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Awaken The Christ - Emmet Fox

Jesus and His disciples had gone into a boat to cross a lake. As so often happens

on lakes and small bodies of water, a storm came up suddenly. His disciples were

filled with fear and apprehension because the wind was so great that the boat was

rapidly filling with water -- but Jesus was asleep. The disciples first thought

was to awaken the Master (the Christ) for they felt that here was a situation that

had gotten beyond them. He arose and said unto the sea, "Peace, be still," and the

storm subsided. Then He turned to His disciples and asked them, "Where is your faith

that you are so fearful?" Now the Christ is asleep in each one of us until we become

aware that God is not to be found afar off but dwells within us. When the storms

(the problems) of life assail you, and it appears that your ship is about to go

under, then it is high time that you

awaken the Christ within you. Recall to mind that God in you is able to cope with

any difficulty, to bring peace and harmony in any

situation. Then will the Christ whisper to you, "Peace, be still. Let your fearful

trembling cease."


The Resurrection Of My Desire - A Treatment By Joseph Murphy

The Light of God shines through me and from me into everything about me. The emanating of God's Love flows from me; It is a healing radiance unto everyone who comes into my presence. I now assume the feeling of being what I want to be. I know that the way to resurrect my desire is to remain faithful to my ideal, knowing that an Almighty Power is working in my behalf. I live in this mood of faith and confidence; I give thanks that it is done; for it is established in God, and all is well.

Treatment For Spiritual Rebirth ~ Joseph Murphy

Today I am reborn spiritually! I completely detach myself from the old ways of thinking and I bring Divine love, light and truth definitely into my experience. I consciously feel love from everyone I meet. Mentally I say to everyone I contact, "I see the God in you and I know you see the God in me." I practice this morning, noon and night. It is a living part of me. I am reborn spiritually now, because all day long I practice the Presence of God. No matter what I am doing - whether I am walking, shopping or about my daily business, whenever my thought wanders away from God or the good, I bring it back to the contemplation of His Holy Presence. I walk in a high mood sensing my oneness.


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The resurrection of the world - Emmet Fox

Jesus Christ rose again because he had overcome the belief in separation from God. What theology calls the Fall of Man is the belief that we are separate from God. The Truth is that we are not separate - we are the expressions of God. It is as though God is singing a song and that song is man. We are the very self-livingness of God, not created in some past time, but re-created every moment. Because God lives, we live, for we are part of Godís self expression of Himself. Yet people have the belief that they are separate from God, and the Cosmic Law is that what we really believe we experience.

It is this basic feeling of being separate from God that fills man with fear, and under the domination of fear, he does strange things. He begins to choose the lower instead of the higher. He believes he can get some supposed gain by lying or cheating or stealing. He believes he is "on his own" and must fight his way in the jungle of human experience. This belief in separation from God is the major tragedy of human existence, giving rise to many negative things that are faults of belief and not of fact. As soon as we begin to realize our oneness with God, everything changes and everything regenerates.

In the course of human experience progress for man sometimes seems impossibly difficult, but this is because we are in the thought of limitation, dependent upon material things, and thus subject to "the law of the flesh." However, when we catch the vision of the Cosmic Christ and identify ourselves with that, we no longer come under the law of outer things, but, as Paul said, under grace. No human being ever lived who was more under bondage of law than Paul. He was so steeped in it from his earliest days that he almost lost his faith in God. Then he realized the Truth one day, and hundreds of years later, Luther, reading those wonderful words that Paul wrote, was also set free in the same way: "The just shall live by faith." This means that when you see the vision of the divine possibility within you and stretch forth your hands toward it, you are no longer under the law of sin and bondage. The limitations and weaknesses of your own character, the mistakes of the past, no longer have the slightest power to keep you back. You are under the law of grace.

Calvary is past and Easter morning is dawning. It is the dawn of Easter and never again will you have the Thursday or Friday to go through. You are under grace. This is the real law of scientific prayer. It is withdrawing yourself from the limited condition into the spiritual realm where there is freedom and dominion.

How do you withdraw yourself? By some physical act? No. It is a matter of attention. When your attention is centered on limitation, on your weaknesses or other people's weaknesses, on your difficulties, your sickness, your fears, you are in bondage to these things, As Paul says, "His servants ye are to whom you obey." But when you lift your attention - your I AM - out of the limited things into the spiritual, then you are in a state of consciousness where the limiting things no longer have any power.

This is why scientific prayer performs miracles right and left. This is why it turns people's lives upside down, takes them out of beds of pain and sickness, and brings them out of lives of sin and self-contempt. Scientific prayer does this-not now and again, not occasionally, but every day in the week in every quarter of the world. It does it whenever and wherever one raises his consciousness to the presence of God.

Easter is the crowning diagram of our personal destiny. Easter is there to impress upon us, to drive home to us, to brand into our hearts, that the resurrection is an activity that God calls for in all humanity, not just in Jesus. Jesus showed the way. The resurrection is a practical step for you and me to take today. It is not just a theological belief. It is a fact of nature. It is the Truth of Being. It means a perfect body. It means peace of mind. It means a perfect and integrated soul. It means reunion with God in thought, understanding, and realization. It means the overcoming of every limitation. We can do it; we have to do it; and in the name of Jesus Christ, we shall do it.


Stake Your Claim

You can have true success and happiness in life if you consistently put these truths into practice in your daily living. It is your God -

given duty to Stake Your Claim to peace, poise,

 power, prosperity and health - and God expects you to be satisfied with nothing less. (Herman Wolhorn)

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From: Amanda, Australia
"My personal revelation came with the awareness that it is not enough
to just worship in Truth, but I must work to bring it
forth in my life.  This is my Golden Key.  Thank you all
for the wonderful work you continue.  I am grateful for the
Emmet Fox teachings."


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The great and most important issue before the development of man's spiritual mind and through it unity with God. There seems to be things in more immediate need of being done to alleviate present conditions, but the taproot of all confusion is our failure to use our mind intelligently. We can only think as God would have us think by adjusting our thoughts to divine ideas. Religion and all that it implies in prayer and recognition of God in Idea and manifestation is the one and only way out of the chaos in which we find ourselves. We must therefore begin at once to develop this unity with the Father - Mind by incorporating divine ideas into all that we think and speak. (author unknown)


I will talk health instead of sickness
I will talk prosperity instead of failure
I will carry good news instead of bad news
I will tell a cheerful tale instead of a sad one
I will encourage instead of criticizing
I will be a friend to everyone.
(Blanche Herbert)