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Peace is at the center of everything: The eternal equilibrium of the universe is never even temporarily disturbed; there is a place within us which is this equilibrium.

As we align ourself with the presence of God within, we re-establish inner peace.
When a disagreement, difficulty or personal drama arises, remember the stillness at the core of your being. Rest in that stillness, even for just a moment. Allow the presence of God to rise up in you. As peace soothes our mind you can return to face the situation at hand, bringing along God's peace, and experience its transforming energies.






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Peace, the Miracle Worker - Emmet Fox


REGENERATION MEANS BUILDING A NEW MENTALITY; that is, creating a new soul in place of your present one. It does not mean merely improving your present self - it means producing (through the power of God, of course), a new self.

If you do this, everything else in your life will rapidly change for the better. Your health will improve. Your appearance will improve because, as you know, the body is but the reflection of the soul. The world around you will be changed because you will be seeing it through a new and better personality. Other people will become much more attractive and friendly to you, and this will be because your soul will be filled with peace, and therefore you will radiate peace, and other people will get it intuitively. Everybody likes peace and harmony and they are attracted to any source from which it comes.

If your heart really is filled with peace "nothing shall by any means hurt you." But, of course, your heart must be filled with peace and to bring this about you must desire it more than anything else. This will mean forgiving everyone and harboring good will toward all.

Naturally you cannot radiate peace if you do not first possess it within yourself. You cannot radiate anything from the outside. To radiate any quality, that quality must be within yourself. Hypocrites sometimes try to radiate qualities which they do not possess or feel, but they always fail to get results in a very short time.

True peace of mind is the short cut to regeneration which requires a fundamental change in ourselves.


The Master said, Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you.

Realization of Perfect Peace
Ralph Waldo Trine -1897



Peace lies not in the external world. It lies within one's own soul. We may travel over many different avenues in pursuit of it, we may seek it through the channels of the bodily appetites and passions, we may seek it through all the channels of the external, we may chase for it hither and thither, but it will always be just beyond our grasp, because we are searching for it where it is not. In the degree, however, that we order the bodily appetites and passions in accordance with the promptings of the soul within will the higher forms of happiness and peace enter our lives; but in the degree that we fail in doing this will disease, suffering, and discontent enter in.


To be at one with God is to be at peace. There are people I know who have come into such a conscious realization of their oneness with this Infinite Life, this Spirit of Infinite Peace, that their lives are fairly bubbling over with joy.

Then take the thought that you can, take it merely as a seed-thought, if need be, plant it in your consciousness, tend it, cultivate it, and it will gradually reach out and gather strength from all quarters. It will focus and make positive and active the spiritual force within you that is now scattered and of little avail. It will draw to itself force from without. It will draw to your aid the influence of other minds of its own nature, minds that are fearless, strong, courageous. You will thus draw to yourself and connect yourself with this order of thought. If earnest and faithful, the time will soon come when all fear will loose its hold; and instead of being an embodiment of weakness and a creature of circumstances, you will find yourself a tower of strength and a master of circumstances.


The one who is centered in Deity is the one who not only outrides every storm, but who through the faith, and so the conscious power that is in them, faces storm with the same calmness and serenity that they face fair weather, for they know well beforehand what the outcome will be. They know that underneath are the everlasting arms. He it is who realizes the truth of the injunction, 'Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for Him and He shall give thee thy heart's desire.' All shall be given, simply given, to him who is ready to accept it. Can anything be clearer than this?

Metaphysics 101


Peace: Perfect harmony, well-being. Peace is not an absence of activity, but a very vital, vibrant quality of joyous serenity, where everything is in harmonious relationship.

Happiness Is Within


Happiness indeed is relative to each one of us. Certainly each of us expects to be happy, and we will be as we continue to grow and mature. Happiness is a reality that exists within us right now. Wisdom and understanding require that we expand our awareness within the universe of our own selves.
As we begin to realize the inherent good within us, then we begin to see the inherent good within all people. We are able then to identify those aptitudes and qualities which we seek to express. Since we have recognized this goodness we can proceed to express it through our personalities.
We pass beyond the bondage which sets limits upon ourselves - for only we have created this limitation. We are now free to live with wisdom and understanding. We become interdependent with life. We realize peacefulness.

I recognize the truth of peace in God. God is loveliness and peacefulness. Infinite peace is given freely by the love of God. This is Reality. I am happy right now. This is true because I have become aware of the greater happiness within myself.
I have unified with the Reality of God within me. Therefore, I realize that I am a co-creator with the universe. I create my own laws of happiness. This is true because I have uncovered the inherent goodness within myself.
The possibility to expand is released into being as I give thankfulness for life. My word and my feelings are now released into the tenderness of God. And I am happy. Glenn Stanley Moran.


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Treatment For Peace


"To the counselors of peace is joy," Proverbs 12:20


Peace is attained through quiet prayer that attunes me to my Father-God. He fills me with inner peace and frees me from inharmony or disturbed thoughts.
I turn any distressing problem over to my Father and I rejoice that He is at hand. Any anxiety about any situation is released to Him and His Peace reigns.
Today is the day to shed worry of every sort. If I am concerned about my health, if my finances need strengthening, if a loved one is facing unpleasant circumstances, if difficult decisions are before me, I turn to my Father and release these concerns into His Hands. I know He loves me and pours out His Peace, causing any problems to melt in His Presence. I feel His Peace beyond understanding taking charge in my life.
In my peace I find great joy. I thrill to a new rhythm as I discover my Father's presence within my being. I am joyous in my Father's presence, and all is well.
I am poised and centered in my Father and am truly at peace with myself and the entire world. I am filled with His Joy.


When You Want Peace

Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. Psalms 122:7


"When you want peace of mind-get away from things," counseled Emmet Fox, "and dwell upon the Presence of God instead."
Your palace is your own consciousness. The walls spoken of in this Bible verse are invisible, but just as real as any stone wall. Your walls are your convictions of Truth which protect you from the negative suggestions that are broadcast all around you. Have a conviction of peace, entertain ideas of peace, seek to be a peace-giver to your world.
God does not withhold your good, but neither does He force any good upon you. Instead, you must cultivate within yourself the equivalent of what you desire to be made manifest in your life, whether it is peace, joy, prosperity, health, advancement, or whatever good you seek.
First, know that it is your birthright to claim your good. Second, prepare for that good by building the equivalent of the good you seek into your own consciousness. Third, be grateful for the good you seek even before you receive it. As you practice these steps, you will have peace and prosperity within the walls of your own consciousness.
Affirm now with feeling: I prepare for my good by being grateful for it now.


(Author unknown)

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Letters from the Heart


At this season of giving, I gave thanks for all the master teachers who have opened a path of wisdom for so many of us to travel on. I feel so blessed to be open to Truth, and to the teachings of Emmet Fox, who has brought me through many of life's challenges. I acknowledge all of your wonderful efforts and your dedication to keep a light for those of us who seek. Please accept my gift of support and my love. Pat C, New York City


I have something wonderful to report. Through applying the teachings of Emmet Fox, and working with affirmations this year, I have overcome a serious health issue and job loss. With a clean report of health from my doctor and a new job, I feel a sense of joy that I have never felt before. Scientific prayer is very powerful. I am so thankful and happy.
Louise, J, Canada.


Emmet Fox was the "vehicle" that carried me to the Science of Mind and eventually through practitioner studies and licensure as a spiritual counselor years later. What a deep spiritual consciousness that man had/has. Thank you. Eric


It was about 65 years ago that I first learned of Emmet Fox. Every Sunday my dear mother would attend his services and I the church Sunday school in New York City. Since then I have studied his books and used his teachings to raise my three children who are all successful adults. A copy of "The Sermon on the Mount" can be found in each household. My grandson, has just begun to read "Power Through Constructive Thinking." Our family grew up with the wisdom of Emmet Fox. My children achieved what Emmet Fox hoped would be accomplished for all of God's children - a good heritage of spiritual Truth. Thank you for continuing his work. Marian R, Florida

Let us make this holiday season, along with the outer activities in which we are engaged, a time of re-birth of the Christ Spirit of love in our heart and mind. We return to God the priceless gift of our love and gratitude when we make our life a testimony of joyous and happy living. As we enrich ourselves with the words of Emmet Fox, and the other wonderful Truth teachers, the Christ Spirit of love will be reborn in us. Our gift of gratitude and love to Him will then be returned to us as blessings. A happy and blessed holiday to you and yours!





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