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PROFESSIONAL appraisers exist in various fields. An expert will come in, take a good look at certain merchandise, and put an estimated value upon it. It is interesting to observe how often this verdict is found, by the market test, to be about correct. We seldom realize it, but we all do just that whenever a new problem faces us. We take a quick look at it, and we appraise its importance-but we nearly always overrate it enormously. A three-ounce difficulty we appraise at three tons (or sometimes even three hundred tons) through fear. Now, the size of any difficulty, or any problem, for you, is the size at which you appraise it. What you really consider to be a big problem, is a big problem for you. What you really consider a small problem, is a small problem for you. Of course, the higher the value at which you appraise the problem, the lower the value at which you appraise the power of God. We are told that, to the wise, a word is sufficient. According to your faith shall it be done unto you.

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Why is God Punishing Me? ~ Joseph Murphy

I had a friend who was bedridden with disease, and on visiting her at a hospital

in London, she said to me, "Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve

this? Why is God angry at me? Why is God punishing me?

Her friends pointed out to me how kindhearted and deeply spiritual she was, and

that she was a pillar of the church. It is true that she was an excellent person

in many ways, but she believed in the reality of her sickness and that the condition

was incurable. She believed that her heart was governed by laws of its own, independent

of her thinking. This was her belief, so, naturally, she acted accordingly.

She changed her belief and began to realize that her life was God's life and that

when she changed her mind, she would change her body. She began to cease giving

power to the sickness in her thought and prayed as follows:

"The Infinite Healing Presence is flowing through me as harmony, health, peace,

wholeness, and perfection. God's Healing Love dwells in every cell." She repeated

this prayer frequently and following her change of belief had a wonderful healing.

This woman had lived in fear of a heart attack for several years, not knowing that

what we most fear comes to pass.

The law of life is the law of belief. Trouble of any kind is nature's alarm signal

that we are thinking wrongly in that direction, and nothing but a change of thought

can set us free. We demonstrate what we really believe. There is a law of cause

and effect operating at all times, and nothing happens to man without his mental

consent and participation.

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Thinking Along With - James Allen

Life Is Like A Cloth

If one looks superficially at a piece of cloth, he sees it as a piece of cloth,

but if he goes further and inquires into its manufacture, and examines it closely

and attentively, he sees that it is composed of a combination of individual threads,

and that, while all the threads are interdependent, each thread pursues its own

way throughout, never becoming confused with its sister thread. It is this entire

absence of confusion between the particular threads which constitutes the finished

work a piece of cloth; any inharmonious commingling of the thread would result in

a bundle of waste or a useless rag.

Life is like a piece of cloth, and the threads of which it is composed are individual

lives. The threads, while being interdependent, are not confounded one with the

other. Each follows its own course. Each individual suffers and enjoys the consequences

of his own deeds, and not of the deeds of another. The course of each is simple

and definite; the whole forming a complicated, yet harmonious, combination of sequences.

There are action and reaction, deed and consequence, cause and effect, and the counterbalancing

reaction, consequence, and effect is always in exact ratio with the initiatory impulse.

A durable and satisfactory piece of cloth cannot be made from shoddy material, and

the threads of selfish thoughts and bad deeds will not produce a useful and beautiful

life, a life that will wear well, and bear close inspection. Each man makes or mars his own life;

it is not made or marred by his neighbor, or by anything external

to himself. Each thought he thinks, each deed he does, is another thread shoddy

or genuine woven into the garment of his life; and as he makes the garment so must

he wear it. He is not responsible for his neighbor's deeds; he is not the custodian

of his neighbor's actions; he is responsible only for his own deeds; he is the custodian

of his own actions.

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From David in the UK: I have come to focus on the importance of affirmative prayer through the written words of Emmet Fox. This has made a considerable difference in my life. Learning to stop asking God for my immediate needs, and affirming divine right action, has made all the difference in the world. I am thankful for the awareness of scientific prayer. Thank you for sharing his works.


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