional for me to write but we had our first meeting just recently and I feel such inner freedom and a real sense of joy.  My dad is up in age now and I plan to spend a great deal of catch up time with him and my brothers.  I am temporarily un-employed but I am tithing my time to a worthy children's group to say thank you God, in a small way for my miracle.  How does one say thank you when they are so overwhelmed?  Thank you.

Success in Business

Jacquelyn B.     Within seventy-two hours, Moira N. and Davin H. prayer requests, posted on the Emmet Fox website, were manifested. Moira N. got incredibly clear direction on her “God Purpose”. She has begun writing a metaphysical curriculum for children, and is developing a website for the same, and was invited next week to a Christian Science Church where there is interest and enthusiasm regarding beginning a children’s metaphysical program. Davin H. requested prayers for abundance regarding his new business and also to know God’s power really exists. Immediately after posting the prayer request he received a call requesting his services. The very next day he received a call from another company that wishes to partner with him. This partnership has created a large client base from which to launch his business. Prayer is an incredibly powerful tool. It is exciting to join with a prayer community – we thank you for being there and continue to pray with you. Thank you again.

Success Achieved

Arian, London UK.  A number of months ago I asked for prayer for an employment upgrade.  Nothing in my career or my life seemed to be moving forward.  I prayed but nothing seemed to be happening.  I read New Thought books but I did not seem to apply the theory.  I ordered, read, and worked with The Emmet Fox Classics - The Golden Key and found the section on Scientific Prayer very enlightening.  I worked with this until I knew the words by heart.  I began to realize my success.  I attracted to me what you would call a fortune 500 position and I am quite pleased.  It was right in front of me and I did not see it.  Dr. Fox says it all so clearly.  Thank you for  your assistance dear friends and for this demonstration.

I Found God though Dr. Fox

Tony, USA.  A few years ago I was serving six months for doing the wrong thing and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  One day a prison chaplain brought a bunch of reading literature around.  Would you believe I had never read the Bible and I had never read a religious book?  One book caught my eye, because as a kid I always dreamed of climbing mountains.  The book was The Sermon On The Mount.  It was through this book that I found God.  It was this book that gave me a new meaning about my life.  It was this book that brought me to a steady job and the understanding that we are what we think.  It was the powerful words of Emmet Fox that turned my life and my head around and gave me my life back.  My sister gave me The Science of Living book as a gift.  I love this book, It is very dynamic and I work with it every day.  This site is very special.  Thank you for it.

Legal Issue Resolved

Marisela C, Mexico. Good news... The legal issue that I asked for prayers for, was resolved in our favor, prayer really works. Thanks to all of you for your support. God bless all! 

Engaged and Happy

Jennifer, Illinois.  About a year ago I asked for prayer to find someone special to share my life with.  I was touched by a personal reply and I began using affirmations more often.  About three months later I met someone very special.  The prayers have been answered!  I have just become engaged and I want to thank the ministers and everyone from this site for their continued prayer support.  I am very happy.

Saved From Rip Tide

Nan and Phil, USAI am writing to share how the 23rd Psalm and placing my focus on God saved the life of my brother Phil.  Before dawn, not too long ago, my brother and I were at the ocean and Phil, who is a good swimmer, seemed to be swimming too far from shore.  When I noticed him struggling and heading further away from shore, I began screaming his name and calling him back.   I am not a good swimmer and I was terrified.  Phil caught a rip tide and was being pulled out to sea by an undertow.  Panic set in, I did not know what to do.  I ran for my cell phone and called 911.  I could could hardly see Phil now as the undertow took him further out to sea.  I stood at the shore line and on the top of my voice shouted the 23rd psalm.  Out of nowhere came this young man who saw the situation and dove into the water.  Later I learned he was a fireman with rescue experience.  As he swam toward Phil the crashing waves seemed calmer,  and I later learned that Phil began treading instead of fighting the waves.  Just about the time the rescuer reached my brother and was supporting him in the water, a police chopper was overhead and got Phil safely out.  My brother had water in his lungs and was almost unconscious.  At the hospital, the young fireman said that he walks the beach every day but never walked that particular beach.  He said that he felt an impulse to walk on that beach that morning.  The Lord who is our Shepherd gave new life and meaning to our lives.  We feel so blessed. 

Peaceful Passing

 Suraya, South Africa We understood and accepted that these were my grandfathers last days and we humbly requested and prayed that God Almighty would make his passing away as peaceful and painless as can be. We could not bear to watch him suffer.  I asked for pray for all who are constantly at his bedside. Illness does not only affect the person concerned but all who love him as well. My grandfather has passed away very peacefully surrounded by his children who gently recited verses from holy scriptures. Initially, after being admitted to hospital and while he was in a semi-conscious state he was extremely agitated and distressed. All his children & grandchildren were around him and everyone felt helpless. A day or two before he passed away he became very calm and a sense of peace seemed to emanate from him and this was what we were praying for. Thank you most graciously to all who prayed and held him in their thoughts. It is very comforting to know that there are loving people willing to give their time to complete strangers. I wish you every success in all your endeavors. with deepest gratitude to all.

Accepted Into Medical School

Louis, Hong Kong.  Hello!  I am a medical student and have been affirming divine order for acceptance into medical school.  I desired placement in the United States.  I treated and Golden Keyed for this last six hour exam that I took, and did quite well.  I asked you to pray with me for acceptance into one of the three schools that I have chosen.  Although I do not belong to a formal church, I find the teachings of Emmet Fox in tune with my spiritual beliefs.  Shortly after I requested prayer I received a letter of  acceptance into one of the schools in the U.S. that I wanted very much to attend.  Thank you for your prayer help. 

Homeless to Financial Freedom

Michael M. When my house went into foreclosure I was devastated. My job ended and I got into some bad investments. Instead of turning to God, I turned to drinking. My life was heading downhill fast. We had to move in with my nagging in-laws which actually was a blessing. It made me go out every day to seek work. When I could not find work, a friend suggested I sell real estate for him. I was glad to do anything. My wife and her family were not supportive. They felt I needed a 9 to 5 with steady income. They were on my back every day. I almost could not take it. The more they were on my case, the more I wanted to prove myself and so I worked ten or more hours a day at real estate. I started applying the Golden Key. I sold my first house, and then listed another and another. I was beginning to see the light of day. Thank God we were able to move out into an apartment. I felt good about myself. My sales were on a roll. The pressure was off and I was happy. For two years I kept listing and selling and I studied everything I could about real estate and decided to invest a small amount of money in a little house, I fixed it up and golden keyed for a quick sale. It sold immediately. I purchased another house and did the same thing.  That was the beginning. I was demonstrating.  I learned to tithe and studied Emmet Fox deeply. I now own eighteen properties.  Looking back, I realize that everything that seemed like the end was actually a beginning.  I am grateful for my life and this teaching, especially the Golden Key

Peaceful Passing of a Hollywood Legend

Mrs. Johns, UK.  For many years I have been the friend and companion to a well known motion picture artist.  When my dear friend became ill there was really no family, and  most of the friends drifted away.  Other than mail coming in there was little contact with the outside world.  One of the fans, many months before sent The Sermon On The Mount and a number of Emmet Fox pamphlets.  It was not unusual to receive packages from followers, however, we never received anything of a spiritual nature over the years.  When my friend found pain becoming overbearing and the days long and empty, he began to read the books.  I cannot tell you the amazing change that transpired.  He had less pain and did not seem as frightened, facing death.  He told me that Dr. Fox gave him the understanding of what his life was really all about and how much peace he found in realizing that life goes on after death.  These writings had a major impact on his final days and  his transition.  Although I miss his physical presence, I do know my dear friend is with God and found peace in his passing with the writings of Emmet Fox.

A Life Changing Demonstration

MaryLou.  I just turned the last page of The Science of Living In Class With Emmet Fox. This is by far one of his greatest works.  I would like to share my story of demonstration.  It was only about thirteen short years ago that I left my childhood home.  My dad was an abusive drinker, my mom had many men and never spent any time at home.  Twice I was placed in a foster care situation, twice I was returned home.  When I decided to leave, I had little money and was very angry at the world.  I literally lived on the street with a friend who later returned home for her own reasons.  I was frightened and confused.  Every day I would stop by a little burger and shake place for the cheapest burger and that was my meal for the day.  It was there I met Rod.  Rod flipped burgers and took cash while attending a local college.  We always talked and I believed he liked me.  When my money ran out, Rod fed me anyway.  He began to ask about my hopes and dreams in life, actually I had none, all I could think of was to survive on my own.  After awhile he got me a part time clean up job there and I was making enough money to eat, and we always talked.  What he said, seemed strange at first.  He told me that I could be anything I wanted if I set my mind to it.  I would laugh and call him a dreamer.  We always talked about thoughts and I use to call him the philosopher, then he talked about God.  I said "I'm no church goer, so don't even think about asking me to a church."  He said the church he was referring to was in the mind.  I wondered where he got all of this and came to realize that the relative he lived with was called a New Thought teacher.  When he took me to meet her, I was actually living in a friends car at the time.  I liked her and found her to be very caring.  She told me she had some books for me to read and I recall telling her that I could not read any big books.  "These are little books." she said.  She handed me two little booklets - Life Is Consciousness and The Golden Key.  I put them in my pocket where they stayed for a few weeks.  Rod never asked if I had read them.  He told me he wanted me to go with him to a free class at a local library.  I stayed in the one hour a week class and then found myself drawn to the library every day.  It was there that I read Life Is Consciousness and the Golden Key, over and over and over.  I began to read and think about changing my life.  Could I do this?  Could I be somebody?  I  finally realized that I was a child of God and I could change my life, I had to do it, no one else was going to do it for me.  I did not want to wind up like my parents, who have both passed.  To cut a long story short, I got a job at the library.  This led to a room in a rooming house.  I saw Rod every day and I realized that I actually had dreams and hopes.  Rod was my reinforcement of positive thoughts.  When I did a backslide there he was telling me how easy it is to just give up.  I would often get depressed.  Changing my thoughts about myself and my life was not easy. It is still not easy.  It was hard work but I knew I had to do this, I had to break the patterns of the past.  I clung to Life Is Consciousness and found myself reading through all of the Emmet Fox books.   I am not exactly where I want to be, but I have made some major changes in my life and have come along way.  I worked and was able to get into a study program at a local college.  A few years go I studied computers.  I have a good job in that field now.  Through Rod I met a wonderful man who turned out to be my husband and the love of my life.  I learned to let go of the past and continue to have faith in my future.  Rod and I remain close friends, in fact he sent me The Science of Living for my last birthday.  As I look back I was demonstrating all along and I was blessed.  I only realized it when I stopped to count my blessings.  Thank you for all you are!

Successful Business Sale

Jenny & Peter, Dublin, IrelandWe asked to have prayer for the sale of our business.  We are about to retire to another area and needed to have a sale take place.    The sale took place shortly after we asked for prayers from this web site.  With so many businesses in this area not selling, we feel very blessed.  We cannot imagine what life for us would be without the teachings of Emmet Fox .  Thank you for your prayer treatments.  This is truly a special prayer team. 

Allergies Gone

Richard, UK.  My heartfelt thanks to the Emmet Fox prayer ministry for the help that I received through positive prayers.   I requested prayer for stubborn allergies that were keeping me from my work.  The condition cleared up as soon as I wrote to you.  I am grateful for your help. 

Face Healed From Accident

Mary, Kansas.  With all my heart I want to thank you for your prayers in behalf of my husband Bill.  It is miraculous that he is well.  When I e-mail you, I simply asked for prayer treatments for Bill's health.  I had not explained that Bill had a tractor accident.  His tractor blew up and he encountered serious injuries to his face and upper body including second degree burns.  You posted my request and I prayed like I have never prayed before, thanking God for a healing.  shortly after, the doctors at the burn unit told me that Bill would not need skin grafts.  His face was fine and all of the swelling had gone down.  I am thankful to God, this new thought teaching and very thankful for your prayer support.  I do not know what I would have done without your help. Knowing that others were praying and treating for Bill made all the difference in the world.  Sincere thanks.

Tragedy Prevented

Louise, New York. I have been treating for peace and good health for my patient Mr. B. .  He is a wonderful man and I am happy I can help him.  I am a nurse and full time caregiver.  We live in a large high rise and often when he cannot sleep I put him in the wheelchair in front of a window.  On occasion I take that opportunity to go out into the hallway to have a cigarette.  I always push the button to keep the apartment door unlocked.  A few days ago I did this, took a cigarette and headed out the door.  What I did not know was that the door was already unlocked and by pushing the button, I locked myself out.  There I was after midnight locked outside with Mr. B. inside in the wheelchair and unable to walk. I knew he could not stay there too long alone and  I totally panicked.  I began to pray and in tears I asked God to send someone to help, maybe a neighbor coming in late with a cell phone so I could call 911.  I remembered the golden key which I had used many times before.  God heard and answered my prayers, not by sending a neighbor to help but by giving me a key.  As I hung my head crying, there it was, a shinny little key extended from the door mat.  I could not believe my eyes.  The key opened the door and I was able to get back inside.  The miracle of this story is the key.  There was only four keys.  One belonging to Mr. B, which was inside the apartment, my key, the key of the weekend nurse, which I later discovered was on her key ring and a key held by the son of Mr. B. who was in Europe on business.  No one in the apartment  building had a key and none was ever left for safety reasons outside the apartment.  The fifth key was God's key, the golden key, which saved us from what could have been a very tragic situation.  I feel so blessed.  Thank you for the opportunity to share this story. Thank you God! 

Vision Restored

Murphy C, Michigan. A friend of mine had a stroke, they didn't know if she was going to make it.   You folks are the wonderful ones!! Talked to my friends family today! The doctors are really encouraged. Yesterday she was blind in her left eye. Today she has all her vision back except for the peripheral vision. They are still draining some of the blood off the brain but the doctors feel she was very, very lucky. I know it was all the prayers! Please thank everyone on the prayer list for me. It is so wonderful to have a group of folks who are praying with me! I know I'm not alone, I have divine spirit but I also have the prayer group to pray with me. It is so great!!

New Awareness

LeeAnn Georgia.  Sadly I must admit that I have been very down the past few weeks.  I Have been feeling sorry for myself, alone and with no real plans for the future.  I came to this web site while surfing the internet for a book by Emmet Fox.  I began to read the letters from all the people who had demonstrations and I was deeply, deeply touched.  I felt a sense of  overwhelming joy.  For the first time in weeks I feel inspired, I have hope.  Something deep within me said "LeeAnn you can do it too."  As the music on that page played and I re-read every letter, tears rolled down my face. Then I just cried and cried.  I had a release, an awareness and I have hope.  Oh my God, I feel I was directed to this site.  Today is a new beginning for me with the realization that life is for living.

Depression Overcome

Brad, S, Arizona.  God's mercy is so great! Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I am back to work. The depression and physical inability to work have been overcome. The doctors to whom I was led have provided appropriate care to meet the physical needs. Yet it is God that provided the doctors and the medicine and the nutrition, and He applied the remedies specific to my body's needs. And it is God's mercy that kept me (mostly!) sane during this time of trial. Like Emmet Fox says: "We never work with conditions....we work with our state of consciousness." Even though I often felt close to God in these last months, there were many times when I despaired of feeling strong and healthy again. I knew God had not deserted me, I just felt alone. Now that I am so much healthier, I praise and thank the Lord for his healing mercy. And I am much more aware that he was especially close to me even when I didn't feel His presence. Thank you for providing a forum for prayer. What a wonderful service to the prayers and prayees!   Love.

Blood Pressure Normal

Susan, NV. Recently I went to the Surgical Arts Center in Reno for my second cataract surgery.  The nurse put me on a gurney in a small room with florescent lights. I began to feel afraid. My body turned bright red and my blood pressure spiked. I was told I could not be given a sedative before I went into the surgery room.  I knew I had to do something so I closed my eyes and began to pray.  I used two affirmations, God's love surrounds me and God is my health. After 15 or 20 minutes I was taken to the surgery room. I opened my eyes and was fascinated by the gold ceiling with the different patterns and designs. I felt my body go soft and felt a warmth and relaxed. My blood pressure was now normal and the surgery proceeded. I thought about the gold ceiling the next day and how it calmed me.  I had to know so I called the Surgical Center to ask if they had an operating room with a gold ceiling and she said they were all standard white. I wasn't surprised. I knew my prayers and positive thoughts had taken me to a different place of peace and protection .  I will always remember the gold ceiling and how my prayers took me there.  Thank you for letting me share. 

Healing Between Father & Son

Tom, N.Y.S .  I don't think there was any New Though teacher who touched so many lives, as did Dr. Fox.  I have been working with the Science of Living, which by the way, is exceptional material, and I began treating for my son to communicate with me. Just to communicate.   He had become so distant and pr-occupied with some negative friends.  I felt if we talked the past out, things would change.  I was using prayer treatments throughout  the day, whenever I could.  Yesterday, my son came home and said "dad we need to talk, I want you to know I do care about you."  We resolved our issues and we are both experiencing the healing.  I was moved to tears with emotion.  I think of all the folks in this world who could be benefiting from this form of prayer.  

From Failure To Success

Mary, New Mexico.  Through Dr. Fox I learned Life is  Consciousness and we are what we think. I changed my life around by discovering through his teachings who I really am.  This teaching is not an overnight fix, it takes dedication and persistence.   I had a terrible teen-hood, both parents drank and for a brief period things were so bad I was removed from my home.  I was angry, hurt, bitter and had almost given up on life by considering death.  I just could not get ahead.  I had no money, my clothes were  dated, my self image was zero, and I was failing in school.  The few friends that I had were a bad influence.  My mothers sister, who lived out of state, knew my situation and invited me to visit her for the summer.  Staying with  my aunt was a blessing.  She bought me some nice clothes, had my hair re-styled and took me places.  The best thing she did for me was not  the material gifts but a spiritual one.  She introduced me to a neighbors daughter, Beth.  Beth was different from my regular friends at home.  She was  positive and outgoing.  She played the piano at a local church and invited me to go one Sunday.  The church was named Unity.  I had never heard of a Unity church before, but I loved the service and the music.  This is where I first learned about Dr. Fox.  I went every Sunday and looked forward to it.  I was spiritually hungry.  The minister, a wonderful older woman invited me to attend a weekday class.  The class was on the book The Sermon On The Mount and Beth and I attended.  This was the beginning of a new life for me.  While in this class, I decided to get my grades up to go to college.  When I returned home, I refused to be party of the family problems and I studied hard. I graduated receiving an award in math.  When the time came my aunt helped with the college finances.  My life was turning around.  I felt good about myself, a joy I had never felt before. I continued reading all of the New Thought books I could find, especially those by Dr. Fox.  After two years of college, I started my own business which is another huge success story. Over the years Beth and I kept in touch  She was the maid-of-honor at my wedding.  Life is wonderful and I owe all of my success and happiness to these teachings.  I learned that God gives us the opportunities we just have to recognize them, connect to them, work with them and be patient.  The key is Let Go and Let God!  Thank you for this opportunity to share and for this extraordinary web site. 

Physical Healing

 Mike, CA.  Thank you for this site.  I am writing to share a  demonstration. I had developed a health problem which had really rattled me.  The attending doctor was anything but positive, telling me to face the facts.  I thought about what he said for quite awhile and I realized that the real facts are I am not someone with health problems, I am made in the image and likeness of God. I was not going to focus on ill health. I began to re-read and use the Golden Key. I did this every day for over eight weeks and I started to feel better.  During my medical visit yesterday, I was cleared of all medical issues. God is good.   I know I have to stay on the beam and work with these teachings every day  without fail. 

Perfect House Sale

Pat.  Dublin, Ireland.  My request for prayer treatment was  for perfect order for my real estate project.  For one house to be sold in a timely manner and the second purchased in the same way.  My prayers were answered.  The house sold and a second house in under contract.  Your prayers are appreciated.  I also  asked you to treat for me to visit America.  Well, the new job I will be starting includes travel, and I am told this will include a trip to two to the U.S.  What a demonstration this is for me.  It has strengthened my faith.  I know without question that this method of positive prayer works in any situation.  You are all so wonderful.   God Bless everyone here.

 Perfect Job

Marge E, Washington State This email is just to let you know I got the job I asked for in the prayer. The job is EXACTLY what I wanted and it’s really incredible that I got it since I was out of the field for 3 years (mainframe COBOL programming). It’s incredible they wanted to hire me! And the pay is incredibly good! Incredibly! It seems like a miracle that I got the job! I just found out today that I’m hired!! I start next Wednesday, Feb. 1! I needed the money so much and I am really, really thrilled.  Thank you so much for praying for me!!!!

Money Manifested

Brent I am so excited about my recent demonstration, I had to write to you.  I lost my dad not too long ago and my mom Kathy, has been in a little financial crunch.  I needed one thousand dollars more to pay for college and I did not want to burden mom. It is my last year and I did not want to put this off any longer.   I have been reading her book "The Sermon on the Mount." I found a great deal of wisdom in that book.  I came upon her Golden Key and read it also with interest.  I decided to Golden Key for my college money.  I put it out of my mind and went on to enjoy the holiday with extended family.  My cousin who is my age gave me a very touching card on Christmas Eve and in the card were three instant lottery tickets.  I thought it a nice gesture but thought nothing more of it.  When I returned home, I scratched off the numbers and to my complete and utter surprise I realized I had a winning lottery card.  I won the amount of one thousand dollars, just the amount I needed for my college payment.  When I told my mother the story we both hugged. Mom had tears in her eyes.  I feel very blessed.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.  I plan to apply the Golden Key to a number of areas in my life. Mostly, I Golden Key that mom can get through this difficult time and can move forward with her life.

Lost Puppy Found

Barbara, VA.  My prayer request and Emmet Fox Christmas miracle.  This is the first time I am writing to this site.  I was never much involved in religion.  I always thought of myself as a free thinker. I discovered that my mom studied New Thought, after her recent death, when I came upon many of her books.  I love to read so I began pouring through the pages of The Sermon on the Mount and The Ten Commandments.  I felt "connected".  I began to think about Emmet Fox, who was he and how was he so able to effect my thoughts?  To cut to the short of it.  A new dog, loved very dearly by my little boy, got out and took off.  Needless to say, my son who has serious health issues, was very upset.  This was a gift from his dad, my ex, for the holidays.  We searched all day and all evening for the dog with no results.  That night I had a dream of a man telling me to search in a dense wooded area to the north of my home.  He pointed the way in the dream.  When I got up that morning, I knew this was a sign, I picked up The Sermon on the Mount and there was the face of the man in the dream.  Dr. Fox.  I grabbed my coat and headed into the brush behind my home.  I kept calling to the dog. I kept moving deeper into the woods.  I was in the thick of brush and vines, my heart was pounding, I was nervous about bears in the area, when I heard the dog.  He had an injured paw and was frightened.  With tears in my eyes, I grabbed the dog and headed back home.  I believe with all my heart that Dr. Fox took me to this dog.  My son who has been very ill, was so excited.  I feel so connect to this man for some reason, and so blessed.

Physical Symptoms Disappeared

Marie, Dellas, TX. About 5 years ago some routine lab tests revealed a low white cell count.  I was referred to a hematologist/oncologist who ran detailed blood studies followed by a bone marrow sampling. All of this took several weeks.  During this time I was calm and felt assured that all would be well.  This attitude I attribute to the applying of the Golden Key principles in my life every day.  It developed that the condition was a harmless case of "neutropena" which cleared up completely a few weeks later.  I believed then and still whole-heartedly believe that the very best prayer I can pray is "Thy will be done" because "God's will is always something good and fine" and in fact, much better than anything I could design or imagine for myself.  I pray for God's will so that I will not short change myself!!

Physical Healing

Laurette, France Since I wrote you, my health is going better. Since I wrote you,  I had big miracles in my life (you can't imagine !). Thank you very much for your help.

Finding Freedom In Prison

Nick. São Paulo, Brasil,   I'm sorry for my bad English. I have a very beautiful testimony, I was in the prison when I found one book, in portuguese "Mensagens para o dia a dia" , those words in this book give-me the real freedom, I was considered  not guilty, also I found God.  And who introduced me, was Mr. Emmet Fox.

Job Secure

P. New York.  When I asked for prayers in October and again in November, I never realized how truly powerful prayer really is. The decision for my executive position to end due to a company merge was final, I asked for prayers to re-locate to another company. I was sad and very anxious and ready to just give up, since I felt  I had given so much of my life to this company.   My last day of work was to be at the end of this month.  Then suddenly, last week, my present company  asked me to stay on and another company made me an offer.  I cannot thank you all enough for your loving support, your prayers and positive encouragement.   God is good, and I now plan to make time, busy or not, for worship. 

Job Manifested

Josh, CA I wrote for prayer asking for direction in my life in the area of employment and career.  Shortly after I requested prayers, and began to Golden Key for employment, a wonderful job came through.  I am grateful for this teaching and this prayer ministry.  God Bless.

Biopsy Benign

Marianne, NJ In October I had a questionable mammogram which required further testing and a visit to a specialist.  A biopsy was needed but the doctor was unsure whether or not I would be able to have a less invasive biopsy or would need a surgical procedure.  I posted here and asked that you pray with me that the biopsy could be done without having surgery and that the final outcome of all the testing would be negative.  On Nov.18th I underwent the less invasive biopsy procedure and today I received the wonderful news that it was benign.   I have so much to be thankful health, my belief in God, the teachings of Emmet Fox which helped me so much through all this, and all the wonderful people around the world on this site who prayed with me for this healthy outcome.  

Healed of Fear

Jeannette, N.Y Reading this prayer page and the demonstration page over the past months has made me do some serious thinking about the need to make changes in my life .  I have been inspired and touched by all of the posts.  You see, I have allowed myself to be a victim of a very abusive marriage.  The realization I had was the fact that I am in control of my life, no matter what.  I was always afraid to make a change.  Each time I read the letters of demonstration I get filled with emotion.  I began to see some light at the end of the tunnel for myself.  I got the courage, after twelve years of hell, to move out and I am starting a life of my own.  A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, but I am still a little frightened and insecure.  I never had a support system in my life and I know I can keep moving forward knowing others are there for me spiritually.  I am re-reading The Sermon on the Mount and getting new inspiration.  Thank you for being here and for your prayers.  I love this site!

Job Manifested

Ray. Hello!  Just one week after I requested prayer from the Emmet Fox prayer ministry, I was offered a job with a good salary and package.  I have tried so hard to get a job and nothing was happening.  I let go and turned this over to God when I wrote to you for prayer, Then the job manifested.  I plan to tithe to this site from my first pay check.  I am so grateful to everyone here for your help.  I feel so good about myself and I can finally see the Light. 

 Ears, Nose & Throat Problems Ended

Louisa, UK  The teachings of Dr. Fox are smashing and have brought many positive changes in my life.  I have and am still working with  the Golden Key.  Not easy to keep your focus on God when in the midst of a barmy situation, but it works.  I use to stutter when I got nervous and it was a problem at my work.  The Golden Key helped me to overcome that problem.  I don't want to chin wag on, so, here.   I  asked for some prayers for an ear, nose and throat problem. Thank you for your assistance.   I have just returned from he doc and he said the problem that I had is fine and cleared up.  I feel very well and I thank you for your prayers.

From Turmoil To Peace

Liz, UK I made a wrong choice in a marriage for the wrong reason.  I thought I could help someone to change.  After much drama, I realize we can only change ourselves.  I asked for pray.  I needed peace and an end to this very negative situation, blessing all concerned.  My prayers were answered.   I now believe in miracles!  My ex  decided to end our marriage without a problem, he finally decided to let go and move on.  One has to know this man to know that this is a miracle.  He had a great deal of anger in him and always wanted to get even.  I treated every day in the midst of all the turmoil here and when I asked for prayer, good things began to happen.  This ministry of prayer is very powerful and I thank you from the core of my being for helping me regain my freedom and for helping my ex.

Reunited With Daughter

Jess, LA.  Everyone knows of the devastation so many family have experienced do of the storm that struck our city of New Orleans.  Well, like so many others, our family experienced the chaos of being separated from each other.  I had no way of contacting or locating my young daughter who is expecting her first child.  I have never experienced such sadness having to leave my home and not knowing if my daughter was safe. I could not rest wondering about my daughter.  We had no way to contact each other.  All I could do was pray.  My mom who is eighty, and very much into the writings of Dr. Emmet Fox would always tell me, "When in crisis, Golden Key."  I did this prayer treatment throughout every day.  I just accepted her safety and saw us re-united.  When I arrived by bus at a shelter in Texas, I cried tears of joy.  There was was my daughter who has arrived earlier on another bus.  God is good.  Now I golden key that my home will be repaired.

Attracted Soul Mate

Claudette, UK  Hello. I have been using the Emmet Fox scientific prayer treatment to attract someone special in my life. It does work!  I went on holiday to Manchester with a friend and on the day my friend went to visit family, I did my own local site seeing.  I took with me an Emmet Fox  book and had it as a lunch companion.  A nice chap in the  eatery pointed to the book and  said he had read The Sermon On The Mount.  What a neat introduction, just like Dr. Fox brought us together.  Well, the short of it, we have a wonderful connection, and talked on for about an hour.  I have since been to Manchester many times and he has visited me, we are now seeing each other on a regular basis.   I feel very blessed!  Update: I married my Manchester man (my soul mate) and I am very happy.

Positive House Sale

 M.J. Canada.  Firstly, I would like to share a demonstration I  received last January when posting on this prayer board. Our home was for sale, and we had had several visits, but no offer. My husband and I were becoming discouraged, as preparing the house for each visit was a lot of work, and we had been hoping to conclude the sale without a lot of hassle. A couple of days after requesting prayer, we sold our home at a fair price. Thank you to God and to all those who prayed on our behalf. . Thank you for this wonderful site.

Angel Sent By God

John, CA.  I am writing to share my incredible demonstration.  A demonstration I owe to the teachings of Dr. Emmet Fox.  My only son was HIV positive and when he shared that with me it almost destroyed me, it almost destroyed my faith in God.  I was just surfacing from losing the love of my life, my dear wife two years before.  I finally was able to accept that she was in a better place and had graduated into a higher level of life.   Now all I could think about was losing my son too.  I was totally closed down and began to drink not to feel the emotional pain.   I could not work so I quit my job, my neat and tidy home looked terrible as did I, and I drank even more.  My son became ill and had to be hospitalized, it was then I learned he had aids.  He was very weak and I wasn't certain he would be able to fight this.  When he said "dad I need you to be here for me, don't destroy your life,"  I knew I had to get a handle on things so I could be there for him.  Through his illness he kept saying "I won't leave here until I know you are where you should be in life, I am praying for you to be happy and healthy."  Those words remain with me until this day.  I got help for the drinking and began to clean up my act.  I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I did it for my son.  I was introduced to some books by Dr. Fox and I began to read the Sermon on the Mount.  This was just what I needed.  He was getting weak and I was now at his bedside night and day.  I decided to change my life and to attend services at a New Thought church.  It was there I met a wonderful supportive woman on the greeting committee who had lost her husband to related drinking problems.  She told me more about Emmet Fox and scientific prayer and introduced me to this website. She came with me to visit with my son every day.  She brought him the Golden Key and he read it a number of times.  She read to him and made him laugh, like an angel sent by God.  She was a gift from God without question. She became part of my world.  She helped me see the Light.  I was able to put the drinking and the depression out of my life.  As time passed, my son said "dad you look happy and I'm ok."  I said "I am son and I am thinking about going back to work again."   My son said, "Dad I can go now, accept it, it's ok." My friend and I were there that evening when my son closed his eyes for the last time.  A year has passed and my life has changed completely.  I am in a wonderful job, a new home and my dear friend and I just married.  Every day we make a point to golden key those who have moved forward in life.  Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Negative Biopsy

Cora, Canada.  When the doctor gave me the news of a breast lump that he did not like and suggested immediate surgery, I went into shock.  I was very frightened and depressed.  How could this happen to me?  I thought.  I take such excellent care of my heath and I am a constructive thinker.  Well, maybe I wasn't.  My sister suggested that I just turn this over to God in prayer.  I started reading the Golden Key and applied the Golden Key concept every day, two and three times a day.  Then I began working with the book The Science of Living since obviously I did not have a handle on the science of living.  I worked with each and every paragraph and the treatments.  I requested prayers from your prayer ministry and I then gave it to God.  I felt different, as if a burden was being lifted.  The fear was gone and I knew I was ready to handle whatever I had to.  I had the surgery which turned out to be nothing more than the removal of tissue.  The tissue biopsy was negative.  In this situation, negative was good.  I believe I changed my consciousness enough to make it through what could have been a very difficult problem.  These Emmet Fox teachings have enabled me to demonstrate and I am very grateful.  Thank you for being there for me.

Position Achieved

Brian, PA. Your work on the web site and the books mean a great deal to me!  I feel a special connection to Emmet Fox, and to know that others are out there feeling the same is a joy.  I was thinking (happily) today that there are only two 'contacts' between me and Dr. Fox -- you and the Wolhorns.  Not bad!   I'm happy to report that I am already 'demonstrating' in the areas of job/prosperity -- God had provided a position as a financial consultant with a very good firm.  The pay is very good (not quite the hourly rate I eventually hope to make, but I have been promised that, once I've proven myself, I'll get an increase).  Also, because this position involves going out to various Fortune 500 companies and helping them with financial projects, it gives me an opportunity to connect with a lot of people in the financial world.  That could mean an even better position in the future.  In the meantime, I'm earning and learning and growing.  I am very thankful, and I thank you for your prayers.

Financial Issue Resolved

 M.R., New JerseyDemonstration.    My brother and I had  to finalize a family financial issue after my Mom passed away this Spring.  I was concerned about my brother being fair to me in the distribution of my Mom's estate.   I had drifted away from the Emmet Fox teachings for many, many years and one day opened my desk drawer to find my Golden Key booklet.  Well I picked it up, read it, re-read it and read it again.  I began to Golden Key the situation with my brother.  I took a family picture which included my deceased Dad, my recently deceased Mom,  my brother and me and Golden Keyed the family unit.  I Golden Keyed what my parents wanted for their children, for justice and fairness and love and understanding.   When it came time to do the distribution there was absolutely no conflict, the estate was  equally divided between us.   I know this is what my Mom wanted, she was so worried about me not being employed.   This financial boost allowed me to pay off the mortgage on my home.  Now I have one less large bill to worry about each month.  

Reunited With Daughter

Pearl.   I want to share a testimony about Emmet Fox's Golden Key.  Without question, it works!  A number of years ago when I was In the midst of a very bad marriage, my teenage daughter ran away. I tried every possible avenue to find her with no success,  She became another name on the list of missing children.  No words could describe my deep sadness and feelings of loss.  My life was in turmoil. My husband left and  I almost could not go on.  I lived every moment of every day trying to locate my daughter.  Weeks turned into months, months into years.  No contact and no word from my little girl. I left no stone unturned, trying to locate her whereabouts. Suddenly I became very ill and was facing life threatening surgery.  I so wanted to see my daughter one more time, since doctors were not certain I would pull through.  My wish, my hearts desire was to reconnect with my daughter.  The only support I had was a friend, who gave me The Golden Key.  After reading this booklet, I decided to let go of all the fear, all the anxiety, all the wishes and hopes.  I just Golden Keyed for a contact from my daughter before I left this earth.  I accepted it, without doubt.  Ever time I felt anxious I applied the Golden Key.  A few days before I was to check into the surgical unit, It happened, like a miracle, a letter arrived from my daughter saying she was thinking about me and wanted to see me.  My heart was racing and my voice trembled when I called the telephone number in the letter.   It had been over five years since I had seen or heard her voice.  I was so overwhelmed, I could hardly speak.  When I told her what was happening, she said she wanted to come home.  She was at my bedside on the day of my surgery.  She brought a special gift, a little girl, a granddaughter I never knew I had.   My daughter is  grown up now and quite different.  I see the positive changes in her.  I feel so blessed.  Every day I have here on earth is another blessing.  The Golden Key has been my life line.  Thank you Dr. Fox.

Divine Order Job

C.M.  After reading and working with The Science Of Living, I am experiencing incredible demonstrations.  What I treated for exactly has come to me.  For example,  When I felt that my present job was about to end I treated for another job.  I treated for a job where I could re-locate and still have a continuous source of income, and yet give me free time to continue to search for what it is I truly want.  A tall order right?  I picked up a Sunday paper, which I usually don't do,  There was an ad for "work at home"  setting up appointments.  I thought this was really a long shot.  The other day, a week and 1/2 after I placed the call I received a phone call from this woman.  The job is with a real company, offering real money. and one I can re-locate with.  This morning after I received the call confirming the job, I was informed by my current employer that my job there would be finished at the end of this month.  Exactly when the new position starts.  How's that for a quick, on target manifestation?  I continue to pass along your web site and tell everyone I know of my constantly occurring miracles. Fear has been such a big part of my life.  But I've always felt, intellectually, that fear is the antithesis of Faith.  I'm starting finally to feel it too.  Thank you for your help and your love. 

Reunited With Birth Brother

Key, UK.  Hello, my name is Kay, however, everyone calls me Key, and the reason for that is answered in this story.  I am originally from Ireland, I was told as I was growing up that I had an identical twin brother.  We were both adopted at a young age by separate families.  When I was in my twenties, I started to search for my brother, without results.  As the years past I discovered New Thought and Emmet Fox.  I began to "Golden Key" for my brother.  I did this every day, morning and night without fail for about five years, knowing we would re-connect with each other.  In all honesty, my life seemed empty and  a bit sad knowing I had a twin and did not know him.  I always watched faces on the street hoping to see someone that looked like me.  When  dear Princess Diana passed, close friends invited my husband and I on holiday to London. We decided to go.  Since London was so busy at that time, we stayed nearby, outside the city.  We fell in love with a wonderful local bistro and ate there every day.  My friends and husband remarked how much the owner and I looked alike.  I studied him, and they were right, we did look like he could be family.  I did not want to get my hopes up and I became anxious thinking, could this be my brother?  I continued to Golden Key for peace and harmony.  As we conversed over that week we were on holiday, I began to feel a connection.  He told us that was also adopted, and like me, he was born in Ireland and had been searching for his only sister. Our birthdays were a match.  Everything was a match.  I had finally found the brother I had been searching for in my heart and in my life.  We did a background check and it was confirmed. What a joyful reunion.  I cried for days with tears of joy.  We were both raised in good families.  Like Dr. Fox, my dad too was a doctor.   We now live in the UK near my brother and his family.  I Golden Key everything in my life and it works.   God does it work!  That is why they call me Key.  I believe the Golden Key raised my consciousness just enough to work like a magnet though time and space.  With faith, it will work for you too.

Prosperity Demonstration

Rev. Pat - Retired.  Hello dear friends.  I served as minister in a New Thought church for many years until I realized it was time to pass the "golden keys" along to someone younger and maybe even wiser.  In its youth, our church was struggling financially.  Someone asked about giving a class on the book Power Through Constructive Thinking.  The class was full with overflow.  The donations helped pay for problems with our heating.  We had given other classes on prosperity and healing etc, but it was the classes on the Emmet Fox studies that drew the students.  These classes over the years, built an addition for a children's church, a beautiful meditation garden and extra parking.  I visited the church from out of state this past year.  I sat in the meditation garden for a few moments reflecting, As I looked around I felt so good.  I  just had to  say a silent "thank you" to the man who made it all possible, Dr. Emmet Fox.

Manifesting Success

Dan.  I don't think I have shared this story with more than a few people in my life.  Many years ago I was having a rough time.  I came from a problem background, dad drank and hardly worked and mom held two jobs to keep us in food and clothing.  I hung around, mostly with the wrong crowd.  I began drinking also.  I could not seem to catch up with myself.  My cousin arranged a job interview for me and I did not want to tell him that I did not have a jacket to wear for the interview. I wanted the job real bad.  I found my way to a second hand clothing store, found a jacket for only a few dollars and brought it to be cleaned and pressed.  When I returned to pick it up, the clerk handed me two thin booklets that were in one of the pockets.  One was the Golden Key, the other Alter Your Life by Dr. Emmet Fox.  I needed to Alter my life, so I found a quiet spot and began to read these two life changing booklets.  This was my introduction to Dr. Fox and a new way of thinking.  I golden keyed for the job which I was hired for.  I was to start work in a week at ground level.  I was excited, finally a break.  I dropped away from the old friends. I continued reading the works of Fox and applying his teachings as best I could, at my level of understanding.  I saw myself as a child of God for the first time. I could see the changes I was making and the rewards I was experiencing.  I retired a few years ago as vice president of a well established company.  God has been good.  I have made it a practice over the years, to put a Fox booklet in the pocket of every jacket I have out grown, and I have out grown a few, before donating them out.  Emmet Fox has been a guide in my life.  I continue to read and re-read his books which give me new insights and new thoughts.  Emmet Fox His Life Story, which I have just finished touched my heart and my emotions.  I cherish this book, thank you for writing it.  You are a blessing in this world.

Special Friendship

JoyceLynn.  Hello.  I believe that Dr. Fox had something to do with my meeting someone who is very special in my life.  I was out of town and shopping in a book store.  I went to reach for the Sermon On The Mount at the exact time someone else was reaching for the same book.  We laughed and exchanged a few words.  Three months later I decided to attend a New Thought conference, my first.  When I rang for the hotel elevator, the doors opened and I came face to face with the person from the bookstore.  This was the beginning of a great friendship and later relationship.  I was moving because of a job change to the very city this person was living in.  Divine order destiny...

Life Is Good

Jim.   I have read everything  that Dr. Fox had written that is still in print.  I read "Around the Year with Emmet Fox" every day.  Being exposed to his teachings has resulted in dramatic, constructive, wonderful changes in my life.

Happier Life

Mel B. I would like to introduce myself as a longtime devotee of Emmet Fox writings.   Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount changed my life.  I could no more do without those principles than I could survive without oxygen.  Thanks largely to Emmet Fox, my road of happy destiny has had enough illumination to carry me along and to pass better ideas on to others.

Marriage Problems Healed

Jerry. FL.  Hello.  I am so please to see this web site, which is a tribute to Dr. Fox.   Many years ago, when I attended the Church of the Healing Christ in New York City, Dr. Herman Wolhorn was my minister and his wife Blanche, the Sunday school teacher to my  two children.   My wife, Helen, was going through some emotional problems at the time and wanted to be an entertainer.  She felt being a wife and mother was not fulfilling.  We had a discussion over it and when I returned home that evening from work, I found a note saying she had left with the children.  I was quite upset and called everyone I know trying to locate her and my children. Concerned for their safety, I made a report with the police.  In great distress, I called Dr. Wolhorn.  He said, “I will come right over.”  When He arrived at my home in Brooklyn, I was in terrible shape, I could hardly think straight.  He prayed with me.  His prayer treatment, was so powerful, it touched my soul.  His advice to me was “put on your brakes to fear, Jerry and know that God prevails.”  He said, “She will feel the need to return.”  I hung onto his words.  An entire day went by and the following morning, I called Dr. Wolhorn again, for re-enforcement.  As we were speaking, I heard the key in the door it was my wife Helen, with the children.  The kids were so happy to see me and be home again.  Helen said, “I felt the need to return home.”  The very words used by Dr. Wolhorn.  Helen received the help she needed.  My children are grown up now with children of their own.  I enjoyed reading the Emmet Fox story, which reminded me of my story and the realization that prayer treatment does work.  Dr. Herman and Blanche were two of the most wonderful people who walked this earth.  God bless them and everyone here.

New Person

 Dee, OR Dr. Emmet Fox has changed my life from a living hell.  His teachings do work.  His words have brought me up from the edges of despair.  I have worked with his principles for a number of years, and I am a new person because of it.

Healing at Work

Gina W.  I know that nothing happens by accident.  There is always a divine plan.  I believe a very spiritual event took place at my job.  For many months, I have been in some sort of conflict with a new boss.  He has been short with me and never quite happy with my work. People in our office have also been subject to his negativity.  It has been very unpleasant.  I had even thought of leaving my job.  I purchased Emmet Fox His Life Story at my church a week ago.  I brought it to the office to read on my lunch hour.  I was headed out the door when my boss stopped me, he wanted  to ask me to re-do a project.  He was not very happy and looked very sad. He caught a glimpse of the book in my hand and said "I know that man."  Referring to Dr. Fox.  "I mean, I have read his books," he said.  I saw a change in his face and a change in the way he spoke to me.  I offered to share the book with him after I was through reading it, and he beamed.  Right there, a healing took place.  He said  "I know I have been difficult to work with, I have some things going on in my life, I am sorry."  He made a complete turn around.  Everyone in the office has seen it also.  He has become very pleasant.  Today he said "seeing you with a Fox book made me realize, I have to get back reading New Thought again."   I am so happy he saw me with this Fox book, since I love my job and really did not want to leave. I just know that this was part of a divine plan.  I see no reason to leave my job now.  Work seems to be good, and the book, is the best.  I really enjoyed reading it. 

No More Doubt

Larry, CA I thought I could not possibly complete a goal.  Nothing seemed to be working in my life.  I did not believe in myself or in my own abilities.  I began to read books by Charles Fillmore, Dr. Joseph Murphy and later, Dr. Emmet Fox.  Dr. Fox seemed to get through to me.  I felt what he was writing, deep down inside.  It seemed to click.  I began to feel a stirring inside that urged me to keep on, to trust, that with God, all things are possible .Knowing this enabled me to push doubt aside and affirm with conviction, YES I CAN!  I then believed in myself and in my own abilities because I realized God is my inspiration.  When something negative comes into my life, I turned my attention to something positive and I go within.  Each time I re-read the books Power Through Constructive Thinking  and The Sermon On The Mount, I get new revelations and understandings.  I have been very, very  blessed in life and I know these blessings come from the wisdom of the great teachers of New Thought I have come to know,  especially, Emmet Fox who has given me some great keys to life.  It's a great path to be on.  Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Position Manifested

Jane, WA. I wrote to ask for prayer and for an end to my depression. I could not seem to find a job and my finances were low.  I started with a temp job with an excellent possibility of being hired full time.  This job came just when I needed it.  For me this is quite a demonstration.  When the full time position did not come through, I was discouraged.  I affirmed your positive words.  I have just been hired as a project officer by another major company, with a salary more than I expected.  I'm so happy and excited that I don't have to live on a shoestring budget anymore.  Thank you for the spiritual support and being there for me.

Health Issues Overcome

Anne. Canada....  I had a serious health problem.  I began to really apply the Mental Equivalent by Emmet Fox.  I then ordered  The Golden Key and Simplified Lessons Of Life And Health.  This material started me thinking in the right direction, and began the healing process.  As I work with these concepts, I can see the changes taking place in my life.  My health has very much improved, with no medical assistance.  The big demonstration for me is not just my health improving but the realization and understanding that life is consciousness.  I know my thoughts needed to be corrected.  I still have much work to do with my thoughts, since it is so easy to slide back to the old ways of thinking.  I am now reading everything I can by Dr. Emmet Fox.  His writings contain a great deal of wisdom.  I am pleased to report that Anne in Canada is healthy and well and seeing the light.

Faith Renewed

Rob.  I prayed for my faith to be renewed.  I left the church years ago and never had a feeling to return.  I have been searching for answers.  I lost my job and have recently divorced.  Things for me have not been great.  A few days ago I opened a Holiday card from a friend and inside was a little booklet "Life Is Consciousness."  Boy, did I connect to that.  I just loved it.  I searched the net for the name Emmet Fox and I found this site. Thank you for suggesting all the reading material and for sending the positive words to work with.  I feel inspired and connected again.  "Life Is Consciousness" makes quite a bit of sense and I am very grateful to my friend for sending it to me.   This is great.

With God All Things Are Possible

Alison... Just yesterday I had an interesting demonstration.  I was excited about meeting my boyfriends parents for the first time.  I took extra time dressing and getting ready for a Sunday morning brunch they arranged at an upscale restaurant,. I found myself running a little late, so I was walking faster than usual up sixth avenue here in New York City, as I turned a corner, the high heel on my right shoe snapped off.  I totally panicked.  I could not see myself walking off balance into the restaurant.  I was almost in tears thinking about returning all the way home. Then I remembered the Golden Key and I turned to God and Golden Keyed my situation.  As I turned my head, I realized I was standing right in front of a store with a sign in this window  "Open - No wait shoe repairs."  I explained my situation and the storekeeper was able to replaced the heel very quickly with one the same height.  It did not really match but no one noticed.  It also gave me a few minutes to catch my breath and release the stress.  God is good and the Golden Key which has never failed me, brought me through another situation.  I found this site by surfing the net, and I am happy I did.

A Job And A Home

Cate... After posting a prayer request on this site and using treatments, I have demonstrated a job, a place to live and a financial gift from a friend for a new beginning.  I have a new outlook and I know the New Year is going to be a wonderful new beginning for me. I am very grateful.

A Job Plus..

Jerry...I had such a fear of not being able to get a job, I was afraid to even try.  It had been one year since I held a job and my finances were dwindling.  I began working with "The Mental Equivalent" every day.  I started to think differently about myself and my life.   I had a lift in consciousness.  A friend said to me "you seem different."  I was different. He mentioned a job opening that he knew about.  Not only did I get the job, but I was promoted into sales.  I am doing quite well.  The Mental Equivalent remains in my brief-case and is my constant traveling companion.  This teaching has truly changed my life.

Obsession Overcome

Tracy.. I can now say in all honesty that I had been very obsessed in a relationship that I seemed to think had to work.  I was so afraid of having no one in my life, being alone and single, that I had to make Mark want me.  All I was doing was pushing him away and creating a difficult situation.  A friend who attended a New Thought Church gave me "The Golden Key."  I put it aside and had not read it until months later.  I was so desperate; I picked up the booklet and began to read it.  It made sense.  I asked my friend "who is Emmet Fox?"  She then gave me his book "The Sermon On The Mount."  This book helped me to see why my life was not taking off.  It made me realize that I did not have to live such a limited life, that I did not have to control Mark or anyone else in my life.  I learned to let go and when I was able to do that, I began to feel alive.  I experienced a sense of freedom that cannot be described in words.  I have read most of the books by Dr. Fox.  I had never heard of him until a few years ago, and I have never had the opportunity to meet him or hear him speak, but he has had a profound influence on my life.  I have met a wonderful man, I am happily married and the word "obsessed" has been erased from my dictionary forever thanks to Dr. Fox. 

Perfect Surgery

Diane, NY  My dad Bill was no candidate for surgery do to other health issues, and he needed major surgery immediately.  Our family was very upset.  I e-mailed this site for prayers.  I felt spiritual support and I am happy to share that  Dad made it through the surgery with no complications and  is doing very well. 

Divine Order Birth

Charles. Dear JoAnn and Cecil.  First, thank you for being here to share this story.  I would not know who to share it with except my mother who has been in Unity for many years.  She ordered "Emmet Fox His Life Story" and loved it so much she passed it along to me for a read.  I had read the first few chapters, and was enjoying the book, when my wife Irene, who was over her due date for our second child went into labor. I packed her up and took the book with us to the hospital.  Complications set in.  She was in labor for many hours and the doctor decided to do a C-section.   As I sat with her, I began reading page 28. I repeated over like a prayer the quote "just be still and let the gentle soothing Spirit of Love speak to you.  Go deep down into your soul center and give the Spirit an opportunity" etc. The doctor made the statement, "we have some problems."  I was told the umbilical cord was around the baby's neck and my wife was very weak. Irene began to scream with pain.  She was immediately rushed into another room.  I was very shaken.  I kept repeating the words on  page 28, hanging on to their every syllable.  About a half hour later, the doctor appeared saying, "Good news, Irene gave natural birth to a boy, no complications, no C-section necessary.  I yelled out loud "Thank you God."  He said "this was very unusual, she just surfaced."  This was the 23rd of December.  We had a healthy eight pound two ounce son.  He is named Nicholas Emmet, for obvious reasons. 

Father & Daughter Reunited

Bob Here is an example of your and Dr. Fox's blessings. I have not seen or spoken to one of my daughters in over 3 years. She's approaching 30, and I have been very worried about her. Last night, after I finished reading your book, I asked that I might hear from her again. Just a few moments ago, I received a tearful phone call from her. She's coming home for Christmas.  Thank you for your prayers and your thoughts.

Divine Intervention

R.D. Ireland  Dear Rev. JoAnn  Your wonderful book was sent to me as a holiday present.  I enjoyed every single word.  I want to share with you an event which I believe is anything but co-incidental.  After I read the book, I felt so close to Dr. Fox, I silently said "Dr. Fox I wish you were my angel."  A few hours following I received a call from Italy with sad news about my sister being ill.  I went to the airline and I could not secure an immediate seat for myself.  I was placed on a stand-by list.  The book was so fresh in my mind, that I remembered "The Golden Key" and I golden keyed for a seat and left it in God's hands.  I was awakened in the wee hours by a telephone call from the airlines.  The agent calling had a seat for me on the next flight out.  I was pleased.  She then said "Mr. Fox, I will need your credit card information."  I felt almost as though I were trembling.  with a sense of confusion, I replied,  "I am not Mr. Fox, is the seat for him?"  She replied, "Oh, I am terribly sorry, Mr. Fox was the person who canceled."  I could not believe my ears and I could not move fast enough to tell this to my half awakened wife.  My name is Dade.  I believe Dr. Fox heard my silent prayer and helped me to get to see my ailing sister.  I am in Italy for another day, but my home is in Ireland.  Thank you for allowing me to share this with you, and I do hope it makes others realize that nothing is impossible.  The Golden Key is a powerful tool.  God bless you and yours and Happy Holidays from Italy.

Power of The Golden Key

Steve M.  Just wanted to add a few lines to this page which I very much like.  While this is not for a specific demonstration, it is about the power of the wonderful little pamphlet "The Golden Key" by Dr. Fox.  This simple little technique has helped me to realize my career, understand my teenagers during those difficult to understand years, and has helped me through some difficult times in business and at home.  Demonstrations are those great little every day events that surface in our lives.  My focus has always been on Religious Science and the wonderful teachings of   Raymond Charles Barker, Ernest Holmes and Joel Goldsmith.  When I came upon the writings of Emmet Fox, they just stayed with me.  I have worked with them with much success, and that has been  my demonstration.  Truth is wonderful, and I feel very blessed to have found this teaching, and more recently this on line site. This is a nice get away place to come and visit and feel inspired.  Thank you for your inspiring  note of reply.

Free Of Fear

J. The teachings by Dr. Fox have changed my life and enabled me to live free of fear, and fulfill my heart's desire.

Healthy Heart

Fred, IL. The tests on my heart  show improvement since working with everyone here in prayer and I am off the transplant list for emergency surgery.  What a blessing. Thank you all.

A Joyful Life

Bea, UK  My father, at an early age, attended the lectures of Dr. Fox, many years ago here in the UK.  He then  met Dr. Fox.  I began reading his works in my mid years, when I needed it most.  I am a senior citizen now and I still read Emmet Fox literature.  It has changed my life.  I shared the Emmet Fox  booklets with my nephew who is demonstrating tremendously in his life.  Dad gave me a great  gift,  the teachings of Dr. Fox and the understanding that Life is Consciousness.

New Outlook

J.. Germany  My "outlook" on life has changed forever. What's really cool is that many of the thoughts/feelings I've had about "Life" have been brought out of the depths of "My" Mind and "confirmed" as a result of reading what Dr Fox had to say, and it's been quite wonderful!

Little Demonstrations

 Mike.  When I started to use the Golden Key, I came to realize just what a demonstration really is.  This little technique has given me such pleasure.  It gets me a seat on Metro North every morning in rush hour, a parking spot just when I need it and easy checkout at department stores. I Golden key and another store register opens up, or a car just pulls away from the front of the store I plan to shop in. I Golden Keyed the neighbors barking dog and the dog now seems so happy.  It really works.  Life is full of demonstrations when we see them.  By the way, a few years ago, someone left this pamphlet, I believe just for me, at a busy Manhattan eatery. 


A demonstration is a spiritual realization followed by the manifestation in the outer of the Truth that has been realized within

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