"O Heavenly Father:
We thank Thee for food and remember the hungry.
We thank Thee for health and remember the sick.
We thank Thee for friends and remember the friendless.
We thank Thee for freedom and remember the enslaved.
May these remembrances stir us to service.
That Thy gifts to us may be used for others. Amen."


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Enter into his gates with thanksgiving,
and into his courts with praise:
be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

Psalm 100:4


Emmet Fox E-Zine


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    November 2018


The spiritual or inner meaning of "Thanksgiving" is more than Webster's definition of "an act of giving thanks."  Thanksgiving is more than the expression of our grateful thoughts to God, for His unending blessings. Thanksgiving has to do with our spiritual attitude toward life.  In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 we read, "In everything give thanks."  Complaining is so easy.  We complain about our job, our family, the weather, our boss, our neighbors, the kids, slow Wi-Fi, long lines, and so much more. Emmet Fox tells us that Thanksgiving is "a joyous and enthusiastic acceptance." Thanksgiving then, is not a just a question of whether we are going to give thanks, it is a question of what thoughts we will allow to rule us.










They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain.-Isaiah 1I: 9∑

God has promised _ that anyone of us who really desires it, and means business, can have peace of mind, poise, and security, and with these things go naturally freedom, all round harmony, and a joyous and interesting life.  God has promised us that, if we really desire it, and mean business, we can live  in perfect safety no matter what may be happening around us; and that we shall not only be safe but that we shall realize it and thus be free from even groundless fear. And because God is Divine Love He has ordained that we can produce these conditions, at least to a large extent, for those we love and wish to help. So this is not just a selfish arrangement for taking care of ourselves exclusively. God makes this glorious promise in the pages of the Bible, in many different texts throughout the whole book; each worded differently and approaching the subject from a different angle, but teaching the same lesson. The gist of the matter is that to bring these things about we have to pray frequently, to try to get as good a realization of the Presence of God with us, as we can, and to train ourselves to give all power to Him-which, of course, means giving no power to anything unlike Him. It is needless to say that this condition is not completely attained overnight. It takes time. But it is surprising how much can be attained, and how one's conditions can be radically improved for the better even in a few weeks-if he means business. This, of course, is really what some of the old mystics called the Practice of the Presence of God. The important thing is to know that it is not something mystical, abstract, intricate; but something plain simple, and practical, if not exactly easy. Remind yourself frequently throughout the day that God is with you, caring for you, you; and that whatever you are saying or doing is really being done through you by Him. Not very subtle or abstruse is it?

You know that, in the Bible, the mountain always: means uplifted thought, awareness of the Presence of God, and is therefore holy-which means not pious or sanctimonious, but peaceful, healthful, harmonious, and joyous. The promise is clear and unmistakable. We cannot be hurt in any way if we dwell,  much of our time, on the holy mountain.


An Angel on Your Shoulder


Emmet "Fox not only preached the Truth but he told his students how to use it, actually do it.  "There is one method of spiritual progress," he would say, and that "is by the Practice of the Presence of God, whether we call this Scientific Prayer or Spiritual Treatment.  There is no other way."  To know the Truth is really to know that the problem in question does not belong to you as a child of God; that you really have an angel sitting on your shoulder taking care of the whole thing.  Emmet Fox instructed, "each prayer you pray must be fresh as the morning dew.  Those who just repeat affirmations like a parrot inevitably make the parrot's demonstration - they remain in the cage."  His recommended affirmation -


"I have conscious Divine Intelligence.  I individualize Omniscience I have direct knowledge of Truth.  I have perfect intuition.  I have spiritual perception.  I know."


The whole object of spiritual treatment is to increase your realization of the truth which you already accept; namely, that God can and will protect you from all harm, and that fear and error have no power when you yourself do not give it to them.  Realization means to make God absolutely real to yourself as a subconscious conviction.


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 As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. Ė John F. Kennedy






Emmet Fox was always pointing out how the tremendous power of God could be released by the simple acts of prayer.  Ease of operation that accomplished miracles was a thing that always fascinated him.  He sometimes mentioned when he had been to his safe deposit box at the bank how gently the powerful, heavy door of the vault opened, and how the guard pointed out the tremendous weight of the door, yet when unlocked it could move by the slightest touch of a finger. God did not need to be besieged violently, or hammered at. "Pray gently," he would say.  Gentleness in prayer was a point he stressed, after sincerity and wholeheartedness.  He said to one student, "speak to God as gently as you would paint a picture on a cob web."





If there is a high road to demonstration, it is through praise and Thankgiving.

Giving thanks for the good you expect from your prayer is really another indication

of your faith. Jesus terminates the magnificent "Lord's Prayer" with praise to God

- "For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory."

Emmet Fox (From his essay Spiritual Resume)



Be thankful for what you have; youíll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you donít have, you will never, ever have enough. Oprah Winfrey



Prayer of Gratitude ~ Joseph Murphy


I give thanks sincerely and humbly for all the goodness, truth, and beauty which

 flow through me. I. have a grateful, uplifted heart for all the good that has come

to me in mind, body, and affairs. I radiate love and goodwill to all mankind. I

lift them up in my thought and feeling. I always show my gratitude and give thanks

for all my blessings. The grateful heart brings my mind and heart in intimate union

with the creative Power of the Cosmos. My thankful and exalted state of mind leads

me along the ways by which all good things come. "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving,

and into his courts with praise: Be thankful unto him, and bless his name."


For what I have received may the Lord make me truly thankful. And more truly for what I have not received. Storm Jameson




 Stake Your Claim
You can have true success and happiness in life if you consistently put these truths into practice in your daily living. It is your God - given duty to Stake Your Claim to peace, poise, power, prosperity and health - and God expects you to be satisfied with nothing less. (Herman Wolhorn)

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Vintage Thank You letters of testimony ~


"My life and my heath were totally restored from terminal cancer, many years ago, through the teachings of Emmet Fox, and practicing the Mental Equivalent." - Dr. Jack Holland Ph.D (Written by Jack in the early 1970's)


 "Dear Dr. Fox:  It is with deep appreciation that I write this letter.  Thank you for all the help you have given me by way of spiritual treatments for failing eye sight.  A recent medical examination confirms that I will not lose my vision and my sight has actually improved. I am so blessed to have had your personal prayers.  God bless you Dr. Fox for affirming the truth with me, and for giving me the gift to see clearly again."  Ernest Wagner (sent to Dr. Fox in 1943. One of thousands of letters attesting to healing by spiritual mind treatment) 


 "Dr. Emmet Fox was my teacher, friend, and inspiration. He helped to build my ministry with seed money. It was Dr. Fox who gave me the idea for the Children's Church of the Golden Key and it was his personal treatment which brought my physical healing."  Dr. Emma Smiley, Canada 




Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!